How Much Does A Cabinet Door Cost

How Much Does A Cabinet Door Cost: As a homeowner, you should understand that the cabinet door can upgrade or downgrade your kitchen or entire closet space. If you don’t want to do a complete makeover of your kitchen, the next best option is to replace or install cabinet doors to improve the visual of that space. There are a lot of cabinet door styles and sizes in the market.

You can purchase stick-size kitchen cabinet doors, which are common in large box stores and cost around $60 to $200 per linear foot or a custom kitchen cabinet door. Custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinet doors are common in cabinet shops and online retailing shops. 

Semi-custom cabinet doors cost around $100 to $650, while a fully custom cabinet door cost as much as $500 to $1200 per linear foot. Note that the price above depends on the door size, style, and material you want. 


How Much Does A Cabinet Door Cost

Are Cabinet Doors Expensive ? If you are ready to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, replacing the doors only is a great way to save time and money. Getting New cabinet doors is less expensive than purchasing materials to construct a new one from scratch. 

How Much Does A Cabinet Door Cost
How Much Does A Cabinet Door Cost

Note that the price of the door is calculated based on the size, square foot, type of wood, door style, finishing, and whether you want new boring and hinges. But on average, cabinet doors are relatively inexpensive. 

Cabinet Door Types And Their Cost

There are three common types of cabinet doors, they are;

  • Full Overlay Cabinetry

Full overlay cabinetry always has the doors and drawer fronts almost covering up the cabinet face leaving as small as ¼” to ½” of the frame between the cabinets unit. This sustains a consistent look and reduces the extra gaps between both cabinet doors. The profile you are left with will provide a contemporary or transitional style. 

  • Partial Overlay Cabinetry

Partial overlay cabinetry is also known as standard overlay cabinet doors. The door will close the cabinet face frame parts and leave a large space. A partial overlay will leave up to 1″ to 2 between the units of the cabinet face frame. 

This style is less expensive since the doors and drawer fronts are smaller and do not require much material. Partial overlay type of cabinet doors is mostly for low-end constructions such as entry-level homes. 

  • Inset Cabinetry

The Inset cabinetry differs from the overlay cabinet doors in that the door and drawer fronts are installed inside the cabinet’s face frame openings. The inset cabinet door type is closely related to shaker, Craftsman, and Mission styles; it was the earliest and has been around for a long time. 

Inset cabinet door types are costly because of the labor cost required to install them, the hinges needed, and overlay styles. 

Cabinet Door Styles

The door style you select will determine the character of your kitchen. There are several options for you. They include;

  • Raised Panel Doors

For raised panel doors, the center panel matches the door frame thickness for raised panel doors, and it has been the most popular cabinet door style for more than 30 years. Raised panel door styles give a clear look at the profiles and contours of the door frame and center panel. It offers a versatile appearance that can improve traditional and transitional decors. 

  • Recessed Panel Doors

The recessed panel doors are the most suitable for transitional and contemporary looks, offer the best flexibility in design, and are the best in case you want to change your kitchen look anytime. Recessed panel doors are also known as flat panel door styles. They offer a cleaner and top-notch style than raised panel door style. 

  • Slab Doors

If you need a self-descriptive and versatile cabinet door type, the slab door is your best bet, a slab of wood will cover the entire drawer front. Some slab doors are made from hardwood staves, while some are made from engineered wood with a hardwood veneer, and edge-banded side edges cover. 

Slab door styles are suitable for contemporary and modern design. They don’t have a frame face. Instead, they are installed to the side of the cabinet. Some people consider the slab European style. 

  • Mullion Frame Doors

A mullion is a vertical or horizontal bar that divides door frames into parts. You can install glasses in the center panel; their profile meets the main door style. A mullion frame cabinet door is very attractive, especially for a kitchen, bookshelf, or buffet. 

  • Open Frame Doors

Open-frame doors do not have a center panel or mullion; people mostly request this style when they need a glass insert of ¼” thick material. Open-frame doors are best for decorative accent wall cabinets. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Cabinet Door

To install a cabinet door, the work starts with purchasing a new one. The cost of cabinet doors differed based on the size and type. You can choose raised panel doors and stain finishes if you want traditional styles. You should go for recessed panels and slab cabinet doors if you prefer modern styles. 

Before choosing a door type or style, check the measurement. The labor cost will affect the installation cost, and You can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional. If you want to do it yourself, you need to buy tape measure. 

Hiring a professional will cost you around $149 and $220. The process will involve new door measurement, old door cabinet removal (if there is any), and new door installation. 

DIY Cabinet Door Installation Cost And Procedure 

You should attempt to install cabinet doors yourself if you have experience doing that. Doing it yourself will save you some money, but it will only take some of your time. Note that the overall cost of a DIY cabinet door depends on the material you choose. You will only spend a little if you already have some materials.

Below are the procedures;

  • Remove the old doors 
  • Purchase and then measure the new doors
  • Purchase hinges, finishing products, and cleaning products 
  • Adjust door gaps
  • Installation of the new door

DIY cabinet doors are the cheapest, the cost per linear foot ranges from $1.8 to $6.5, and the price can increase if you choose a wooden material. You will spend close to $30 per cabinet door that you install. The hinges, finishing, and cleaning products are essential to the installation process. 


Several factors affect the cost of cabinet doors, size, style, materials, etc. All these factors also affect the overall cost of installation. However, cabinet doors are relatively inexpensive. You can install them yourself or hire a professional to help you with them.


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