How To Install Door Frame In Concrete Wall (2 ways)

How To Install Door Frame In Concrete Wall

Lots of buildings are made up of concrete walls. However, they are primarily found in modern house basements and foundations. Often, the need for a door where a concrete wall resides arises, and you find yourself asking how to install a door frame in concrete wall. 

Installing a door frame in a concrete wall involves two significant procedures: the wall opening process and the installation of the door frame into the opening. Installation of the door frame is quite simple, but opening the concrete wall is a lot more challenging. 

Installing a door frame in a concrete wall sounds like grueling work, and it is to a large extent. The bulk of the gruel occurs when cracking and trimming the wall opening to fit in the door frame. If you aim to DIY your door frame installation, this article will answer your question about installing door frames on concrete walls. 


Steps To Install Door Frame In Concrete Wall 

While installing a door frame in a concrete wall, you must follow some steps meticulously to avoid costly mistakes. Ensure you have all the equipment necessary for the process. This equipment includes a level, wood shims, masonry screws, a hammer drill, a chisel, and a fine-toothed masonry saw.

How To Install Door Frame In Concrete Wall

Follow these steps to install your door frame properly into a concrete wall:

1. Wall Opening Process

To install a door frame on a wall, you need to have an opening within the wall. The space has to be in alignment with the door frame size. You can follow these steps to open the perfect wall hole for your door frame.

  • Mark the door frame size on the wall position for your door frame. Ensure you add at least two extra inches for width and height measurements. 
  • Make a mark higher above representing your door lintel. The lintel is a support system for the wall load above the door. Door lintels are often 6 inches on each side. 
  • Using a circular saw, make cuts across the marks you’ve already made. A masonry saw is the best equipment for making cuts on concrete walls. Your cuts should be about two inches deep to ensure an easy breakthrough.
  • Use your sledgehammer to break through the wall. Ensure that you make your initial break from the center of your markings or cuts. As you get to the edge of the wall markings, switching to a chisel and hammer is best. This switch is to prevent any accidental damage to the rest of the wall unnecessary for the door frame.
  • Take the proper door length measurement and install your lintel above the door opening, and the beam along all opening sides. The beam evenly distributes the weight of the wall across the door opening.

2. Door Installation Process 

After the wall opening process, next is the installation of the door frame. This process requires precision and accuracy in measurement. Follow the steps below to install your door frame properly into the existing door opening:

  • Choose your door frame according to your requirements. Ensure that the structure has a jamb depth equal to the thickness of the wall. You can purchase masonry door frames. They are designed to fit concrete wall requirements. Your door frame must have jamb dimples for anchoring.
  • Measure the jamb dimples on both sides of the door frame. Apply these measurements to the sides of the wall opening and drill holes in the locations. These holes are for anchoring or holding the structure to the wall.
  • Lift your door frame into the wall opening and center it properly using the help of shims.
  • Insert the expansion bolts into the door frame dimple and hammer them into the anchoring hole. Do this for all dimples. The door frame anchors hold the frame in place as it bears the door’s weight.
  • Fit the door into the frame and fasten the hinges onto the door. Ensure you tighten the hinges to prevent the door from falling off or creaking. The space between the door and jamb should be equal along the entire opening length. Trim off the shim edges and fill up the holes in the wall using concrete. 
  • Attach the door lock per the manual’s instructions. You can add trimmings and casing to the door as you deem fit. 
  • Fill up the wall dentures along the opening you made for the door frame and repaint as necessary.
How To Install Door Frame In Concrete Wall
How To Install Door Frame In Concrete Wall

The tricky part of installing a door frame into a concrete wall is getting the proper measurements. A higher measure than necessary is preferable to a lower one because you can shim and close the hole to the correct size. However, if it is smaller, you will have considerable stress reopening and breaking the wall in again.

It would be best to drill the correct measurement for the jamb dimples. They serve as an anchoring point for the door frame into the wall. The door frame carries the whole weight of the door and requires stoic strength.

A wobbling door frame makes for a bad door. Lastly, neat work is beautiful work. Fill up all holes created by cracking the wall and mend any cracks. If you need to repaint, do so. It adds beauty to your new door.


It is normal to want to DIY your door installation when you have time to spare or need to reduce costs. The need to install a door frame in concrete walls arises from creating space or a way through the wall. There are two essential processes to follow when installing a concrete wall door frame: wall opening and door installation. Both processes require accurate measurements and precision. 

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