Labor Cost To Remove And Install Exterior Door

Labor Cost To Remove And Install Exterior Door

The exterior door of your home or office is mostly on the back, front, or sides of the house, and it is your space to exit or enter the house. Knowing the labor cost to remove and install exterior door can be very difficult because there are several styles and factors to consider.

You can hire a structural engineer to help you with the installation or choose a contractor to save some money. If you go with a contractor, the average cost of exterior door installation ranges from $40 to $90 per hour, and the average cost is $70. The type of door you want to install affects the time spent and the labor cost. 

Installing a door with a frame will take nothing less than seven hours, while pre-hung doors will take about three hours. 


Labor Cost To Remove And Install Exterior Door

How Much To Remove And Install Exterior Door?


Removing an exterior door ranges between $80 to $275, with the labor and material price included. The cost of installing an exterior door is affected by whether you want to use a professional company or do it yourself. Also, the tools you will use affects the price if you’re going to do it yourself. 

Hiring a structural engineer will be the best option; the cost is between $100 and $150 per hour. You will pay between $8 to $16 for framing while weatherproofing and sealing the door will cost you close to $200. If you prefer a sliding or bi-fold door, the cost is between $300 to $500, while pocket doors are costly and range between $300 and $200. 

Exterior Door Installation Cost By Type

One common factor that affects the cost of exterior door installation is the type of door you want to install. Below is the cost of installing some types of doors;

Labor Cost To Remove And Install Exterior Door
Labor Cost To Remove And Install Exterior Door
  • Accordion

An accordion is a bi-folding door that has foldable sections when it opens. This door requires you to open the entire wall, and the installation costs range from $600 to $5000. 

  • Bi-Folding

Bi-folding doors just became popular, and you will mostly find them on decks, patios, or areas where you want to create a comfortable entrance and exit environment. This kind of door uses a track to fold up, giving them more opening space. Also, they don’t take space like traditional doors, and the cost ranges between $500 to $5000. 

  • Double Entry Doors

Double entry improves your home’s curb appeal; they lock into each other easily, so you won’t need to install a stile or center frame. You can improve your home security by adding a lock to the top or underneath this door, and it is a versatile door that allows you to open each door at once or one at a time. The cost of installing this kind of exterior door ranges between $800 to $4000. 

  • Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are typical to commercial buildings; however, residential apartments now use them too. They offer extra security because they come with heavy and special hardware, and they can contain a fire for about three hours. Installation cost ranges from $400 and $1300. 

  • French Doors

French doors give your building a classic look; they include paned glass double doors that can open together. They are the best alternatives to sliding doors, and you can find them on decks or patios. French doors don’t require tracks; you can pen them easily and install several locks. The cost of installation ranges from $500 to $4500. 

  • Pre-Hung   

Pre-hung doors are popular exterior doors for residential apartments; this kind of door is unique because they come framed and hinged out of the box. They are available in different styles and materials, and these factors contribute to the cost of installation. The cost of installation ranges from $800 and $1500. 

  • Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are unique kinds of sliding doors. They slide right into the wall, contrary to sliding doors. Installing this door can be difficult because the conductor must open the walls to install the pocket door track. You will spend between $800 to $1500 to install this kind of door. 

  • Security Doors

Security doors last longer and provide extra security than traditional doors. Most of the time, they come pre-hung and are available in different materials or styles. They give your building a unique look but are thicker and heavier, affecting the installation cost. 

  • Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the best to create an ideal outdoor/indoor living space. They are mostly made from glass and frames made from several materials. The installation cost ranges from $350 to $4000. 

  • Storm Doors

Storm doors provide extra installation in the cooler weather while protecting your home from insects. They are primarily available with glass panels for extra insulation, and you can either change the glass panel to screen or remove it if necessary. The door costs around $200 and $800; whether you want glass or frame material will also affect the price. 

Contractors will charge you about $100 to hang a storm door on the existing frame.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does It Cost To Remove And Install An Exterior Prehung Door


Prehung doors are available in many styles and materials, affecting the cost of removing and installing them. The average cost of removing and installing a prehung door ranges from $300 to $2000. 

How Much Does Lowes Charge To Install Exterior Door

Lowes charges about $600 to $5800 to install French doors, $150 to 1350 to install bi-fold doors, and $400 to $1300 to install fire-rated doors. Other factors affecting the installation cost from Lowes include the door material and style. 

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Door In An Exterior Wall

The cost of Putting a door in an exterior wall will range from $1400 to $4400. You will spend between $400 to $800 extra if you want a larger wall opening. 


The labor cost to remove and install exterior doors varies on the type and style of doors you want. Also, you will have to consider the company that will help you with the whole process of removal and installation. This article contains every information you need about the cost. 

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