Why Are Door Hinges Recessed? (4 Reasons )

A door serves the purpose of barring unwanted eyes from a room. Every day, you use a door to make your entry and exit, but have you ever wondered how your door might keep off all unwanted elements? Considering that a door is the most functional aspect of a house, its proper installation must be balanced. This balance might lead you to ask, “Why are door hinges recessed?” 

Door hinges are recessed to prevent the entry of unwanted elements such as bugs, insects, and outside air. Recessing a door eliminates the gap between the door and its frame and reduces the door’s weight on the door frame. As much as it is essential to recess a door, it is not mandatory. 

Hanging a door does not entail only nailing it to the door frame using the hinges. You have to employ some tactics to ensure that your door functions properly. This article will explain the importance and reasons for recessing a door hinge. 


Why Are Door Hinges Recessed 

Door hinges are recessed to ensure that your door does not leave a gap through which air, sound, and insects can pass. Door hinge recessing also prevents your door from flushing on the doorframe and seals the room completely. 

It also gives your door a modern look and improves the smooth movement of the door against its frame. Due to the lesser cut in the mortise, the door is less likely to twist and scrape upon its hinges. It offers more stability for the door. 

Recessing your door hinges is a way of cutting off the gap between the door and its frame. It adds to the beauty of the room or building. It also aids in keeping the hinges in place because of the lesser mortise cut. 

Recessing a door hinge comes with extra work, making most people skeptical about using the method. However, you can either choose to recess your door hinges or not. 

Remember, what is worth doing is worth doing well. Adding recesses to the door hinges will ensure that your work looks good and that the room is protected from all external environmental factors. 


Is Recessing Door Hinges Necessary 

Why Are Door Hinges Recessed?
Why Are Door Hinges Recessed?

Recessing door hinges is necessary but not mandatory. Door hinge recessing has been in practice for a long time and is slowly becoming the standard for door installation. However, most people will argue against recessing a door hinge due to the extra workload. 

It is necessary to recess your door hives to close the gap between your door and the door frame. It also improves the finishing look of the door and increases movement fluidity. 

While some door hinges require recesses for correct functioning, others do not. Therefore, the proper answer will be “sometimes.” Recessing a door is necessary for some hinge types and unnecessary for others. It is crucial to determine if your door hinge requires recessing or not. 

Hinges that require recessing for their proper function include the butt hinges, ball-bearing, case, ball-bearing, pivot, olive, heavy-duty, soss, barrel, and knife hinges. Other hinges, such as the concealed, flush, bi-fold, flag, strap, and flag hinges, do not require recessing during installation. 

The number of door hinges that require recessing is higher than those without such a need. This need is due to the thickness and size of the hinges. Recessing is more necessary in most door installations than others because of a door’s extra weight. However, whether to recess your door hinges is your choice. 

Effects Of Not Recessing Door Hinges 

What is the big deal if I do not recess my door hinges? What is so harmful about letting in a little air? The side effects might feel small to you. But an unrecessed door hinge can do a lot of damage. 

The air coming in through the air can disrupt the room’s temperature, costing you more money to heat or cool the room. Energy costs could increase for your building. It can also let in bugs seeking warmth during the winter. 

A small gap is enough for a rat infestation or other crawling and flying creatures. A close gap will reassure you of no additional entry except when the door opens. Ensure to use the proper door hinge recess tools. 


You do not have to recess your door hinges, but doing so will save you a lot of stress. It will save you more energy and reduce the possibility of insects infesting your home. Following the best standard or pattern for installing door hinges and getting the maximum benefit is better than going the easy but haphazard way. 

If you are unsure whether your door hinges require recessing or not. Consult a professional to help you. If you have read to this point, you should have the answer to why door hinges are recessed.

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