Shower Door Installation

Shower Door Installation: Cost And Step By Step Guide

Walk-in showers are less in vogue. Shower enclosures with shower doors are more in style and undoubtedly more appealing. If you plan to remodel your bathroom, a new shower door should be at the top of the plan.

Shower door installation by yourself is fun and fulfilling when you have the right tools, some level of expertise, and an instruction guide. However, if you lack experience and grit or are confused about how to do it, please get help. Labor costs just $300 – $500 to install your shower door.

If you are quite the handyperson, excited to execute your shower door installation, this article will give a step-by-step guide. It will also discuss the cost of shower door installation to help you budget appropriately. Let’s get right into it.

Shower Door Installation


How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower Door

Standard shower door installation costs range from $900 to $3000. You will spend up to $3500 for custom or non-standard shower doors. Several factors determine the cost of shower door installation. Let us look at the determining factors in detail.

Installing a new shower door is a great way to improve your bathroom’s outlook and appeal drastically. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, please note shower door installation as one of the critical projects. To successfully carry out your bathroom refurbishing, you must know how much shower door installation costs. 

1. Door Type

This is the primary determining factor of shower door installation cost. Shower doors come in different styles and swing patterns and different price tags. The price of the shower door itself greatly determines the overall installation cost. Let us look at the common types of shower doors and their corresponding installation cost.  

2. Frameless

A frameless shower door is simply tempered glass panels without frames. The glass panels are attached by quality clips, fasteners, or hinges. The setup gives an illusion of a more expansive shower area. Frameless shower doors are pretty pricey because they are made of solid glass resistant to easy shatter since there are no frames to hold them firmly. Installation costs $1000 – $2000, depending on if it is hinged or sliding.

3. Framed

A framed shower door is like a typical panel door. It consists of framed glass panes. It is inexpensive because less expensive glass is used. It is easy to install and durable. You can paint or design the frame for a more stylish or colorful look. Installation costs $600 – $1500.

4. Semi-framed/Shower Enclosure

Most shower enclosures are semi-framed. The shower enclosure is a square-like cubicle made to house the shower area. It usually comes pre-made with a shower door attached. It is becoming more popular than walk-in showers and is more appealing. The glass panes forming the enclosure are typically framed. Only the door itself is frameless. It costs $2000 – $5000 to install shower enclosures. 

5. Bypass

A bypass shower door is typically a sliding door made of two same-size glass panels. The door usually overlaps at the center when closed and moves past each door when opened. Its installation costs $700 – $1500, depending on the type of glass used and the door size.  

6. Swing

A swing shower door could be framed or framed. It pivots on a set of hinges attached to the head and sill of the door opening. It could swing inwardly or outwardly to open. The pivot shower door is one of the most common types of shower doors. Its installation costs $900 – $1500. 

7. Hinged

Unlike the pivot shower door, the hinges are attached to the side of the door rather than the head and sill. It is usually frameless and attached to the wall using clips and hinges. The glass must be solid or tempered to withstand breakage, making it quite expensive. Installation costs $ 1000 – $1500.

8. In-line

As the name implies, the shower door glass plane is installed from the two outer walls it, therefore, acts as the fourth wall of the shower area. The inline shower door is suitable for large, non-standard shower areas. It is commonly frameless. Hence, the glass is solid tempered glass. Its installation costs $1500 – $2700. The cost depends on the desired size.

9. French

It is made like typical French doors. You can get it framed or frameless. It is a classic choice of bathroom doors, especially if your property is for leasing. French shower doors are more suitable for broad bathroom areas. The installation will cost $1200 – $3000.

10. Door Size

The standard size of a single shower door is 30-inch width and 72-inch height. You can have your shower door as wide as 36 inches and as tall as 80 inches. However, the larger the shower door, the more expensive it will be and the higher the total installation cost.

11. Types of Glass

The type or quality of glass used for a shower door determines the price of the door. Commonly used glass is tempered, laminated, clear, rain, hammered, and textured. The glass used makes for a more robust and more durable shower door. 

12. Labor

The total installation cost covers the price of the door itself, hardware, and labor. Hence, labor is an essential factor that contributes to the installation cost. It will take a professional handyperson 2 – 4 hours to install a shower door. Shower door enclosures usually take a little longer. Expect to spend $300 –  $500 on labor. Remember, labor costs are higher for heavy and complex shower doors.

Also, if you are replacing your old shower door, you will pay a little extra for the removal and disposal of the old door. 

Can I Install a Shower Door Myself?

If you are an experienced DIYer and successfully install your shower door, all you need is the right tools and an instruction guide. Installing a shower door is a pretty straightforward process, depending on the style of the shower door. However, you must be very careful when dealing with glass that can easily break. 

Before undertaking your shower door installation, you must consider your level of expertise and how challenging your shower door installation will be. You also have to note that you will need an extra hand as your shower door is heavier than it looks. 

It will be best to get a professional installer to handle your shower door installation if it is pretty complex. Do not attempt to do it alone if you are confused about how to do it. A professional installer will charge $300 – $500 for the installation. Spending that amount is far better than attempting it yourself and later needing professional help.

Shower Door Installation: Step by Step Guide

Tools Required

  • Tape measure
  • Drill bits
  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver set
  • File
  • Utility knife
  • Caulks gun
  • Rubber mallet
  • Spirit level


  • Screws
  • Silicone sealant or caulk

1. Set Up The Frame

Step 1: Measure the Door Opening

  • Determine the appropriate height of your door by running your tape measure from the top to the threshold of the door opening. Take the measurement at three points, to be specific. Record the figure.
  • Please do the same for the width of the door opening; do it at three different points and record the most significant figure.

Step 2: Measure and cut the Base Track

  • Measure the threshold length and cut the base track to that length using a hacksaw. The threshold and base track length should be the same for the track to fit perfectly. 
  • Use a file to smoothen the cut edges. 

Step 3: Position and secure the Base Track on the Threshold

  • Use a tape measure to spot the center of the threshold. With a pencil or utility knife, mark the center where the base track would be. 
  • Apply a reasonable amount of sealant on the length of the marked spot. Place the base track over it and hold it firmly until the sealant is dried. It will take 24 hours for the sealant to dry properly, so do not allow anyone to use the shower in the meantime. 

Step 4: Position and secure the Hinge-side Jamb

  • The hinge-side jamb is one with points for attaching hinges. Slide the jamb into its groove on the base track. Ensure that it is appropriately aligned with the base track.
  • Keep the jamb aside and mark out spots for screw holes to hold the post to the wall. 
  • Using a drill bit, drill holes for the screws. The holes should not be too deep, about ¾ inch deep. 
  • Place the jamb against the wall and run in the screws to hold it in place.

Step 5: Position and secure the Latch-side Jamb

  • Carry out the procedure in the above step to position and secure the striker-side jamb.

Step 6: Position and set the Header Jamb.

  • Measure the length of the head of the door opening. Cut the header jamb according to the header’s length. The size should be the same for the rail to fit correctly. Smoothen the cut edges with a file.
  • Your header should come with screw holes. Run in screws to hold the header firmly onto the top of the side jambs. 

2. Install The Door

Step 1: Hang the Door

  • Lift the door and secure it on the base track so it will swing out. Check that the door is well aligned. Once you are satisfied, attach the door to the jamb with the hinges.
  • Have someone hold the door while you drill in the screws to fasten the hinge on the door to the hinge-side jamb. Secure at least three hinges: one at the top, one at the center, and one at the bottom. 
  • Test your shower, swing it open, and close it several times to ensure it runs smoothly. 

Step 2: Install the Hardware

Install your door handle, locks, and other fixtures carefully following the manufacturer’s guide. Then test that they are working perfectly.

Step 3: Apply Caulking

Apply caulking around your shower door to prevent leaks and drips, and ensure the door is properly sealed. Allow drying overnight before the shower area is used. 


You can save costs and enjoy the fulfillment of shower door installation by doing it yourself. All you need is the right tools and some technical knowledge. Ensure to take the correct measurements beforehand to avoid issues as you get into the project. You will also need an assistant.  In just a few hours, your bathroom will look excellent and renewed.

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