Modern Garage Doors Prices

Modern Garage Doors Prices

The building or renovating of a home aims to make it investment worthy and as stylish as possible. A modern garage door can achieve that aim and add appeal to your home. If you are wondering about modern garage doors prices, this article is here to give you an idea. 

The price of a modern garage door depends on the door type and material you choose. However, modern garage doors range from $500 to $6000. This price might include some things other than installation, only the door price. 

The right garage door choice can last the lifetime of your house and is an excellent investment with time. There is a broad base for you to choose from. This article will deal with modern garage door prices and installation prices. 


What Is A Modern Garage Door

A modern garage door is a type of door that features flat, horizontal panels using either aluminum, iron, glass, or wood in contrast to the traditional raised and vertical design architecture. 

Modern garage doors sometimes have windows that are vertically placed from left to right door side. Often they come with no windows. Modern garage styles are becoming very popular due to the extra ease of opening and closing the doors. 

They are often framed with iron or aluminum door frames. However, the main focus of modern garage doors is to achieve minimalist, sleek, clean-line designs—most of these door styles open by sliding sideways or rising to the roof. Whichever method, there is no doubt that modern garage doors are what is in vogue now. 

What Are Modern Garage Doors Made Of ?

Modern Garage Doors Prices
Modern Garage Doors Prices

Modern garage doors are made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl, or glass. The material choice should be one that can last for a long time and offer good insulation. Your choice should aim at saving your heating or cooling bills. 

You can combine different materials for your modern garage door, such as glass for the windows. They also come with many colors, finishes, and style options, or you can choose to personalize your garage door too. Modern garage doors are made with the most energy-efficient materials while maintaining durability and strength.  

Modern Garage Doors Prices

The price of a modern garage door depends on the features, style, and material. Materials like steel, glass, and wood cost more than aluminum and fiberglass. Your custom style and the door brand can also affect the price rate of the door. But price should only sometimes be a factor in getting the best for your garage. 

Modern garage door prices range from $500 to $6000. This price might be only for the door and often does not include the installation. You can quickly get a quotation from your salesperson. You might be wondering why it is costly. It is because modern garage doors are more energy-saving and efficient than traditional doors. 

The materials are very receptive to insulation, and the styles combine traditional and contemporary features to give simple designs and clean lines. Modern garage doors tend to be timeless and never lose their appeal. 

Modern Garage Doors Installation Prices

Installation price for modern garage doors depends on the door type, style, and size. The price ranges from $700 to $2000. Sometimes a garage door featuring many windows might cost up to $4000, especially if the door requires an automatic opening or includes glass windows. 

Installation of wood garage doors is often cheaper due to lesser labor needs. However, with an automatic opener, the installation will increase drastically. Steel garage doors are often the most expensive installation. You must use the services of a professional, so you avoid issues in the long run. 


The perfect garage door can create an entirely different feel for your home. It is often the first thing someone sees when they drive up to your house, so you would want it to look perfect. Modern garage doors make the ideal doors for a modern home. 

The price ranges from $500 to $600 depending on the brand, style, material, installation style, and location. However, the price is worth it to get what you love. This article has dealt with all about modern garage doors prices. Now you know what to expect. 


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