How To Fix Broken Door Lock Mechanism

How To Fix Broken Door Lock Mechanism

The frustration of a broken lock is very annoying. Your door lock is your first line of defense against intruders and unwanted entry. Its use makes it essential for your door lock to work at its best capacity at all times. But, being a manufactured mechanism. It tends to fail or get broken. The dilemma becomes how to fix broken door lock mechanism. 

You can fix a broken lock mechanism by disassembling the door lock, finding the faulty component, replacing or repairing it, lubricating it, and reassembling it. There is no one fix for all broken door lock mechanisms. Its solution depends on the fault. 

A good-working lock gives you peace of mind, knowing your home is protected from intruders. Many broken lock problems can be fixed before they become severe and irreparable. Keep reading to understand how to fix broken door mechanisms. 


Can A Door Lock Mechanism Be Fixed?

Yes, a door lock mechanism can be fixed in many cases. But, the ability to fix a lock will depend on the specific problem and the type of lock mechanism. The fault of the lock mechanism will determine if it is repairable or needs replacement. It would help to determine what is to blame before making a concrete diagnosis. 

In some cases, fixing a lock may be a simple matter of lubricating the mechanism or adjusting the latch. However, more extensive repairs may be required in other cases, such as replacing a broken or worn part.

If you need to become more familiar with lock mechanisms or feel uncomfortable working with them, it’s crucial to invest in a professional locksmith to handle the repair. They will have the necessary tools and expertise to diagnose and fix the issue. 

In some scenarios, it may be more cost-effective to replace the lock than repair it, especially if it’s an older or outdated model. Consider the extent of the breakage first before deciding to repair or replace it. Often, when the latch is placed correctly, but the door lock is still faulty, you will require a replacement. 

How To Fix Broken Door Lock Mechanism: Step By Step

There are several reasons why your door lock’s mechanism is broken. Usually, the menace of broken locks occurs in the winter due to the effects that weather changes have on your door size or material. 

How To Fix Broken Door Lock Mechanism

While fixing a broken lock, the first thing to do is ensure you have the right tools for the job. Setting up a broken door lock mechanism can be challenging, but it can be done with the right tools and instructions. For this guide, you will require the following tools;

Materials and tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Lubricating spray or oil
  • Replacement lock mechanism (if required)

You can follow these steps to fix your broken lock mechanism. It is essential to know that these steps are generalized and may not work if your door lock has a more severe fault. The steps include; 

Step 1: Remove The Lock Mechanism From The Door

  • Detach the screws holding the lock mechanism onto the door using a screwdriver. Some door locks do not have visible screws. You can read our article on how to remove doorknob without screw. Keep the screws together and safe so you do not lose any. 
  • Once you remove the screws, gently pull the lock mechanism away from the door. Use a pry bar or screwdriver to remove the lock from the door edge if it is hard to pry with your hands. Gently pull out the casing and check for loose parts. 

Step 2: Inspect The Lock Mechanism For Damage

  • Check the lock mechanism for visible damage, such as broken or missing pieces. Test the key point mechanism gently and without force. The test run will help you determine where the broken part is at. If the lock is ceasing and unresponsive to the door key turn, there is a high possibility of a damaged component. 
  • If the lock mechanism is damaged beyond repair, you may need to procure a replacement. But first, you have to lubricate the door lock to rule out damage from dirt accumulation and debris. 

Step 3: Clean The Lock Mechanism

  • Use a lubricating spray or oil to clean the lock mechanism, removing any debris or dirt preventing it from functioning correctly. The best lubricant for door locks is silicone-based lubricant. Turn the lock as you lubricate to help it dislodge any debris and move smoothly. 
  • Make sure to clean all of the moving parts of the lock mechanism. Check all moving parts, the trims, screws, and latch plate alignment. Lubricate all door lock interiors. 
  • Ensure that the latch is in correct alignment with the strike plate. Replace any broken components in the door lock. This quick rundown will fix most issues your door has. But if it does not, consider replacing the door lock mechanism. 

Step 4: Reinstall The Lock Mechanism Onto The Door

  • Carefully align the lock mechanism with the screw holes in the door. Ensure the screws are tight and fit in place. 
  • Use the screws to secure the lock mechanism onto the door. Test your door lock to be sure it is working efficiently. 

Step 5: Test The Lock Mechanism

  • Test the lock mechanism to make sure it is functioning correctly.
  • Make sure the lock can be locked and unlocked smoothly.

These steps might fix your broken door lock mechanism. But, if the lock mechanism still does not work after these steps, you may need to replace it with a new one. Alternatively, you can contact a professional locksmith for assistance.


How Much Do Locksmiths Charge To Fix A Broken Door Lock Mechanism

The cost of fixing a broken door lock mechanism can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the type of lock, the damage’s severity, and the locksmith’s location. You can expect to pay between $50 and $250 for a locksmith to fix a broken door lock mechanism.

If the lock is a simple mechanical lock, the cost will likely be on the lower end of the range. However, a complex, sophisticated, or electronic lock might be more expensive. The price may be higher due to the complexity of the repair. Therefore, the more complex the lock mechanism, the higher your estimated cost. 

Additionally, the extent of damage to the lock and the cost of replacement parts might increase the cost of repairs. Finally, the location of the locksmith can also affect the price. Locksmiths in more urban areas typically charge higher rates than those in more rural areas.

It’s always best to get a quote from a few locksmiths in your area before deciding. If the repair quote is high, consider replacing the door lock. 


No mechanism lasts forever. Eventually, the lock will wear down. Sometimes a simple fix will solve the problem. Other times, you may need more to get your door lock working as it should. Routine maintenance is a great way to ensure your door lock mechanism lasts longer and functions efficiently. 

Suppose you have a broken door lock mechanism. You can dismantle the lock, check for damaged parts, lubricate, and reassemble the lock. If this doesn’t work, it is time to call in a professional. You are armed with this knowledge of how to fix broken door lock mechanisms. There is no need to panic.

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