How Much Does A Garage Door Cost

How Much Does a Garage Door Cost

How Much Does A Garage Door Cost: Garage doors are an important home investment, a form of security, and beautifies your home. If you are planning to get a new garage door, it’s important to check all the options before you make a purchase. You need to understand typical garage door costs, the types, designs, and the factors that affect the overall cost. 

As mentioned earlier, the size, type, and garage door design affect the overall cost. Steel garage doors will cost around $500 to $2000, aluminum garage doors will cost $700 to $2200, and you will pay up to $4100 for a faux wood garage door. A fiberglass garage door is around $1000 to $2200, while a Vinyl garage door costs around $1000 to $2600. 

Sectional garage doors cost between $2300 and upward, while roller garage doors have a starting price of about $1300. The price of a tilt garage door ranges from $2650 upward. Your budget and garage door needs will determine which one you choose. 


How Much Does A Garage Door Cost (Types)

As a homeowner, you have several garage doors to choose from whenever you want to replace your old garage door. Most of the time, your concern will be about the cost of each type. Check below for a break down;

The replacement cost of a single-panel garage door is about $1200 upward. They are the most suitable for manual garage doors. They use a spring and hinge system to open the door manually. The replacement cost of a tilt-up garage door is around $850 to $1500, while the replacement cost of a sectional garage door is about $750 to $1500. 

Roll-up garage doors help save space and are available in aluminum, steel, wood, or fiberglass. The replacement cost is around $500 to $1500, depending on the material. The replacement cost of French garage doors is about $3750, while glass roll-up garage doors will cost around $3800. Walk-through and carriage garage doors will cost you up to $5500.

Garage Door Replacement Cost By Material 

The replacement cost for wood garage doors will be around $1300, while it is $2000 upward for aluminum garage doors. Steel and fiberglass garage doors will cost you around $1500, while vinyl replacement costs around $1700 to $2600. Wood composite and faux wood replacement cost around $2000 to $2700. 

Materials like wood, steel, and fiberglass may require some maintenance over the years; keep that in mind while you shop for grade doors for your home. 

Garage Door Replacement Cost By Garage Size 

The size of the garage also affects the overall replacement cost. A one-car or single garage door is about 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall; it mostly holds one car and has a single opening. The replacement cost ranges from $600 to $2500. 

For a two-car garage door, the replacement cost will be between $1000 to $5000, you can also have a double two-car garage door, and the replacement cost is about $4000 upward. The replacement cost for a three-car garage door is about $1600 to $7000, while you will pay about $6400 to replace one double door and one single-door garage door. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garage Door 

The installation cost of a garage door varies depending on the size, the number of doors, the type, the material used, and the design. Below is the breakdown;

Installation Cost Based On Size

The larger the garage door, the larger the cost of installation. The cost of each size will most likely overlap, and the cost for the most common sizes are;

  • Single car garage door (8′ × 7′) will cost you about $400 to $900.
  • Double-car garage door (16′ × 7′) will cost you between $650 t0 $3600.

Installation Cost Based On The Number Of Garage Doors

The more the door, the higher the cost of installation. The most affordable is usually the single garage door, followed by the double garage doors, while the custom garage door is the most expensive. A single door will cost you about $600 to $1500, while you will pay $800 to $3500 for a double door. A custom door will cost you more than $1000. 

Installation Cost Based On Garage Door Type

The types of garage doors available depend on how they open and close. Also, the overall cost of installation for a particular depends on the material and any additional hardware attached to the door. Below are some types of garage doors and their cost;

Sectional Garage Door

They are the most common types of garage doors, and the starting price is around $700. 

Single-Panel Garage Doors

This garage door slides up over the car when it opens. Single-panel garage doors are the most affordable, with a starting price of $400

Swing Out/ Sliding Garage Doors

A swing-out garage door includes two doors that open and close like a regular one, while a sliding door slides open and stays on the garage wall. Both doors are rare and costly. The starting price is around $1000. 

Roll-Up Garage Doors

The roll-up garage door slides above the garage entrance like a window blind. The starting price of the installation cost is around $650. 

Installation Cost Based On Material

The materials your garage door is made of affect the overall cost of installation; this is because some materials are more costly and rare than others. Also, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep this in mind as you shop for a garage door. 

Metal garage doors, like steel, cost between $450 to $1500 on average, while the installation cost of aluminum doors is around $2000 upward. However, metal doors dent easily. The installation cost for fiberglass and vinyl garage doors is about $800 to $2000, they are durable and require little maintenance, but they are not easy to customize. 

Composite garage doors cost you between $750 to $1600; they require low maintenance and don’t damage easily. Glass garage doors are best on aluminum or wooden frame doors but are very expensive. The installation cost of wood doors starts from $1000 upward. 

Installation Cost Based On Design

The design of a garage door refers to its appearance, and this is the part you can customize as you want. A highly customized garage door will cost you around $1000, while French or carriage doors will cost around $700. 

Lowe’s Garage Door Installation Cost

Lowe’s can help you with replacing and installing your garage door. Depending on the size, design, number of doors, and type of garage door, Lowe’s will charge $199 to $599 on average.

How Much Does A Barrage Door Cost To Replace

The cost of replacing a garage door depends on the size, type, number of doors, and design you want. The breakdown of the cost is listed above. 


The garage door is an important part of your home; they beautify and secure your apartment. Before you purchase a garage door, check the material used, the size, the type, and the number of doors. All these factors contribute to the overall cost and the functionality


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