Shower Door Replacement: Cost, Types and Replacement

Shower Door Replacement

With routine maintenance and proper handling, shower doors can last 20+ years. However, you do not have to wait this long if your shower door is old, rusty, and shows improper functioning. It is essential to plan for replacement once your door looks worn out.

Shower door replacement costs $600 – $3000 depending on the type of shower door, type of glass, and size. It is essential to plan for replacement once your door looks worn out. Contact a qualified technician to fix or replace your shower door.

This article will discuss the tools, materials, and steps you need to carry out your shower door installation for handy homeowners who would love to know if they can handle it. We will also discuss the cost of shower doors by type. 


Can I Replace The Shower Door? 

Yes, it is possible to replace your shower door. It is a task you can carry out yourself with the proper knowledge of how to do it. Shower doors are typically made of glass, and since they are constantly in use, it is not uncommon that you will need to fix issues like cracks and gaps in the frame from time to time. 

You might also need to replace your shower door if it is too damaged to be repaired or just for bathroom refurbishing.  

To replace your shower, you will have to remove the old door. Let us work you through a step-by-step procedure. Before we start, get the following tools and materials ready:

  • Caulk remover
  • Utility knife
  • Screwdrivers
  • Plastic scraper
  • Spirit level
  • Rubber Mallet 
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Drillbits 
  • New door and frame assembly
  • Screws 
  • nailset

Part 1: Remove The Old Door

  • Apply the caulk remover along the side rails to moisten the caulks, and use the utility knife to gradually push along the underside of the rail to dislodge the caulks and detach the side rails. 
  • Apply the caulk remover to soften the caulks holding around the top rail, use the utility knife to dislodge the softened caulks and remove the top rail.
  • Following the same procedure to remove the bottom rails, be careful. Detaching the bottom rail will offset the shower door. Lift the door carefully off the rail and set it.
  • Use the screwdriver to detach the screw holding the frame in place.
  • Use the utility knife to pry off the frame from the wall. Be careful not to damage the wall.
  • Scrape off the remaining caulks off the wall.

Part 2: Install The New Shower Door

  • Attach a new bottom rail – Set the bottom rail on the threshold of the tub, and use a tape measure to ensure that it is centered. Leave a 0.8-inch gap between the bottom rail and the shower walls where the side rails will run.
  • Install the hinge-side track – Fit the hinge side rail into the gap left between the bottom track and the wall. Place the rail against the wall and ensure it is centered and level.  Transfer the rail’s screw holes to the wall with a pencil. Set the rail aside and mark small holes with a nail and hammer at the marked spots.
  • Drill in holes and anchor the rail – Use a drill bit to make deeper holes in the marked spots. Place the rail against the wall and run in the screws to hold it firmly.
  • Attach the door – Lift the door and position it in place such that it will swing outward. Adjust the door to fit in well. Use the spirit level to check that it is plumb. Satisfied that it is plumb, drill in the screw to fasten the hinge on the door to the hinge-side rail. 
  • Install the latch-side rail – Place the rail against the wall, adjust it and check that it is plumb. With a pencil, transfer the screw holes on the rail to the wall. Set the rail aside and drill holes in the wall. Screw the rail to the wall and attach the magnetic striker plate. 
  • Install the top rail – Slide the top rail over the side rails and drill in screws to hold it firmly. Attach the door handle and screws at the four corners to hold the frame together. 
  • Close the door and attach the drip rail to the door sill. Apply caulks around the perimeter of the door opening.

What Is The Cost of A Shower Door?

The type of door determines the price of a shower door. We will discuss all the common types of shower doors and their cost. Before we get down to that, consider that other secondary factors influence the price of shower doors, such as the size, hardware, and type of glass. 

The Cost of Shower Doors by Type

  • Hinged

The hinged shower door is usually frameless, attached utilizing hinges and clips to the wall or an unmovable glass panel from which it swings outward. Hinged shower doors take up space when they are opened. 

The free swing makes it more prone to damage; hence they are usually made with tempered glass. Depending on the size, a hinged shower door price is $800 – $1200. 

  • Swing

Swing shower doors are typically framed and hinged to the top and bottom rail making it pivot at an angle of 180 degrees. They are simple but appealing and can be made to fix any door opening. The price of a swing or pivot shower door is $500 -$1000.

  • Framed

Framed shower doors consist of framed glass panels made to swing or slide open. They are very conventional types of shower doors. Price ranges from $400 – $1200

  • Frameless

It consists of frameless glass panels attached employing clips and fasteners. It is usually made of stronger glass since it is frameless. Due to the type of glass used, it is more expensive than most shower doors. It cost around $700 – $2000.

  • Semi-framed

All its stationary panels are framed, but the door is unframed. Its price ranges from $450-$1000.

  • In-line

It consists of a stationary glass panel and the door, all in a straight line. If you have a door opening that is 46-inch wide, you can have a fixed panel made to 10-inch and the door made to the standard 36-inch. The price is $1500 – $2500.

  • Bypass

Bypass shower doors are simple sliding doors that could be framed or semi-framed with only a frame to support the sliding panel. Bypass shower doors are perfect for wide showers. The price of $400 – $2000.

  • Bifold

Bifold doors are shower too wide for sliding doors. It is usually made of three panels or more. Hinges are used between the stationary panel and the first panel, and consecutive panels allow you to fold it open. The price of a bifold shower door is $850 – $2000.

  • Curved/Neo-Angle

curved /Neo angles are made of panels fixed at different angles to achieve an almost perfect circular enclosure. Neo angle panels are mainly set at 45degrees more than the preceding panel. The price of this shower type is $ 500 – $2000.

  • French

French shower doors are like french doors, consisting of two doors that meet in the middle when closed. French doors are perfect for expansive bathrooms and give off a sense of class. Its prices range from $1000 – $2500.

Another critical factor that influences the cost of shower doors is the type of glass. Standard shower glass finishes are clear, opal, tempered, rain, textured, laminated, and hammered.

Clear, rain, and textured glass are inexpensive. Opal, laminated and tempered glass are reasonably expensive, while hammered glass is the most costly. 

Shower Door Replacement Cost

The cost of installation of a standard shower door is $600 – $3000. A professional installer will charge $200 – $600.The labor cost will cover attaching the frame and hanging the door, caulking, and cleaning up after. You will pay an additional $50 -100 for removing the old door.

It is indisputable that replacing your old, squeaky shower door will give your bathroom a fresh and more appealing look.  If you have added shower door replacement to your home remodeling plan, you would love to know how much it will cost to install a new shower door.

The installation cost includes the prices of the door itself, hardware, and labor. The price of the door is determined by the size, door type, and type of glass. The door price takes up the most significant chunk of the installation cost; $400 -$1500.

For a customized model, the price is higher, and its installation is more costly. You should pay $4000 and more for installing your non-standard and customized shower door.

How Much Does it Cost to Install A Glass Shower Door?

Glass shower doors usually come in three forms; framed, frameless and semi-framed. Due to their price difference, their installation cost is different.

  • Framed glass shower door: Typically consists of several sections of glass panes affixed to metal or aluminum frames. The door could be hinged or made to slide open. The cost to install framed glass shower door is $ 350 -$1000.
  • Frameless glass shower door: It is made of reinforced glass panes affixed using clips and fasteners without frames. They are typically the most expensive type of glass shower doors. Installation costs $600 -$1300 depending on the swing style, whether a hinged, bifold, or bypass door. 
  • Semi-framed glass shower door: the glass panes that make up the shower enclosure are usually framed. Only the door is affixed without a frame, hinges, clips, or fasteners. The installation cost is $400 -$700.

Conclusively, installing a standard glass shower door will cost $350 -$1200, depending on the style, design, and whether it is framed or frameless. For customized or non-standard glass shower doors, expect to spend  $1500 and above for installation.

Shower door replacement is a worthy bathroom refurbishing project. A new shower door will instantly brighten your bathroom. Expect to pay $700 – $3000 for material and labor for your new shower door installation.  Depending on the door type, you can save costs and install the door; we’ve shown you how in the article. Good luck with your bathroom remodeling. 

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