How To Measure Door Hinges

How To Measure Door Hinges

Fixing a door hinge requires accurate measurements. An inch less or more will result in a poorly hung door. The hinges hold the weight of your door in position and should be in proportion. That is why it is vital that you know how to measure door hinges while hanging the door. 

You can measure door hinges by removing the door from the hinges and measuring the hinges with a measuring tape. Doing an approximate eye measurement or measuring the hinges without removing the door first is wrong. 

Due to the importance of accurate door hinge measurement, we advise that you follow the steps I will enumerate to ensure that you get the correct measurements. Now, I will dive into the article properly. 


Are Door Hinges Standard Size?

Door hinges have a standard size, but there are also different sizes of door hinges. The size and thickness of the door will determine the hinge size to use. Despite the size of the hinge you use, you must measure the existing door hinge before replacement. 

The standard door hinge size is 3.5″ in width by 3.5″ in length and a thickness of 1.38″. You should note that this standard hinge size is for a standard door size of 32″ wide or less. For nonstandard doors, you have to use other hinge sizes befitting them. 

The standard interior door hinge size is 3.5″ wide and 3.5″ in length. That is 3.5″ by 3.5″. This measurement is obtained with the hinge flaps open, starting from one edge end to the other and top to bottom of the hinges. You should determine the size and thickness of your door because that will determine the hinge size you use. 

When the flaps are open, most exterior doors use 4″ hinges, 4″ width by 4″ length. The extra inches support the additional weight of the door. Exterior doors are usually large and weigh more than interior doors, hence the extra inch in hinges.

How To Measure Door Hinges

How To Measure Door Hinges: Step By Step Guide

The first rule to measuring door hinges is to unmount the door. Do not measure the hinges with the door still hanging. You will never get a correct measurement that way. Do not do eye measurement or approximation either. 

To measure your door hinges, you will need a screwdriver, measuring tape, a utility knife, and maybe a helpful partner. Follow the steps below to get an accurate door hinge measurement. 

  • Uninstall The Hinges

Unscrew the middle hinge using your screwdriver and pry it out using your utility knife if it’s stuck to the wood. It is essential to start with the center hinge because it has less impact on the door stability. Weight will be distributed and held by the top and bottom hinges. 

  • Take The Door Hinge Width Measurement

Lay the hinge on a flat surface with its flaps open. Using your measuring tape, measure from one side of the hinge to the other (width of the hinge) and write down on paper. 

  • Take Door Hinge Length Measurement

With the hinge still on a flat surface, measure from top to bottom of the hinges to get the height measurement of the hinge. Write down the results on a piece of paper. 

  • Take Corner Radius Measurement

Hinges have different corner shapes. Note the hinge formation, and use your tape to get the corner measurement. Record the numbers acquired. These will help you get an exact size for your door hinges

How To Measure Cabinet Doors Hinges

There are two ways to measure cabinet door hinges: width measurement and overlay method. Width measurement is the most common way to measure cabinet door hinges.

Using these techniques, you will get your accurate cabinet door hinge size.

  • Width Measurement

Remove the Hinges with a screwdriver and utility knife. Open the hinges flaps and lay it flat. Then measure using a measuring tape from edge to edge and top to bottom. Close one flap and take measurements, too. 

Taking each flap’s measure is essential as some cabinet hinges have different flap sizes. Measure the central pin. If your hinge sides look different, measure the part and note what is related to the door and the cabinet jamb sides.

  • Overlay Measurement

An overlay is how well a door extends over to cover the cabinet frame. Though not all cabinet doors have an overly, you can measure the overlay to determine the size of hinges you need.

Shut the cabinet door and measure the opening left between the frame and the door. Close the cabinet door tightly to get precise measurements. Use tape to make measurement more manageable, or mark along the hinge side with a pencil.

What Are The Measurements For Door Hinges?

The top hinge on a door should be 170 mm-180 mm approximately from the door top and 190-200mm from the bottom. You can place the third in between both hinges. Internal doors use a pair of 3.5″ hinges, and external doors use two 4″ hinges. Using a third hinge is by choice. 

You should note that not all exterior door hinges have the same space. The bottom hinge is usually closer to the top of the door frame, and the top hinge at about 6″ from the bottom. The reason is that the upper door hinge bears most of the door weight load. Another reason is due to foreshortening.

The door hinge size to use is determined by the thickness and width of the door. But you can follow this table to know the door hinge size to use. Take your measurement as I have explained to ensure the hinge size is correct.


Door hinges are the holding point of every door. They hold the door in position and ensure that it swings open or shut whenever you move it. Knowing how to measure door hinges prevents you from dangers connected to hanging a door to an undersized hinge. 

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