How To Frame A Closet For Bifold Doors (4 ways)

How To Frame A Closet For Bifold Doors (4 ways)

Framing a closet for bifold doors is trickier than installing a regular interior door. The trick is that bifold doors are often made of aluminum or plastic, so they do not require substantial manual labor like wood. However, they consist of rails, runners, and run-on tracks. Framing a closet bifold door is easy; we will explain how you can do that easily. 

You can frame a closet for a bifold door by measuring, cutting, and installing the frame components into an existing or newly generated opening in your closet space. Bifold doors are a type of pre-hung door. You only need to get the measurements right and fix all components where they should be with screws. 

Looking from afar, framing a closet bifold door may seem significantly complicated, but it is relatively easy. You can do it without hassle if you are an avid do-it-yourself enthusiast. Continue with us, and we will show you how to frame a closet for bifold doors. 


Do Bifold Doors Need Frames

Yes, bifold doors typically require frames to be installed properly. Bifold doors consist of two or more connecting panels hinged together and folded concertina-like. The fold allows them to slide and stack neatly on one side of the opening.

Bifold frames are necessary to provide support and stability for the doors. It also ensures that the panels operate smoothly and securely. The frames help to prevent drafts, improve energy efficiency, and provide a weather-resistant barrier. Properly framing your closet bifold door is the first step to doing a great job. 

The type of frame required for bifold doors will depend on the material and style of the doors. For example, bifold doors made of wood may require a wooden frame, while those made of aluminum or UPVC may require a different type of frame.

Ensuring that the frames used for bifold doors are correctly installed is vital. They should be fitted to ensure the best performance and longevity of the doors. You can follow our guide on how to frame a closet for a bifold door and do it yourself. But if you need more confidence in your capability to do a good job, call a professional. 



What Is The Standard Opening Of A Bifold Door 

Bifold doors ride on tracks laid on top of the frame to give unobstructed access to the contents of your closet. The tracks allow the door to open extensively, more expansively than usual. However, the standard opening of a bifold door depends on product type, the presence of a jamb, and drywall. 

The standard opening of a bifold door can vary depending on the product and brand, as well as the size and configuration of the door. However, bifold doors are generally designed to fold in half and slide along a track to open. Each panel typically folds at a 90-degree angle. 

This degree means that a bifold door will typically open to a width approximately equal to half the width of the total opening. For example, if you have a bi-fold door that is 6 feet wide and it folds in half, the door will open to a width of about 3 feet. Determine your desired opening size and go for a bifold door with your choice of specifications. 

In inches, the most ordinary bifold doors have a length of 80 inches, and the width of the opening can range from 24 inches to 72 inches, depending on the closet space available. Generally, a bifold door opening is determined by your closet hole size, the door type, and the framing materials. 

What Is The Frame Width For A Bifold Door

The frame width for a bifold door can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific product. However, generally, the frame width for a bifold door ranges from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 inches. It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific bifold door you want to purchase.

Other names for bifold doors give us an idea of the width and size to expect on a bifold door. These names include room dividers, folding sliding doors, and accordion doors. The door’s ability to slide or fold against walls gives it a larger opening than a regular door. However, there are no specific width sizes, as they vary by door type. 

You must determine the size you require before purchasing your bifold door. If your closet has an existing opening, measure the opening and buy your door according to the measurement. This measure will help you avoid extending the closet opening or returning the door. 

How To Frame A Closet For Bifold Doors

Framing a closet for bifold doors is a relatively simple process. The door rides on the frame tracks to open or close. The framework acts as a track that facilitates the folding pattern of the door. Here are the steps to follow while framing your closet for bifold doors; 

  • Remove Existing Frame 

Bifold doors do not run on typical frames with jambs. Bifold doors come with their own structures. If you have an existing frame on your closet opening, you must remove it first. You can remove it using a crowbar or chisel. Generate a gap big enough for your removal tool to go in. You must be careful to avoid damaging your closet wall. 

Remove any visible nails and screws and ensure the frame opening is smooth and level for the new incoming frame to sit on. Once you finish this task, you can proceed to the next step. 

How To Frame A Closet For Bifold Doors (4 ways)

  • Measure Frame 

Measure the width and length of the closet opening to determine the size of the bifold doors you need. You want the frame to match the bifold door correctly. If it does not, you might run into problems opening and closing the doors.

Measure diagonally from left to right at the top of the frame and also from the bottom. Diagonal measurements should match closely, or your door might have folding issues. Measure the door’s width and length from the center, left, and right sides of the door. These measurements are what you purchase your bifold doors with. 

While measuring your frame and door, allow a few inches for irregularities. The loose inches will ensure that your framing work does not have a tight tolerance with the door when you install it. A few extra inches are all you need. Too much will result in a drafty door. 

  • Cut And Assemble The Frame Tracks

Cut the tracks to the correct size and install them at the top and bottom of the opening. Use screws to secure them to the frame. You are cutting according to the measurement you took in the previous step. You can fit the cut part into the opening to see if it works before assembling it. Using a plumb line, ensure they are level.  

Drill holes where the screws will go. The holes are always at the front and jamb, about 15 mm apart from each side. Ensure that your screw holes are parallel to each other correctly. Do the same for all four corners of the frame. 

Install the pivot brackets at the top and bottom of the door frame. These will hold the doors in place and allow them to pivot open and closed. Once you assemble the frame, you can affix it to the wall opening. 

  • Install Frame Into Closet Opening 

Move the frame carefully into the wall opening. This move is always a two-person job to avoid the frame dismantling or breaking. Ensure that the sides lap and plumb appropriately into the space. Use shims to close any gaps between the frame and the wall. Check thoroughly that your structure is in place before you nail or screw it into the wall. 

Framing a closet for bifold doors is a job for two or more people. The bulk of the activities it requires can be gruesome work for one person. Consider getting a partner to help you with the manual labor aspect. Following these steps, you should be capable of framing a closet for bifold doors and having a functional and attractive closet space.

How To Frame A Closet For Bifold Doors (4 ways)


Framing a closet for bifold doors is not highly complex. However, it is a task you can take on with others. You will need help to move the frame into the wall and hold onto it while you screw it tight. 

A well-built closet frame begins with accurate measurements. It would help if you avoided errors and always fit the frame parts into the opening to confirm alignment. If you have gotten to this extent, you now know how to frame a closet for bifold door. Get your tools and get to work.

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