Retractable Garage Door Screen Cost ( 2 Types)

Retractable garage door screens serve numerous purposes, from keeping insects away to aesthetic purposes. However, before you go shopping for a retractable garage door screen, it is essential to have an idea about the retractable garage door screen cost. 

It costs around $300 to $1500 to purchase a retractable garage door screen. The price rate depends on the screen type, local labor, special features, size, and customization. The screen often uses remotes for opening and closing actions. 

Retractable garage doors eliminate the constant need to close your garage door. In hot weather, you could use the screen for wading off insects while receiving fresh air simultaneously. This article will help you determine your retractable garage door screen budget. 


Retractable Garage Door Screen Cost

Are All Retractable Garage Door Screens The Same? 

All retractable garage door screens are different. There are two types of retractable garage door screens. However, they both serve the same purpose; the only difference is their mode of operation. The types of retractable garage door screens include the following: 

  • Retractable Pull-Down Garage Door Screens

The retractable pull-down garage door screen operates by pulling a chain that drags the screen down or up to close or open. It has an insert mount at the garage door’s top frame bottom and a chain.

This mount acts like a screen frame and is the same width as the garage door so it can cover adequately. The chain acts like a lever for lowering the screen. All retractable pull-down screen uses the exact mechanism except for the material the screen is made of. 

The pull-down screen can go on windows, regular-size doors, trailers, and RVs. It operates manually, and you must pull up or down to use the screen. It has the smoothest roll when you lift or pull down to reduce operator effort. 

  • Motorized Retractable Garage Door Screens

Retractable Pull-Down Garage Door Screens

The motorized retractable garage door screen looks like the pull-down screen, except for using a different operating mechanism. Instead of a manual operation, this screen utilizes a remote. 

It features an electronic system at the insert mount that you use for opening and closing the door screen. The system is controlled using a remote or button inside or outside the garage. The motorized retractable screen door takes convenience to another level. 

This garage door screen is often better with larger garage door spaces. Manually operating a heavy door screen can be physically tasking, and using the remote cuts off the manual labor and the act of walking out of your car to open a garage screen. You could point the remote from a distance and open or close it. 

It is also pleasant to the eye to watch your garage screen door move up and down in an elegant fashion. It gives your house a futuristic feeling. 

It does not matter which type of retractable garage screen door you install in your garage as long as it serves its purpose. They all do the same thing, only using different operating methods. 

Retractable Overhead Garage Screen Doors Cost

Retractable overhead garage screen doors cost around $300 to $1000, depending on the material it is made of. Often it is made of mesh, but some are made from other materials that allow enough air to flow in and out.

Retractable Garage Door Screen Cost
Retractable Garage Door Screen Cost

 The overhead nature of this retractable screen ensures that it hangs flat in the air like some roof and slides down back to close when you activate the closing button. It does not roll up or slide as in other screen doors. It is cheaper than most retractable garage doors. 

How Much Does A Garage Door Screen Cost

The cost of a garage door screen depends on the door screen type and mechanism. However, it costs around $400 to $1500 to purchase one. The motorized version is always costlier than the manual ones. This cost is due to its extra convenience and remote or button features. 

Factors like brand type and product material can also affect the price of a garage door screen. You should factor in all these while searching for a garage door screen. They might be an expensive expenditure, but they are worth it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Retractable Garage Door Screen 

Installing a retractable garage door screen costs around $100 to $1500. This cost includes labor and installation at $50 to $75 per hour. The exact price depends on your garage size and the features of the door screen. 

Extra features such as solar shading, walk-through entry, and privacy mode might increase the installation cost. The installation takes an average of one hour. Most installers might bill at the rate of $0.25 to $80 per square foot. 

Factors like increasing the door screen weave tightness can cause a rise in cost. However, repairs like patching and weave tightening may cost less than the initial installation, and replacing a door screen on an existing frame costs around $250 to $400. Endeavor to use a professional for the best job. 



Installing a retractable garage door screen is an excellent way to spend on your house. It allows you to enjoy the fresh air and deter bugs from entering the garage. It also helps create extra space for parties or even a business startup. 

No matter your reason for wanting a retractable garage door screen, it is crucial to know the retractable garage door screen cost before you proceed with the project. That is why this article is here to guide you. 


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