How To Measure For A Screen Door: Considerations, Tools, And Step-By-Step Process

A screen door helps prevent insects like mosquitoes from entering your home while allowing you to enjoy extra ventilation during summer. Now! When talking about installing a screen door for home protection, you’ll begin to think of how to measure for a screen door.

To measure for a screen door,  measure the frame from the bottom to the top. Then, subtract ¼ from the height and ½ from the width measurement to get the accurate size for a screen door. The standard size for a screen door is 38 inches in width and 80 inches in height. 

However, knowing the standard size is just one of the basic steps for a screen door installation. Aside from getting the result of your measurement, there are other factors you need to consider when you want to measure for a screen door. This article has explained those factors in detail.


How To Measure For A Screen Door

  1. To begin this process, pay attention to the depth of the frame because that is the point you’ll place the measurement tape to measure.
  2. Start by measuring the width first.
  3. From the left, place the tape on the width top and measure to the right side. 
  4. Repeat the same process for the center and bottom, then write it down.
  5. For the height, place the measurement tape on the bottom frame of the door depth, and measure from bottom to top. Write it out too.
  6. Subtract ¼ from the height and ½ from the width. Doing this will help you know the precise measurement.

What Is The Standard Size For A Screen Door?

The standard size for a screen door is 38 inches in width and 80 inches in height. Although some sizes vary between 34 inches in width and 74 inches in height, the average standard that you shouldn’t exceed is 32 inches in width and 72 inches in height. 

Your screen door should always be of standard minimum or maximum size. The reason is that if you opt for a size below standard, it will not fit within the frame. If the measurement is too large for your door opening, you can adjust the screen door by measuring and taking out  ⅜ inches in width and 1 inch in height. 

You may likely think that you can use the size of your storm door to measure for a screen door, but that’s not absolute. A storm door is usually thicker than a screen door. It is placed inside the trim while a screen door is outside.

How Do You Know What Size Screen Door You Need?

To know the accurate size of the screen door you need, measure the height from the bottom to the top. For the width, start with the top, then measure the middle and the bottom. Measuring the length from the bottom to the top makes it easy to know the size while measuring the width thrice helps you determine the shape of screen door. 

However, before you choose a screen door, consider the function, convenience, and style. A screen door protects your home from flying insects while giving enough room for ventilation. But if you want extra protection for your home, you’ll also have to consider getting a screen door with hinges and locks.

There are no style limitations to choosing a screen door. Your screen door can be slid or swung. If you own a pet, you can go for the one with an opening towards the bottom. This style will enable your pet to get in and out of the house without you opening the door. 

How Do You Measure A Door Opening For A Screen Door?

To measure the space where you’ll fix your screen door, begin from the corners to the width and then the height. 

  • For the corner, start from the left bottom trims to the top – place your tape in slant from one bottom edge to the top on both edges. 
  • To measure the width, place your tape horizontally from the trim edge to the other for the top, middle, and bottom. 
  • For the height, place your tape straight on the bottom frame of the first edge, and pull it up to the top trim. Repeat the same process for the center and the last.

Once done, write out the results of each measurement, then subtract ¼ from the width and ½ from the height to know the accurate size of the screen door to buy.

Tools Needed To Size A Screen Door

Measurement Tape

This freehand tool makes it easy for you to determine the dimensions of your screen door. 

Writing Tools

These writing tools include a pencil or pen and paper. With these tools, you can write down the result of your measurements for easy reference.

Other tools include; measuring tape and drill.

How To DIY A Screen Door?

When you think of installing a screen door in your home, there are two options – to buy or create one yourself. If you want to do it yourself, there are two methods to follow;

Method 1 – Net With Sellotape or Glue  A For Screen Door

  1. Get a net and measure with a tape. The measurement should align with that of the door opening.
  2. Cover the four edges with thin plywoods and tighten them with wood screws.
  3. Cut out a small part in the middle of the net and sellotape each edge. This process will create an easy passage. 
  4. Fasten the net to the frame on the door opening with glue or a sellotape.

Method 2 – Net With Cedar Wood For A  Screen Door

For this process, you can also use aluminum if you can’t find cedar wood.

  1. Get a plank of wood for the process. The best type of wood to use is cedar. Note that the length of the wood is within the standard size of a screen door. 
  2. Ensure that the wood is not completely dry to prevent it from cracking when you start making the screen door. You’ll also need a drill, wood screws, and a net. 
  3. Cut out long thin pieces and scrape them with sandpaper to smoothen. 
  4. Attach each plank to the other with wood screws and a drill to form a rectangle.
  5. Measure the opening of the rectangular box vertically from one edge to the other. Measure the net, and ensure it aligns with the box measurement.
  6. You can decide to create a partition in the middle of the rectangular-shaped box. You can also create a space towards the bottom to enable your pet to move in and out without you opening the screen door.
  7. Attach the net to the wood and fasten it with wood screws. Next, fasten hinges to the edges of the screen door.
  8. Fix the screen door to the frame on the door opening and screw in nails to the hinges to hold it in place.
  9. For security, you can attach a door lock to the screen door.

How To Install A Screen Door

  1. Measure the frames on the door opening again to know the right spot to fix the hinges. Once done, use a pencil to mark the point. Note that the hinges you’ll attach the hinges on the depth of the frames.
  2. Attach your screen door to the opening and screw in nails to the hinges hole. Ensure to handle this process carefully because if you don’t fix the hinges well, the screen door will not balance.
  3. If you prefer extra security, attach a door lock to the opening side of the screen door.

How To Replace A Screen Door

  1. Choose a screen door to replace based on the accurate measurements.
  2. Unscrew the old one from the hinges on the frame using a screwdriver. 
  3. Attach the new door and screw in the wood screws to the hinges hole.
  4. Replace the lock and repaint the screen door if necessary.

As a wrap up, a screen door makes you enjoy ventilation while keeping insects away. With it, you can keep your door open during the day for as long as you want.

There you have it – simple, quick, and stress-free ways how to measure for a screen door.  However, kindly seek the help of a professional door smith if you face any challenges.

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