How To Remove Door Hinge Pin With Bottom Cap

Hinge pins are metal instruments designed to hold a door together to its door frame. Hinge design should make for easy removal, but years of use and corrosion can cause it to rust, making its removal complicated. Some hinges have a bottom cap to aid in easy removal. This difficulty often gets people wondering how to remove door hinge pin with bottom cap. 

You can remove a door hinge pin with a bottom cap using a hinge removal tool like the pin popper tool and a hammer. You can also engage a more manual method of using a flathead screwdriver and a hammer to knock out the bottom cap. The bottom cap encapsulates the hinge pin, remove the lid and slide the pin out easily. 

Despite being the most popular method for removing door hinge pins, the screwdriver and hammer method is the least efficient. Without precision, you risk damaging your door jamb or injuring your fingers. If your question is how to remove door hinge pin with bottom cap, you are at the right place. 


How To Remove Door Hinge Pin Without Bottom Cap

You might need to remove your door hinge pin either to polish the hinges or for more accessibility to the door panel sides. Whatever the reason, you can remove the door hinge pins using two methods. 

  1. Unscrewing Method

You can unscrew the hinge with a flathead screwdriver and pull out the pin slowly. This method is time-consuming and often energy exhausting. The hinge pins might have rusted or become rusty, making unscrewing difficult or almost impossible. However, you can apply grease or oil to lubricate the hinge pin head for easier unscrewing. 

Hammering Method 

The hammering method involves the use of a screwdriver and a hammer. You can place the screwdriver on the head of the hinge pin and hit it lightly with a hammer. Be careful not to damage the door frame or hit your fingers off. The hammering method is the most common method for removing door hinge pins

The light hit from the hammer will force the pin out long enough for you to pry them out with your fingers. You can use a nail in place or the absence of a screwdriver. But you have to be extra careful to ensure you get your mark. 

How To Remove Door Hinge Pin With Bottom Cap 

A hinge pin with a bottom cap is the simplest type to remove its plug. The bottom cap encloses the pin. Therefore, you only need to remove the bottom lid, and the pin falls out. You can extract a door hinge pin with a bottom cap in various ways. These methods include the following:

  • Removal Tool 

You can use a hinge bottom cap removal tool to unscrew the cap and access the pin. The most popular tool for this action is the pin popper tool. Place the head of the device on the bottom lid and hit lightly to detach. Then, insert the pin side of the device to push out the hinge pin. 

  • Screwdriver And Hammer

Place the screwdriver on the bottom cap and give it a little hit with your hammer to displace it. Then you can access the hinge pin. Carefulness is the watchword while removing your door hinge pin. 

Not all door pins are removable, but you can identify the non-removable ones by checking for a small hole on the hinge’s knuckle side. While removing your door hinge pins, please observe the following tips below. 

Tips To Observe When Removing Door Pin Hinges 

  • Endeavor to remove the bottom hinge pins first. Doing this prevents your door from coming unhinged and falling over on you while working. 
  • Ensure the door panel is pressed firmly on the jamb while extracting the last hinge pin. 
  • Keep an eye out to identify where each pin falls to. Hinge pins are small and easy to misplace. Please keep them in one spot upon removal. If you cannot, mentally note the dropping sites and gather them after removal. 
  • Ensure your fingers are not on the same line as the hammer falls. You can sustain nerve-damaging injuries from hammer hits. 
  • Ensure your hitting is precise and soft to avoid damaging your door jamb or frame.  


Removing door hinge pins is a simple task. However, it requires caution. With the right tools, you might protect yourself and your door. It is best to get and use the appropriate tools for this task. 

Some hinges come with bottom caps, while others do not. You can remove door hinges with a bottom cap by detaching the lid with a slight hit using a screwdriver, pin popper, and hammer. This article has explained how to remove door hinge pin with bottom cap. Now you can DIY your door hinge pins. 

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