How To Know If Couch Will Fit Through Door (5 best Steps)

How To Know If Couch Will Fit Through Door: One mistake people make when purchasing a new couch is choosing the biggest size without measuring the size of the room. Understandably, you want the couch to be big enough to accommodate many guests, and you want to make a fashionable and fantastic statement with your furniture.  However, you need to consider the size so you can move it in easily. 

Your couch will fit through the door if you take important measurements before you purchase the couch. If you have a narrow doorway or steep stairs, you may face difficulties getting the door into your house. 

To avoid issues like this, try moving the couch through the door horizontally; trying to force it vertically may damage the couch or the door frame. What other ways to know if the couch will fit through the doorway? 


What Size Couch Fits Through A Door

You can move a couch through the door in two different ways depending on the size. You can move an 80 inches wide couch vertically through the door, and this is because most interior and exterior openings are always 80 inches high (this size specification includes the door stops). 

You can move a 29 inches high or deep couch horizontally through the door, and most door openings are always 29 ¼  inches wide, while mist exterior door openings are 35 inches wide, including the door stops. 

How To Know If Couch Will Fit Through Door

The first thing to do here is to remove the cushion and other attached parts. Detach the legs, the throw pillows, and so on to reduce weight and size. For some couches, it’s easy to remove all these parts, and for some, the reverse is the case. If you find them difficult to remove, then leave them. Then, you can;

Measure The Dimensions Of The Couch

Get a measuring tape and mark out the size of the exterior dimensions of the couch, then write the measurements down. Focus on the absolute maximum size of the couch, and use leasing edges as the reference point to make it easy. To measure the height, position your measuring tape from the lower part of the couch to the topmost part on the back of the couch. 

To measure the width, place your measuring tape from one arm of the couch to the opposite arm. To measure depth, position your tape from front to back. Figure out the farthest possible points, and get the distance between them. 

Get The Size Of All Openings

Moving your couch through the door can become frustrating if you don’t measure the size of your doorway, stairwell, elevator doors, or hallway. Make sure you know the dimensions, and the best way is to use your tape to measure the height and width of the doors and take note of it. 

Compare The Door And Couch Sizes

Once you take the measurement, it’s time to compare and contrast the sizes. This will help you avoid injury and other difficulties if the couch is bigger than the doorway space can take. Get a drawing board or cardboard to plan before purchasing or picking up the couch. 

Couches below 80 inches can fit through the door if you bend it vertically. The reason is that interior and exterior doors are mostly 80 inches high. You must use the horizontal method if your couch is 29 inches high or deep. 

How To Fit A Couch Through A Small Door: Step By Step

Moving a couch through a tiny doorway is one of the most stressful, frustrating, and backbreaking tasks ever. Sometimes, the couch may get stuck, and you won’t be able to move the couch in or out. How can you make this task less stressful and frustrating? Check below.

How To Know If Couch Will Fit Through Door
How To Know If Couch Will Fit Through Door
  1. Remove The Door

Most doors come with standard hinges, so they can only open 90 degrees. A door that opens wider than a standard hinges-installed door will still have a narrow passageway because its thickness can be a few centimeters. When you remove the door, you get a wider space to move the couch through without the fear of damaging the couch or the door frame. 

To easily remove the door, remove the hinge pins first, and you are good to go. 

  1. Move It Vertically

While measuring, if you notice the couch is too long or wide, the best way is to move it through the door vertically. Taking the couch in vertically will minimize its weight and make it easy to maneuver. You will need to get a towel and spread it on the floor because you will be dragging the couch. 

  1. Detach The Cushions

This process requires some level of expertise. If you can not do it alone, hire a professional. All couches have wide feet that may make it difficult to get through the door, detach the feet to make it easy and prevent scratching the door. Also, remove the couch cushion to reduce the weight and make it easy to maneuver. 

  1. Use The Semi-Circle Action

Take the couch closer to the door horizontally, then move one leg in first; as you move the couch through the door, turn it so that it will form a semi-circle, and the second leg will enter the door next. This method works best if the couch has long legs. You can also use this method vertically, but it’s best if your door is too long to enter the door once. 

  1. Put The Couch On Its Back

Couches mostly have deeper size than height, so putting your couch on its back will make it narrower to pass through your small doorway. Before using this method, you can remove the legs and cushions of the couch to make it easier. 

Will A 40-Inch Wide Sofa Fit Through A 32-Inch Door

How To Know If Couch Will Fit Through Door
How To Know If Couch Will Fit Through Door

A 40-inch wide sofa can pass through a 32-inch door, but you will need to move it carefully to prevent the sofa fabric from tearing as you move the sofa in. It’s going to be a great task, but you can follow the tips below to make it less stressful;

  • Turn the sofa sideways at an angle.
  • Wrap the sofa up. 
  • Push the sofa straight ahead.
  • Position the sofa diagonally.
  • Disassemble the sofa if you can. 


To know if the couch will fit through your door, measure the couch and the doorway. In addition, you will need to measure the hallways and the stairs if you are taking them upstairs. Check the article for more tips and the best-size couch for each door. 

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