How To Hang Curtains On Front Door: Step By Step Guide

how to hang curtains on front door

Apart from washing curtains, another difficult and tasking part is hanging them on your doors. If its your first time, you might be wondering which part should go up or down. This will prompt you to search on how to hang curtains on front door.

You can hang curtains on your front door using command hooks, tension rods, or even ropes. There are different methods you can use and each depends on your preference. To achieve this, you need a curtain rod, brackets, screws, wall anchors, screwdrivers, etc.

This article will explain how you can hang your curtain over your French door without a rod, drilling holes, or driving nails into the wall. You will also read about the benefits of hanging curtains on your door.


How To Hang Curtains On Front Door?

Curtains are essential home accessories in the house, and they are beneficial in that they serve various purposes. Before hanging, you have to measure the height and width of your door. Things you need to hang curtains on your front door are:

  • Curtain rod with brackets
  • Screws
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Wall anchors (optional)

Hang your curtain with these seven simple steps:

  1. Decide the height you want to hang your curtain rods. Hanging your curtain in the right spot is very important. Sitting your rod too close to the window reduces the space even when the actual space is bigger.
  2. Measure the depth of your window molding to choose a suitable size for your curtain brackets. Curtain brackets over the depth of your trim are ideal for your curtain brackets. Shallow curtain brackets won’t allow your curtain to hang correctly.
  3. To measure the height of your curtain rod, use a pencil and tape to mark the position you choose for your curtain bracket. Let the rod be about 4 to 6 inches above your window frame and ensure that the curtain will hover above the floor or brush it a little. 
  4. Place the curtain brackets about 6 inches from the outer edge of the window frame to allow much natural light.
  5. Mount the curtain rod and hang your curtains. After you have marked your desired position, use a screwdriver to mount the curtain brackets, ensuring that the sides are equal by using a level. For some curtain rods, especially the heavy ones, you may want to install wall anchors to secure the brackets to the wall. 
  6. Put the curtains on the rod. If your curtains have large grommets or eyelets, pass the rod through them, but if your curtains do not have them, use the curtain rings or clips to attach the curtain panels to the rod. 
  7. Finally, place the rod into the brackets to hang the curtains.

How Do You Hang Curtains Over A French Door?

Measuring and installing curtains on a French door is not so much different from the other type of doors. You should ensure that the curtain is wide enough to cover the portions of your French door and reach the floor. French doors are made mainly from solid glass or glass planes; they can be single or in pairs.

They are transparent, energy-efficient, and functional. Well-installed and insulated French doors prevent heat and cold just as solid doors.  People can easily see through a French door, so you should put a curtain over it to filter light and give you privacy.

Follow the steps below to measure and install curtain on your French door:

  1. Measure the height and width of your French door with a measuring tape and take note of the number. The curtain should be at least two inches longer than the door. 
  2. Multiply the width of your door by 1.5 for the width of your curtains.
  3. After measuring, adjust your sash rod kit to fit the width of the door. The sash rod kits contain rods for your door’s bottom and top parts. I advise that you buy a personal one.
  4. Slide the curtain panel into the sash rods. Ensure that the rods are even and on the point where you marked with your measuring tape. 
  5. Drill holes in the place you marked for the rod. Attach the brackets from both ends and ensure the curtains hang freely.
  6. Hold the bottom of the rod, slip the curtain through it and reconnect it to the brackets. 

Consider the following before choosing French doors curtains:

  • For maximum coverage, choose full-length curtains over your French doors.
  • Buy curtains that will cover the doors completely when they are closed. Ensure that the width is enough for the door.

Below are the types of French door curtain sizes:

  • Twice the window width, which is known as Standard Curtain Fullness
  • Twice and a half the window width, known as Deluxe Curtain Fullness.
  • The Maximum Curtain Fullness which is thrice the window width.

Hanging curtains the same width as your window (such as a 32-inch window with a 32-inch curtain) gives incomplete coverage and an unfinished appearance if you try to pull the curtains close.

  • Choose curtains with grommets or tab top for easy operation due to the frequent opening and closing of the door.
  • Your curtain rods should not be too short; choose curtain rods that are long enough to prevent the curtain from entering your doorway. 
  • Know the number of French doors and their proximities to enable you to choose a suitable curtain rod length and panel width you need.

Types Of French Doors And Their Curtain

1. A Single Or Double Standalone French Door

These kinds of glass doors usually are single doors made with a glass pane, while some are doubled. Ensure that your choice of curtains covers each door and rod.

2. A Set Of Double French Doors Close Together

This kind of French or glass door is placed side by side. For this kind of French door, mount a curtain rod that covers the entire width of all doors and use curtains that are wide enough to cover all windows when closed. You may need an extra long curtain rod as well. Add center curtain rod support brackets for additional reinforcement when using long curtain rods.

3. Two Or More French Doors Separated By A Wall

This French door functions independently, so you should install curtain rods that cover each door individually.

The Do’s and Don’ts of hanging curtains over a French door

The Do’s

  • Use a full-length curtain. You can choose the standard, deluxe, or wide curtain measurement. The standard measurement is two times the width, the Deluxe is two and half times the width, and the wide measurement is three times the width.
  • Use a grommet or top curtain when hanging your curtain. Grommets reduce the tearing tendencies of the curtain.

The Don’ts

  • Do not compensate your curtain’s width. 
  • Do not get short curtain rods for your French door. 

How Do You Hang Curtains On Wooden French Doors Without Drilling Holes?

Wooden French doors are traditional, and for you to hang curtains on the wood without drilling holes or driving nails into the wall, you can use curtain rods with adhesive backing, self-sticking cafe rod brackets, or Kwik-hang curtain rod brackets. 

Note that:

  • Adhesive backing or self-sticking cafe rod brackets are only suitable for lightweight curtains like sheets.  
  • If you remove the hook or bracket, you may pull some paint off the wall.

You can also use a magnetic curtain rod if you do not want to drill your wooden French door. Magnetic curtain rod comes in various styles of finials and backplates; they are not suitable for interior French doors but for exterior and they work only on steel doors.

Another option is using tension rods at the top and bottom to hold your curtains, that is, if your French doors have one window that is not divided into multiple panes by grilles and if the profile of the frame is next to the glass is contoured with a deep flat portion. This option does not work for French doors whose glass is framed in the quarter rounds. 

Kwik-hang curtain rod brackets are another alternative to hanging your curtain without drilling holes. All you have to do is measure the height and width of the door, place the brackets on top of your window trim, and then hang your curtains.

How To Hang Curtains On A Door Without A Rod Or Drilling

An adhesive hook is an accessory to hang your curtain without drilling holes or driving nails into the wall. Adhesive hooks are easy to mount and remove. The hooks come in different sizes and capacities. A hook can weigh between four and twenty pounds; ensure to buy hooks that will be strong enough for your curtain. 

Follow the points below to hang your curtains on an adhesive hook.

  • Get two command hooks for the left and right sides of the rod, but if your door is more than 30 inches apart, you will require a third hook for the middle to support the rod.
  • Use a measuring tape to mark the points where you will place hooks on the wall.
  • After you are sure, your points are okay, remove the paper at the back of the adhesive on each hook.
  • Firmly press the hooks onto the wall for about 30 seconds.
  • Leave it for at least 30 minutes before hanging your curtains.

How High Should I Hang Curtains?

The height at which you hang your curtain affects the space’s light, color, privacy, and texture. When you hang your curtain too low, it makes the room appear smaller, while hanging it too high will affect the appearance and coverage completeness of the room.

An ideal height for hanging your curtain is 4 to 6 inches above the window’s frame. Hanging your curtains at a suitable height makes your room appear more extensive.

If the ceiling height is below 10 feet, hang your curtains 3-6 inches above the window frame. For ceiling height above 10 feet, hang your curtains at 8 inches above.

Can You Hang Curtains With Command Hooks?

Yes. Hanging curtains with a command hook is an alternative to hanging curtains without drilling holes or driving nails into the wall. Command hooks are a good option if you do not want to spoil your wall. Command hooks have their advantages and disadvantages, which are written below:


  • It comes in different finishes and strengths.
  • It can be easily installed and removed.
  • It is suitable for lightweight curtains and can be used in temporary situations.


  • Command hooks go with thin curtain rods. Rods thicker than ¾” in diameter are not compatible with command hooks.
  • You cannot use heavy materials on command hooks. Any curtain above 7½ pounds weight will be too heavy for command hooks.
  • A wall with wallpaper is exempted from using command hooks because it can only stick on flat surfaces.
  • Using command hooks in a house with kids and pets is not ideal because of the constant pulling.

Can You Use Curtains As Closet Doors?

Yes. Curtains are a good option for your broken and outdated closet door. Curtains will give your closet an outstanding beauty; it is suitable for kids’ bedrooms, master bedrooms, or home offices. To use a curtain as your closet door, choose a material that aligns with the rest of your room decor.

Why Do People Put Curtains On A Front Door?

The front door is the house’s entrance; not putting a curtain on it can expose the home to danger. There are several reasons why people put curtains on a front door:

1. Privacy 

Curtains provide privacy, especially if you have a french door or glass panels built into your door. Hanging a curtain on your door prevents people from seeing into your home. 

2. Draught 

One way to deal with a draughty front door is by hanging curtains on the door. Hang heavy materials like faux, velvet, or suede. Heavy fabrics will prevent door draughts from entering your hallway and will not easily move with airflow. 

3. Physical Look

Another reason why people put curtains on their front door is the additional beauty it gives. Curtains are part of home accessories; they can be used to complement the home decor. You have a variety of materials to choose from, the pattern and color that fits your personality and style. 

Should I Put A Curtain On My Front Door?

Yes. You should put a curtain on your front door. The benefit of putting a curtain on your front door includes privacy. It helps stop draughts, compliment home decor, and muffle outside sounds. Hanging a curtain on your door should not be debatable. Hanging a curtain allows you to choose your color, material texture, designs, and pattern.

This article has explained simple steps to hanging a curtain on your door. Ensure to buy curtains that cover the door or window and should be long enough to hover on the floor or slightly brush it. 

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