How To Remove A Locked Door Knob From The Outside

Misplacing keys is one of the most common problems you might be facing with your doors. Sometimes, you may not have lost your keys but happen to find yourself in a situation where your key broke inside the lock, and you are outside. To remove a locked door knob from the outside is not as difficult as it seems.

All you need to remove a locked door knob from the outside is a set of lock picks or a couple of kitchen tools. However, some door knobs have visible screws that you can work on, while some do not.

Luckily, you do not have to be an expert to fix either the door knob with visible screws or the one without visible screws does. I have outlined the steps you need to remove your locked door knob from the outside.


How Do You Remove A Locked Exterior Door Knob?

Removing a stuck exterior door knob is simple as it only requires a few steps. If the doorknob has visible screws, you will need a long shaft or a screwdriver wrapped with a rubber at the head to avoid scratches on the door knob.

Although some of the screws are usually visible, they have a layer that covers them. So to start the unscrew process, follow the steps listed below:

  • Locate the screws.
  • Once you have seen the screw, insert the screwdriver into the screw hole
  • Begin to twist and turn to unscrew.

If the doorknob has no visible screws, it should have a slot by the side of the knob that can easily be pierced gently with a slotted screwdriver. 

Please note that the best screwdriver for this process should be a flat-head, and you need to remove the screw gently to avoid damaging the door knob. 

How to Remove A Locked Door Knob Without A Key

To remove a locked door knob without a key, hold and twist the knob, then turn it in the opening direction. If the doorknob refuses to go out with the twist method, use a screwdriver to unscrew the pin. Every door lock has a small hole that has a pin inside.

When you find this hole, insert a small screwdriver into the ring, then continuously turn it. When the screwdriver touches the pin, apply a little pressure as you turn it inside the hole. Continue to unscrew till you fully open the door. 

How Do You Pick A Twist Knob Lock?

To pick this twist on a door knob, pick a long slender object and push it into the key slot, then begin to turn in an opening fashion till you notice a crack between the door and the frame. Apart from using a long slender object, you can use several other tools like hair pins, paper clips, and toothpicks to pick a twist knob lock.

But then, this method only works for doors with deadbolt locks. If your door has a spring bolt lock, you will need a piece of plastic to open the door. 

Here is How it Works;

  • First, get a plastic rubber
  • Peel off the paper wrap and cut out a piece of plastic.
  • Flatten the edges with a tool that is hard like stone.
  • Once you have done that, place the plastic in-between the door knob lock and the latch.
  • Finally, twist and turn the door knob to open the door.

Apart from using plastic, you can use your credit card to repeat the same process, but you can just stick to the rubber to avoid damaging your valued document.

In addition, you have to consider the iron part of the slender tool as necessary because if you insert something soft or light into the lock, it might break inside and cause more damage.

How Do You Pick A Door Knob Lock With A Paperclip?

Using a paperclip to pick a door knob lock works the same as using a slender iron tool to unlock a door knob. The only difference is that you will need two paper clips. To successfully pick a door knob with a paperclip, you will need to do the following;

  • Collect the necessary tools and create a tension wrench. To create a tension wrench with a paperclip, first, you need to make it straight, then twist it to form a spiral shape that will act as the wrench.
  • Repeat the same process by using a pair of pliers to straighten the second to make it work as a pick. If you don’t have a plier, you can use your hand to straighten the paperclip.
  • To begin picking the lock, insert the spiral-shaped clip into the lock hole and twist it while applying a little pressure.
  • Continue the twisting process in the same anticlockwise motion you will turn it to unlock with a key.
  • Insert the other part of the clip that works like a picker and continue with the turning process.
  • When you begin to notice an opening crack,  reduce the pressure and begin to twist gently till the lock opens completely.
How To Remove A Locked Door Knob From The Outside
Locked Door Knob

How Do You Unlock A Push and Twist Door Lock Without the Hole

To unlock a door without a hole, you need to drill a small hole in the center of the locked knob with a kitchen knife or nail, then push in a slender iron object or screwdriver to loosen the knob from inside and open the door.

A push and twist door usually comes with a spring lock, and most spring locks do not have holes like others which makes it a bit difficult to handle. But, you don’t have to worry because the way out is easy.

Here are the steps to follow;

  • Hold the doorknob firmly in one of your palms and turn in an opening motion.
  • Push the door to widen the gap between the frame.
  • Get a plastic card or a part of rubber.
  • Place the card between the door latch and gently push it downwards till you get to the metal that secures the door lock.
  • While you push the plastic a bit lower, you use your second hand to twist and turn the doorknob till the door begins to crack open.

If it is in a situation where you don’t have a plastic card or piece of rubber, you can use a flat steel knife and repeat the same process till the door opens.

Another method is known as push and twister. In this method, you don’t need any tool because all you need to do is to hold the door knob tight, pull it out, and begin to untwist till it cracks open.

How to Repair A Door Knob Stuck in a Locked Position

A door knob stuck in a locked position can be repaired by holding the knob firmly and then jiggling it in and out while applying a little pressure to release it from the door frame. However, you should be careful not to move it too hard to avoid damaging the doorknob. 

In a situation where that method doesn’t work, there are other methods you can use to remove the door from the stuck position.

Here are a few simple hacks you can try before calling the locksmith.

  • Check if there is rust on the doorknob, so you’ll know if it’s right to use a lubricant. If there are signs of rust, use an iron brush to scrape it off, then dip the spray brush into the oil, and use it to clean the rusted surface.
  • If the reason your door knob is stuck is not due to excess rust, you have to check the door latch. The door latch is the tool that keeps the door in place. So, before you think of how to call a locksmith, you need to test the door fastener and see if it’s still stuck inside the door.

To test the door latch to check if it’s correctly fixed, you’ll have to do the following;

  1. First, twist and turn the door knob, then slowly release it.
  2. Grab the latch and pull it to yourself while noting how it moves. If it moves weakly, you will need to fix it.

You can easily replace your door latch by using a screwdriver to free it. However, if you try that and it does not work, you need to buy a new latch on Amazon, then contact your locksmith to fix it.

How to Fix A Door lock That Won’t Turn

Before you think of fixing a stiff door lock, you must first check if it is stiff because of dirt or rust. Dirt and rust have a way of sticking inside the door lock hole, preventing it from turning.

If your door lock won’t turn because of dirt or rust, then it’s easy to fix because all you have to do is to get a strong and slender tool that will fit into the lock hole to clean the rust or a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt.

After cleaning, lubricate both the knob hole and the key, then twist and turn to make it coat all parts. After the lubricating process, try opening the door the way you use to.

Apart from the stiffness caused by the dirt and rust, another problem might be that part of the key broke into the lock hole. In this situation, you will need a needle-nose plier. Insert the blade of the needle-nose plier into the lock hole and push outward to drag the broken key out.

How Do You Fix A Door Knob Lock That Won’t Turn?

To fix a door knob lock that won’t turn, check if the knots are loose and tighten them. After ensuring that the knots are tight, you will need a silicone spray to fix and make it turn.

It is natural for your door knob to start malfunctioning by becoming difficult to turn, and when this happens, you need only two tools- a screwdriver and silicone spray.

  • First, use the screwdriver to unscrew the knots to remove the knob from the door. 
  • Once you have done that, turn over the interior part of the opened knob, then check if it’s dirty or rusty. To clean the dirt or rust, take either a heavy-duty silicone spray or wd-40 and spray it into the open part of the knob.
  • After spraying, use a rag to wipe off the excess, then fix it back into the knob hole on the door and tighten the screw.

Nonetheless, If these tips do not work, then it might just be the right time to get a new door knob fixed to your door. 

Why Did My Door Knob Stop Working?

When your door knob stops working, the problem could likely be that the spring that connects it has broken, or the latch is damaged. It could also be due to a loose screw that joins the knob with the door.

If the issue is the weak screws, use a screwdriver to tighten the loose knots. If the latch is damaged, you have to fix it.

However, if the problem is a broken spring, you will have to buy a new spring or new door knob because a broken spring can make the door knob stop working. 

Another reason that can make your door knob stop working is when dirt or rust clogs between the door and the handle. To fix this, loosen the knob and wipe off the dust, then lubricate it with the recommended oil or spray.

In wrapping up, removing a locked door knob from the outside or picking a door is easy, and you do not need to be an expert to handle it. You can use a set of pick locks, but if you don’t have it, you can use other tools like a screwdriver, credit card, or paperclips.

However, some door problems may seem too difficult for you to handle. When this happens, you need to seek the help of a professional.

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