Why Are Door Hinges Not Evenly Spaced ? (3 Reason)

Why Are Door Hinges Not Evenly Spaced: Have you ever taken a constructive look at your door hinges? You will discover that the door hinges are not equally spaced and seem to be at different heights. This observation is not a flux or an error. Although this might not be the case for every door hinge, there is a valid reason why door hinges not evenly spaced and are at different heights is a concern. 

Door hinges are unevenly spaced and at different heights to cushion the gravitational effect on the door and ensure sturdy support at the door frame. Each hinge position on a door has a role and is crucial for good functioning. Hinges hold the door at the frame and facilitate door movement. 

There are various factors that determine the spacing of hinges on a door. Most doors do not follow conventional measurements, but the principle remains the same. So, if you are wondering and asking, “Why are door hinges not evenly spaced and at different heights”? This article is for your consumption. 


Door Hinge Placement 

A door’s hinge placement is crucial to installing or hanging your door correctly. The hinge placement determines the sturdy nature of the door. It also determines the swinging nature of the door. 

Different door sizes require different hinge sizes and amounts, but the placement remains the same. Doors 60 inches and below can use only two hinges, but a door above 60 to 90 inches requires at least three. However, if your door exceeds 90 inches in length, you will need four hinges for a solid hold. 

Despite your door’s inch length, the placement follows the same pattern. Follow the instructions below to get your door placed correctly: 

  1. The top hinge should be placed seven inches from the door top. Note that the door top is not the upper jamb. Hinges hold the door only, so the measurement factors in only the door size. 
  2. The bottom hinge should be eleven inches from the bottom of the door and solidly nailed hard into the door jamb. Again, note that the bottom of your door is not the floor but the edge of the door. 
  3. The middle hinges should be placed equally between the top and bottom hinges. The middle hinges are the support hinges and must have an equal load spread. 

No matter the door size, you can use this placement to fix your hinges perfectly. Why are they so unevenly spaced and at different heights since the order is the same? 


Why Are Door Hinges Not Evenly Spaced ?


Why Are Door Hinges Not Evenly Spaced And At Different Height


Considering the critical fact that door hinges are the sole support of a door to its frame, You would expect the hinges to be even and at the same height, yet that is not the case. The placement of a door hinge ensures a smooth door mechanism, hence the delicate placement system. 

Door hinges are unevenly spaced at different heights to provide a more sturdy hold at critical positions on the door. Every position has a role to play in securing the door. Here are several reasons for your door hinge’s uneven spacing:

  • Top Hinge 

The top hinge stays seven inches from the top to hold the door at a gravitational point. It ensures that gravity does not rip your door apart at the seams. The top hinge is the first holding point for a sturdy grip. 

  • Bottom Hinge 

The bottom hinge stays within eleven inches of the door bottom to ensure that the top hinge does not overwork. The hinge bottom extension offsets the load spread from the door top and balances the remaining load to the bottom. 

  • Middle Hinge 

The middle hinges are always of equal measurement because they cushion the rest of the door load. If the central hinges are unequal, your door might start ripping from the angle with a more significant burden. 

We must uphold the importance of the uneven placement of a door. Doors are cumbersome devices that hang from one side. Spreading the load across all the hinges is crucial for a better grip. While placing your door hinges, start with the top hinge and work your way down. This is to prevent gravity from bearing the load down. 


Why Are Door Hinges Not Evenly Spaced


Tips For Proper Hinge Placement 

Here are some tips to follow or observe for good door hinge placement. 

  • Ensure you are measuring the door hinge placements in inches.
  • Make a mark with a pencil indicating your measuring point on the door. 
  • With your hinge on the door, mark the holes to determine where to screw or put nails. 

Why Are Door Hinges Not Evenly Spaced

  • Always measure your full door length first to determine the number of hinges your door will need. 
  • Always start with the top hinge, then the bottom hinge next, when screwing or nailing. 
  • The middle hinges should be equal between the top and bottom hinges. 
  • Ensure that you nail or screw precisely to avoid splitting the door. 


We are all familiar with the effects of gravitational pull on objects. That effect also has a massive impact on the hanging of doors. The sagging of a door starts from the top and works down, showing gravity at work. Cushioning and spreading a door’s weight is why your door hinges have uneven spacing and height. 

Door hinges are an easily neglected part of a door, so it is essential to fix them right. The uneven nature of door hinge placement will ensure that your door has a strong hold on the frame and swings efficiently. We have explained your question: “Why are door hinges not evenly spaced and at different heights?”

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