Lock Rekey Cost: Should I Replace or Rekey?

Lock Rekey Cost

Lock rekey is the best alternative if you don’t want to replace your lock completely. It is faster and cheaper compared to lock replacement. Experts will help you change the pin inside your lock to give access to a new set of keys. They will cut you a new key, which will then be the ones opening your lock.  Lock rekey cost varies from place to place.

The cost of a lock rekey depends on the locksmith company or contractor you hire, how many locks you want to rekey, and whether it’s a home door lock or a vehicle door lock. On average, expect to pay up to $20 or $50 for one lock. If you want to rekey your vehicle lock, the cost ranges from $75 to $180. 

Lock rekeys on emergency notice are always costlier. The locksmith contractor or company can bill you around $100 to $150. Is lock rekey safer, cheaper, or cheaper? 


Is It Cheaper To Rekey Or Replace Locks?

Lock rekey is cheaper, and a professional will finish the task within 15 minutes, reducing labour costs and improving security. As mentioned earlier, a lock rekey is the best alternative if your budget needs to be up for total replacement. Also, there is no need to replace the lock if it’s not damaged or worn out or if you want the latest modern lock. 

You can take on the task yourself, but you should hire a professional; locks get damaged during this process if you are not very careful. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey A Door Lock

The cost to rekey a door lock depends on the type of lock, the locksmith company you hire, and how many locks you want to rekey. On average, you will pay up to $20 to rekey a door lock; this is the starting price, especially for basic locks. If you want to rekey, let’s say, five locks, then you will pay close to $100. 

You can decide to take on the task on your own, which means you will need to purchase some materials. You will buy a rekey kit which will cost you about $8 upward. 

Rekeying Vs Changing Locks Cost

By now, you know that a lock rekey is cheaper than a complete lock change. To replace your lock, you will need to pay for a new set of locks and its accessories, and you will pay labour costs for the professional you hire, and so on. On the other hand, Lock rekey only requires that you pay for labour costs if you hire a professional. 

The cost of lock replacement depends on the type of lock you want and whether you want to hire a professional to help you or you want to DIY. However, on average, the starting price of a lock rekey is $40 for a lock, and the price will go up from there. If the locksmith you hire supplies the locks, the cost may increase to about $50 per lock. 

The number of locks you want to replace will also affect the cost, as more locks mean more labour costs, which means extra bills. The cost of a lock rekey also depends on the type of lock and how many locks you want to rekey; however, on average, a lock rekey is about $25 per lock, and the price goes up from there. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey 3 Locks

If the average cost for lock rekey is around $25, then rekeying three locks will cost you up to $75. This price depends on the type of locks, your location, the professional you hire, and whether you want to do it on your own. Some professionals will charge you up to $200-$250 for a house with three doors. 

The price mentioned above takes care of the cost to remove the locks, rekey and reinstall it. The price for this service can’t be constant, but this is an overview. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey Locks On A House

The cost to rekey locks on a house depends on the number of locks that house has; a house with six doors will have up to six locks, which means you will be paying for all six. If the cost of rekeying a lock is around $25 upward, rekey locks in a house with 6 locks will cost you around $200. Mind you, this cost depends on your location, the types of locks, and the contractor you hire. 

Can I Rekey Locks On My Own To Save Cost? How To 

You can rekey a lock on your own, but you need to be very careful so as not to destroy the lock. Also, you need to understand that the process is easier depending on the type of lock and whether you have the right tools. Below are the steps to rekey a tumbler lock and a deadbolt lock. 

Steps To Rekey A Tumbler Lock

To rekey a tumbler lock, follow these steps;

  1. Remove The Doorknob

The first step in this process is to detach the doorknob from the entire door. Turn the knob to the opposite position, and turn the key to a quarter turn to the right to align the holes in the cylinder; this will make it easy to remove the doorknob. Once you have aligned the holes, place the removal tools inside, press, and the knob will get off and detach from the shank. 

  1. Remove The Cylinder

This is the next step after removing the doorknob, and you can remove the cylinder from the inside or use the right tools to detach it if your knob has a cap behind it. Push the cylinder from front to back, and it will remove.

  1. Detach The C-Clip From The Cylinder

The cylinder always has a C-clip holding it in place to prevent it from falling off. Remove it, and move to the next step. 

  1. Install The Key Plug

Check the follower tube in your kit and use it to remove the key plug from its case, install it behind the cylinder and attach the key to the lock. Depending on the type of lock, you will have to turn the key 45 degrees. Next, push the key plug out of the cylinder, but don’t touch the plug follower; it’s in charge of holding the pins and springs in their appropriate position. 

  1. Remove The Old Pins

Remove the old pins in the plug, dump the old key and insert the new key. Check the instructions in your kit to install the new pins, be careful at this stage. 

  1. Insert A New Plug

Install a new plug inside the cylinder, carefully push out the plug follower, and insert new plugs. After inserting the new key, test it and make sure it turns, dump the follower, and install a new C-clip until it gets in place. 

  1. Reinstall The Knob To The Door

Put the cylinder into the knob and re-fix the knob to the door. Once you are done, test the lock and make sure everything is perfect. 

Steps To Rekey A Deadbolt Lock

To rekey a deadbolt lock, follow these steps;

  • Remove the lock from the door. 
  • Remove all the bolts and the screws, gluing the deadbolt to your door.
  • Remove the cylinder from its case, remove the end cap, and bring out the retainer pin. 
  • Repin the lock like you did a doorknob and put a new cylinder inside the housing. Change the retainer pin and end cap, and get it back into its case.
  • Make sure the bolt is out, test the lock, and attach the lock back to the door. 


Lock rekey involves changing the pin in your lock to give access to another key. The process is simple and cheaper than lock replacement, and It does not affect your home security. Depending on the cost, you can hire a professional or do it yourself. 

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