Provia Doors Price List: Cost And Types

Provia Doors Price List

Provia is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl sliding doors, patio doors, storm doors, and numerous entry doors in the furniture industry. Although Provia doors are very expensive, the brand has established itself as one of the most reliable in the industry. They produce durable and highly energy-efficient doors. 

Provia doors are only available in a few materials and types, but you’ll find different sizes, door styles, finishes, and beautiful glass options. Depending on your options, Provia doors cost between $5000-$6000. 

They feature different prices because of the unique feature each possesses, the size, and how customizable they are. Keep reading for more information about Provia doors. 


How Much Does A Provia Door Cost

A Provia door will cost around $4000-$6000 depending on the style, finish, materials and size. Also, the price above includes labor and installation cost. 

Provia Door Price List: Types And Prices

There are different types of Provia doors, featuring different prices. They include;

  • Embarq

The Embarq Provia door leads the race when it comes to energy-efficient exterior doors. It features a more innovative design and insulating value than a standard fiberglass door. Embarq is 2.5″ thick, Hence its durability. Its wood material gives it a beautiful appearance. Embarq Provia doors are available in mahogany skin, cherry skin, oak skin, and so on. 

Embarq doors are also available in different styles, and you can choose between pre-hung or door slabs with various door and sidelight styles and with or without glass. You can choose between various finish options such as cherry and mahogany stain, standard paint options, glaze options, and so on. 

With the several options this door features, it does not go for a low price. 

  • Signet

Signet Provia door is the type that offers high energy efficiency while having the appearance of an authentic woodgrain. The Signet Pre-hung exterior fiberglass doors feature the most customization option, including several door panel styles, glass, and finish options. Signet has an energy star certification and offers great performance and durability. 

Structurally, the Signet is better than the standard fiberglass door, and you can customize each side of the door with different panel styles and finishes. It offers a great wood grain texture and wood grain styles such as Oak skin, cherry skin, and so on that will improve your home aesthetic. 

Provia Signet door offers different door glass options, including clear glass, stained glass, privacy glass, and more. It offers numerous finish options, such as trending, standard paint options, and so on. You should be able to spend because these doors are expensive. 

  • Heritage

If you need a high-energy performance and durable Provia door, a Heritage fiberglass door is the best. Heritage Provia door features a realistic-looking oak smooth texture, and you can customize it with your desired door style, finish, and glass option. It features hardwood that prevents warping and a polyurethane core that minimizes heat loss. 

If you want a Provia door that offers simplicity and style, Heritage is the best, and you can choose between the Oak wood grain or smooth fiberglass, allowing you to customize your door design with a famous skin type. Heritage Provia doors are available in pre-hung exterior door style, and you can choose from several door panels and satellite styles. 

This door is professionally stained with a 10-year finish warranty. With Heritage Provia doors, you can feature your style, and every Heritage door features a professionally applied finish that will ensure long-term beauty and durability. Heritage fiberglass doors feature several styles with or without glass, including classic, craftsman, modern, and Victorian styles. 

Provia Heritage doors also offer several glass options. Although expensive, they are worth the investment, and you will get every value.

  • Legacy

Legacy Provia door is an exterior steel door that offers extra strength and security than other Provia doors. Legacy steel doors are made from 20 gauge steel and feature 49% galvanized steel, hence the extra security and strength it offers. 

It has an ENERGY STAR certification because of its insulating foam, and apart from security, durability, and energy efficiency, these steel doors beautify your home. Legacy Provia doors are available in full pre-hung doors and door slabs featuring wood grain texture and smooth texture. 

You can choose from several finish and color options for wood grain stain and paint colors. Several glass options are available, and they are expensive but worth it. 

Are Provia Doors Good Quality?

Provia doors are top-class doors that are way more expensive than many door brands in the industry. Provia doors offer durable fiberglass and steel materials that will give your home security and beauty if you can afford them. Regardless of the high price, Provia doors are the best quality, regardless of type or style. 

If you want a quality couple with a long-term warranty, Provia leads the race. 

Provia Storm Doors Price List 2022

The price of Provia storm doors depends on the size, style, and options. They offer retractable screens, finishes, hardware, and color. The price is $700, while the deluxe line starts at around $600. Provia Aluminum storm door (superview series) can cost around $585, while the deluxe and decorator series can cost around $800 to $1300. 

The spectrum and DuraGuard series cost about $1200. Provia storm doors have everything you need, whether extra protection for your kids and pets or a stylish door that offers security and extra ventilation; choose Provia storm doors. Provia has the best aluminum storm door designed to the highest standard possible. 

These doors are thicker than the standard doors, and the custom height can reach 8 feet; and feature kick panels for long-term usage. Also, these storm doors are available as French doors in five different brands.


Provia is one of the leading brands producing doors. They have gained the trust of many users because of the quality, durable and reliable doors they produce. Although Provia or storm doors are expensive, they are worth the price. 


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