How Much Does A Wooden Door Cost: Types, Price and Durability

You are almost set to move into a new apartment, but you need to fix the door. You need something durable, and your best pick is a wooden door. Now you’re wondering, “how much does a wooden door cost?”

Wooden doors are from solid and natural woods. They are one hundred percent secured and can withstand any type of temperature. The average cost for a wooden door is $250 to $500. 

Apart from knowing the cost, you cannot just pick a wooden door without considering the type that is best for the space you want to fix it. I have outlined everything you should know when choosing a wooden door and also the cost of buying one.


How Much Does a Wooden Door Cost

The average cost of a wooden door is $250 to $600. However, the price will also depend on your choice of door and country of residence. For residents in the United States, below are the estimated prices of how much you will need to fix a wooden door in your house.

Lower ModelBetter ModelBest Model

Estimate Of Installation Costs
$504 – $572$592 – $608$624 – $640

Estimate of Materials Cost
$360 – $408$448 – $520$552 – $576
Cost Estimate For Wooden Door Installation

How Much Does a Solid Wood Exterior Door Cost

The average price for a wood exterior door is $1,100. But this price varies according to the materials, style, and shape of your choice of door. You can also use solid woods for interior door designs, but it works best for exterior doors.

However, when using it for an exterior design, you need to paint it. Painting does not only make it attractive but also durable. 

How Much is the Cost of a Wooden Front Door?

Naturally, in the United States, the price ranges from $400 to $1000, but the cost of a wooden front door solely depends on your preferred choice and the country you live. Note that the type of wood used for a front door is always thick.

So, when buying a wooden front door, check the durability before trying to find out the price to avoid making mistakes and to help you make a better choice. Painting makes the door durable, and when calculating the price for your wooden door, you should include the cost of paint.

How Much Does A Hollow Wooden Door Cost

The average price for Hollow wooden doors costs about $30 to $250. Hollow wooden doors may look similar to a solid wood door, but both are different. They are made from fine grain woods and covered with veneer. This type of door offers less safety and is less durable.

However, you must know that even though hollow wood doors are affordable, you can only use them in the interior part of the house due to the quality of the wood.

What Type of Wooden Door is Best For Interior Designs

Doors are of different types. While an exterior covering has a different and unique style, the interior does the same. Some doors are only good for the exterior part of the house, while some are only good for the interior. 

There are certain types of wood that works perfectly with interior designs, and this is one of the tips you should always have in mind when choosing a door for the interior finishing of your house.

Some of the best types of wood you should consider when choosing an interior wooden door for your house are; alder, poplar, cedar, red oak, and white pine wood.

Alder Wood

  • This type of wood is soft and can easily bend but not break. They are highly resistant to damage and are used to make kitchen and cabinet doors.

Poplar Wood

  • This type of wood is considered hardwood even though they are soft. They are also used in making cabinets and also wooden toys.

Cedar Wood

  • Cedar woods are also classified under softwoods. They are mostly made from evergreen trees and shrubs and are best for making both interior and exterior doors.

White Pine

  • This type of wood is in the southeast and northern parts of the world. It is a heartwood that is known for its creamy look. It works best when used to make interior doors as it offers a beautiful finishing touch to the inner part of the house.

Red Oak

  • These types of woods are porous and are found in the native of North America. It is also a good choice for the interior finishings of a house.
How much does a wooden door cost

What Type of Wooden Door is Best For Exterior Designs?

The best type of wooden door that is best for exterior designs is known as Mahogany Wood. It is more durable and strong. It also has stripes of red color which makes it very attractive. Mahogany wood is not only durable, but also strong, and attractive.

It has a hard surface that makes it the best choice of protection for exterior doors. Another type of wood that is best for an exterior door is known as Amber Wood. This type of wood also has features that make it durable, strong, and best for exterior doors.

The good thing is that whether you choose amber or mahogany wood for your exterior door design, both are affordable and the best choice. So, when you need a door for the exterior design of your house, choose mahogany or amber wood for a beautiful finishing.

How Do I Know the Type of Door That is Good For My House

Although wooden doors are known as one of the best when it comes to choosing the right door for your house, you should be able to detect an inferior wood to a durable one when you see them.

Before you choose a wooden door for your house, take note of the following;

1. Resistance to Easy Decay And Termite Attack

Water can easily soak a wooden door during the rainy season, and when it gets soaked, it becomes very soft and makes it easy for insects like a termite to find a home inside it.

So, to avoid such challenges when you buy your door, you have to ensure that the door is from a good quality of wood that will prevent it from termites or water attacks. 

2. Durability

Knowing if your door has a durable life span before you buy it is necessary because it will not only save you the stress of having to change your door so soon, but it will also help you reduce extra expenses.

To know if your choice of wooden door will be durable, you need to check that the door is covered with a material known as veneer. The veneer is a type of wood that will help protect the wooden door from excessive moisture during rainy seasons.

3. Maintenance Requirements.

Before you buy a wooden door, ensure that the maintenance requirements are what you can handle.

How much does a wooden door cost

How Do You Calculate Door Prices?

Naturally, you cannot be sure of the price of a wooden door if you just decide to do a rough estimate because as the door differs in shape and size, so do their prices.

To calculate the price of a door well, check the type and quality, then compare the different prices to know the one that will best favor you.

How Long Do Wooden Doors Last?

Wooden doors can last for as long as possible if you maintain them properly. On average, it can last for about 30 to 50 years. The painting also makes a wooden door last longer. A wooden door can easily get damaged if you do not paint it before installation. 

Final Thoughts

Wooden doors are made from natural woods that are durable and reliable. Unlike metal and steel doors, they provide moderate warmth for the house.

Regardless of the price differences, always make sure to choose the best type of door that will last you for as long as possible so you will not have to go through the stress of changing doors every time.

If you try to fix your old door or install a new one, do not panic because it is easy. But, if you cannot handle it, always seek the services of a professional door smith.

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