How Tall Is A Standard Door Frame

How Tall Is A Standard Door Frame

The size of a door frame depends on several factors; the size of the door panel and the thickness of the material used. If you are wondering how tall is a standard door frame, here is the answer.

Door frames are most times made to fit the size of the opening made on the wall. However, the standard size of a door frame is 34 by 82 inches. The standard height of a door frame is 82 inches. This is not the standard in most regions. Some regions use slightly shorter or taller frames than this standard.

In this article, I have answered all your questions on door frame sizes. I have explained in detail the type of doors and their sizes, how this determines the size of your door frame, and how to correctly choose the dimensions of your door frame. Let’s begin with the type of doors and their frame sizes.

How Tall Is A Standard Door Frame


How Tall Is A Standard Door Frame?

You can’t determine the correct frame size without knowing the size of the door itself. A simple way to calculate the height of a door frame is to add 1 ½ – 2 inches to the height of the actual door slab. 

That being said, the height of a standard door, whether interior or exterior, is 80 inches, which is 6′ 8 feet. Therefore, the height of the standard door frame is 82 inches. However, the height of a standard door frame slightly differs in some countries. 

In India, the height of a standard door frame is 2045mm or 80 ½ inches, so the height of a standard frame in India is 82 ½ 

In Indonesia and the Philippines, the standard door height is 2100mm or roughly 82 inches, so the height of a standard door frame is 84 inches.

In some countries like the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Pakistan, the height of a standard frame is slightly lower.

Door Frames Sizes

While there is a standard size of doors, I do not think it is right to standardize door frame size as the size of a door frame depends on the size of the door itself and the size of the opening on the wall. Therefore, door frame sizes differ from building to building as the opening made on the wall could vary slightly.

The size of a door frame depends on the door’s dimensions. So, it is impossible to discuss the different door frame sizes without first looking at the various door sizes. 

The door size is based on the use of the door and location of placement; i.e., is the door an interior door or an exterior door? Let us get into the different kinds of doors, their sizes, and their frame size:

Common Interior Doors

Note: The standard size of single interior doors is 30 – 36 by 80 inches. Its standard frame size is 32 – 40 by 82 inches.

1. Flush Door

Flush doors are usually solid one-piece doors, not only affordable but versatile. You can utilize them in different rooms of the home. Although they come in simple and bland designs, they are very durable and can be customized by painting to blend with the interior of the room. A flush door is a good option for the kitchen, laundry room, living/dining room, home study, bedroom, and bathroom.

The standard size of an interior flush door is 32 by 80 inches. Its standard frame size is 34 by 82 inches.

2. Panel Door

Panel doors are made of several panels hinged together to form a single piece. Panel door designs are more appealing than flush doors, and they are equally durable and affordable and can be made with different materials to suit your style and your room’s interior. You can use a door panel for every room in your home.

The standard size of an interior panel door is 32 by 80 inches. Its standard frame size is 34 by 82 inches 

3. French Door

French doors can be best described as two vertical door slabs that meet at the center of the frame. French doors are typically made of glass, so they give your home that classic, grandeur look. The glass also allows light to flow into the room. 

Although it is expensive and requires regular cleaning, French doors are a great choice for exterior and interior doors as their see-through glass style allows for a visual connection between rooms. 

French doors are best used for the living room, home office, main bedroom, and home theatre.

The standard size of a French door is 72 by 80 inches(each leaf is 36 inches wide, and this size suits both interior and exterior entryways). Its standard frame size is 74 by 82 inches.

4. Double Doors

As the name implies, a double door is a two-in-one door. Just like the French door, it is made up of two vertical doors hinged to both jambs of the frame. Both doors meet in the middle of the frame. Some double doors are made to slide open, but most double doors are hinged. They can be produced using various materials like aluminum, glass, or wood.

 They are durable and affordable, depending on the material used, and can be used for interior and exterior entryways. Although double doors are stylish and give a grand entrance, it takes up too much floor space. You can use double doors for the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, patio, home theatre, and as the main entrance door.

The standard size of a double door is 72 by 80 inches (small double doors have a width of 60 and 64 inches). Its standard frame size is 74 by 82 inches.

5. Bi-Fold Doors

Bifold doors are typically two to four sets of sliding doors hinged together. They are a superb option for adding class to your home while conserving space. Standard bifold doors are built using glass, allowing sunlight into the room. 

It is the best option for areas with small spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, and bedroom closets. It is also a good option for entryways opening to the balcony, garden, or conservatory.

The standard size of an interior bifold door: the width of a bifold depends on the width of each panel, which is between 16 – 28 inches

The size of a standard three-door set is 70 – 96 by 80 inches.

6. Pocket Door

Also known as cavity wall doors, pocket doors open by sliding on an overhead track into a hidden cavity in the wall. It is perfect for rooms with little floor space. You can make it from various materials like wood, aluminum, or metal. Although pocket doors are fairly expensive and need more maintenance, it is the best solution for saving space. 

You can use it for a kid’s room, wardrobe, store room, pantry, laundry room, and home study. 

The standard size of a pocket door is 30 – 36 by 80 inches(some pocket doors can be as small as 24 inches wide and as large as 40 inches wide). Its standard frame size is 60- 72 by 82 inches(double the width of the door to get the width of the frame)

Exterior Door

An exterior door is a passageway that allows for entrance and exit from a building. It is the only connection between the inside and outside of a building. 

The standard size of a single exterior door is 36 – 42 by 80 inches. Its frame size is 40 – 46 by 80 inches. 

Note: Exterior doors are usually thicker than interior doors.

There are three common kinds of exterior doors in a residential home. There are front or main, side, and back or escape doors. We would explain the types of doors that are best for each of these exterior entrances;

Main Entrance or Front Door 

Choosing the right door type for your home’s main entrance should be a top priority, even more so than other exterior doors. Your front door gives off your style and class to your visitors as it is the first thing they see. You must choose the right style and design that suits your home and spells class.

Although front doors are usually single doors, you can opt for a customized aesthetic double door option. You can choose from a wide range of materials like aluminum, steel, and wood composite for your front door.

For your front door, we recommend you go for a French door, patio door, glass sliding door, or a bifold door instead of a simple flush or panel door.

Side Door

Most homes have side entrance doors. A typical side door is a standard flush or panel door. If you want to add class to your home, you can use a glass flush door, a glass sliding door, or a pocket door. One of the most common types of side doors is the stable door.

A stable door is a door made up of two halves. The top half is usually shorter and can be left open, acting like a window. It helps keep the house ventilated. It is easy to maintain, affordable, and durable. 

Back Door

Your choice of style for your back door should depend on the purpose it is to serve. If your back door opens to a garden, greenhouse, or a sit-out backyard, then a Bifold, French door, or Patio door is a good option.

If all you had in mind when going for a back door is that it is an escape route or the next quickest exit, then a solid wood or steel flush door is just fine.

However, the style of your home should guide your choice. 

How Tall Is A Regular Door Frame?

To measure the height of a door frame, use a measuring tape to run from the head – the part of the frame attached to the lintel to the still of the frame – the part of the frame connected to the floor.

You can also determine the height of a door frame if you know the height of the door. Add 2 or 2 ½ inches to the height of the door. 

For instance, a door that is 80 inches tall would have an 82 or 82 ½ inches tall frame.

How Tall Is An Interior Door Frame?

An interior door or corridor door opens from one room to another in a home. The standard height of interior doors is 80 inches or 6’8 feet tall. Therefore, interior doors are called “six-eight” doors. The height of an interior door frame is 82 inches. 

There are interior doors that are 2 inches less in height. These doors are called “six-six” doors because they are 6’6 inches tall or 78 inches. Hence, the height of their frame is 80 inches or 6’8 feet tall. This door height is mostly used for bedroom wardrobes and laundry rooms.

Some interior doors, like kitchen doors or storerooms, are as tall as 82 inches with a frame height of 84 inches.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Door Frame?

We would use a prehung door panel door to explain the dimensions of a door frame, but this applies to every door type. Let’s get the basics. A prehung panel door has; 

  1. The Door Panel is also called the door slab. This is the part that is swung open and closed.
  2. The Door Frame – Also called the sash, is the rectangular structure attached to the wall and to which the door panel is hinged.

The door frame has the following parts:

  • Jambs Or Posts: These are the two vertical sides of the door frame. In a panel door, one of the jambs has the door hinges that attach the door panel to the frame, while the other jamb works with the lock and bolt of the door.
  • Sill: This is the bottom horizontal part of the frame that is fixed to the ground. 
  • Head: This is the top horizontal part of the frame attached to the lintel.

Now that we can visualize the parts of a frame, we can correctly take its dimensions. Earlier, we mentioned that we must know the door size to take the correct measurement of the door frame.

Using a 32 by 80 inches door, for instance, 

Dimensions of its frame:

Width of the frame = 2 × thickness of a jamb/post + width of the door panel.

Note: the thickness of a jamb depends on the material used and is usually between 1 – 3 inches thick. 

For a 32-inch wide door with a 1-inch thick jamb, the width of its frame =  2 × 1 + 32 = 34 inches.

Height of the frame: the thickness of the head + height of the door panel

Note: The head of a door frame is usually 2 inches thick, but this could vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall Are Door Frames In America?

The standard size of doors in the United States is 24 – 36 by 80 inches. The standard door height is 80 inches, and its frame height is 82 inches. Some interior doors, like closet doors, measure up to 96 inches, with a frame height of 98 inches in the United States.

How Tall Are Door Frames In Japan?

In Japan, the standard door height is 6’0 feet or 72 inches. This is one of the shortest door heights in the world. The standard height of door frames in Japan is 74 inches. 

What Size Is A Typical Bedroom Door?

The size of a typical bedroom door is 32 by 80 inches. This dimension applies to single flush or panel doors. The size of French and double bedroom doors is 72 by 80 inches. 

What Is The Most Common Interior Door Size?

The most common interior door size is 32 by 80 inches, although the width could vary from 24 – 36 inches. Some interior doors, like bathroom doors, have a dimension of 30 by 80 inches.

What Is The Shortest Door Height?

Apart from the height of doors in Japan, which is just 72 inches, although you can get doors customized to whatever sizes you want, the shortest height of pre-made doors is 78 inches(6 feet). These doors are called “six – six doors.”

Are All Doors The Same Height?

Although the standard height of interior and exterior doors is 80 inches, all doors are not the same height. Doors are as short as 72 and 78 inches. However, you can get your doors custom-made to whatever size you want.


Finding out How Tall Is A Standard Door Frame can be very difficult especially if you are not a professional and don’t have the measuring materials. However, this article will make it easy for you. Also, you can get in touch with a professional. 


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