How Many People Can Log Into Eufy Doorcam

How Many People Can Log Into Eufy Doorcam

For the sake of being alert and security conscious, it is often pertinent that all or selected household members are granted access to monitor the home through installed security devices like door cams. Now that you have installed your Eufy Doorcam, you are probably wondering how many people can log into Eufy Doorcam. 

The updated Eufy Security model allows a primary user to log into their Eufy door cam through their Eufy security account on two phones simultaneously. Also, the primary account to which the device was first added can grant access to other members and dictate the amount of access they are given.

Up to 20 people can log into a Eufy door cam simultaneously. This article will explain how you can add family and friends to your Eufy door cam and other Eufy security devices, how to create a Eufy security account, and how to add a Eufy device to your Eufy app. 

How Many People Can Log Into Eufy Doorcam


Does Eufy Doorbell Allow Multiple Users?

Yes, like with other Eufy security devices, you can share your Eufy doorbell with multiple users. However, only the primary account first linked to the doorbell can grant others access to a device. At this stage in Eufy security, you can connect a doorbell to five shared accounts.

For sharing to work, you must ensure that the new member has downloaded the Eufy Security app and signed up for an account with a valid email address. There are two approaches to inviting people to monitor/access your Eufy doorbell.

Approach 1: Share Home

Follow these steps to invite a person to monitor your doorbell using the “Share Home” approach:

  •  Log in to your Eufy Security app and click on the Side Menu
  • Click on “Share Management” 
  • Then select “Share Home.”
  • Fill in the valid email address linked to the person’s Eufy security account and click on the invite.

The person would instantly receive an invitation on his/her Eufy Security app. Once the person accepts the invite, he/she will have access to not just one but all the Eufy security devices in your home.

Approach 2: Share Device

Follow these steps to invite a person to monitor your doorbell:

  • Log in to your Eufy Security app and click on the Side Menu
  • Click on “Share Management”
  • Select “Share Device” and select “Invite.”
  • You will be prompted to choose if you want to make the invitee a guest or an Admin. Choose which suits you.
  • Select the associated device
  • Enter the email address of the invitee and submit

The invitee will receive a notification to accept the invitation on his/her Eufy Security app.

Can You Connect Two Phones To Eufy Doorbell? – How Many People Can Log Into Eufy Doorcam

Now that you have your Eufy doorbell installed, the question is if you can connect more than one phone to the Eufy doorbell. The answer is yes; you can connect two phones to your Eufy doorbell. You will need to connect your Eufy doorbell to your account on the two different phones to be able to operate the doorbell on the two devices. 

You could also grant someone with a Eufy account access to your Eufy doorbell. This option allows you to place the person on a certain administrative level and dictates the amount of access you want the person to have.  

Can You Have Eufy App On Two Phones?

Yes, you can have a Eufy security app on two phones and use them simultaneously. Before now, Eufy only permitted the use of one phone at a time. If you log in to a new phone, you will automatically be logged out on the previous one. However, this setting has been updated; you can have a Eufy app running on two phones simultaneously.

Once you have created your account, you can use the app simultaneously on the:

  • Two phones (whether Android or IOS)
  • One iPad (whether Android or IOS)
  • One Windows web portal and
  • One MacBook laptop. 

Once you have created your account, you can use the Eufy app by logging on to two phones, one iPad, and one laptop simultaneously.

Can You Have Multiple Eufy Cameras? – How Many People Can Log Into Eufy Doorcam

One of the reasons people love the Eufy system more than other brands is that they have the best cameras in the market and other additional features that you can use to create a unique security system for your home. Yes, you can have multiple Eufy cams to cover all areas of your home.

A single HomeBase can support 16 Eufy cams and 16 sensors. The number of cameras you can add to a HomeBase depends on its placement, internet connection strength, and the router’s location. If 16 cameras are not enough to cover your entire home, you can install an additional HomeBase to support more cameras.

How Do I Add A Family Member To Eufy?

Yes, you can add a family member to Eufy, but before we get started on the step to adding a member to your Eufy, please ensure that the following are in place first:

  • Ensure that the family member has downloaded the Eufy security app and created an account using his/her email address.
  • Ensure that you and the family member you want to grant access to at the point of sharing are in the same country. You must complete the process before leaving if you want to travel out. 

Now that all these are done, follow these steps to add a family member to Eufy device:

  1. Open your app and select the camera/doorbell to which you want to add your family member.
  2. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner and select; “Sharing Setting.”
  3. Select “Add Member” and input the email address of your family member’s newly created account. Then click “Send Invitation.”
  4. The person will instantly receive a notification of an invite on his/her Eufy Security app. The person will need to accept the invitation to gain access.

Can I Have 2 Eufy HomeBase?

Yes, you can have two or more Eufy HomeBase in your home. People install an additional HomeBase if they have different devices. A single HomeBase can support 16 cameras and 34 sensors. If you need other Eufy security devices, you can get another Eufy HomeBase to support the new devices.

 Also, suppose the location of your HomeBase or the distance between the HomeBase and some devices does not allow an optimal connection; in that case, you can get a new HomeBase to cover that area of the house and control both HomeBases from the same Eufy security account.

Please note you can control two HomeBases from one Eufy Security account, but you cannot link two Eufy HomeBases; each will operate individually with its connected devices.

How Do I Create A Eufy Security Account?

Eufy doorbells, cameras, and other Eufy Security devices require you to have an account to access notifications, footage, and real-time motion. Here are the steps you need to take to sign up for a Eufy Security account:

Step 1: Download The App

Download the Eufy Security app on the Apple Store or Play Store.  

Step 2: Create Your Account

After downloading the app and opening it, you will be asked to log in. Since you do not have a previous account, click “Sign Up” in the lower right corner. Enter your preferred email address correctly. Create an 8 – 20-character password. A strong password should contain at least of the following:

  • An uppercase letter (A, B, C)
  • A lowercase letter (a,b,c)
  • A number (1,2,3)
  • A special character (/?@*^%|\ etc.)

You can also opt to receive news and product updates. Click “Sign Up”

Step 3: Verify Your Account

You will see a pop-up notification that says: “A verification email has been sent to your mailbox; check your junk folder if you see it. Please verify your mail before logging in”. Simply click “Open Mailbox” or go to your email app.

On the verification mail shown, copy the verification code, then click on the link to enter the verification code to verify your account.

The link will redirect you to a code entry screen, and input the verification code. You will be prompted to join the forum; click “Join Now” or “Maybe Later.” Submit the code and go back to the Eufy Security app.

Step 4: Login

On the Eufy Security App, enter your email address and password to log in. After failing five attempts to enter the correct password, logging in will be disabled for five minutes. So get it right.

Step 5: Main Screen

You will be prompted to choose your region. After which, you can start adding devices; simply click “Add Device” to begin.

Can You View Eufy Camera On Your Phone?

You can view your Eufy Camera and other devices on your phone. All you need to do is download the Eufy Security app from the Google Play store or the Apple Store and then sign up for an account. Once this is done and your account is verified, you can log in and add devices. You can view all connected Eufy Cameras on your phone in real time.

How Many Phones Can You Connect To Eufy Doorbell?

Yes, you can connect a Eufy doorbell to multiple phones. You can log in to your account on two different phones and monitor your doorbell simultaneously on this phone. You can also grant five shared members access to your Eufy doorbell either as a guest or as an admin.

Both the primary account and the accounts of the shared members can connect to and monitor the Eufy doorbell simultaneously. 

How Do I Add A Device To My Eufy App?

Follow these steps to add a device to your Eufy App successfully:

  • Download the Eufy Security app and create an account. The steps to take to create an account have been given above.
  • Log in to your account on the app, click “Add Device,” and select the device you want to add.
  • Plug the device into a power outlet and wait to see that the LED light shows blue.
  • Scan the QR code on the device and hold down the SYNC button on the device until the blue LED light starts flashing.
  • The camera will connect to your phone. Turn on your BlueTooth. If it was not on.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network you will connect to and input your password. 
  • Connect the device to your Wi-Fi network, and your device will be automatically added to your Eufy app.
  • Then, create a name for the added device.

How Many Cameras Can I Add To Eufy?

A Eufy Security starter kit usually comes with a home base, a keypad, two entry sensors, two cameras, and a motion sensor. For most people, this provides enough security for their homes. In addition to the two cameras provided with the Eufy primary product, you can add 14 cameras to a single HomeBase.

In total, one Eufy HomeBase can support 16 cameras. 

If you have a large home and need more than 16 cameras, experts advise that you get a second Eufy HomeBase to support additional cameras to cover all areas of your home. Although more cameras mean extra cost, it will ensure your desired security.

How Far Can Eufy Camera Be From HomeBase?

The Eufy HomeBase acts as a Wi-Fi repeater. It connects directly to the Wi-Fi Router and creates its network. You should place your Eufy camera within 30 feet of the HomeBase to achieve a strong connection. The range depends on the walls’ thickness and obstacles between the device and the HomeBase.

Check the distance between the router and the HomeBase if you notice a poor signal. You could also take the HomeBase closer to the camera or eliminate obstacles between the device and the HomeBase.

However, using a Wi-Fi extender, you place your camera at a distance of up to 300ft from the HomeBase. For the extender to work optimally, put the extender between the router and the HomeBase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Connect More Than One Phone To The Same Camera?

Yes, you can connect two phones to the same Eufy camera. To do this, you will need to open your account on two different phones as you can do this and would not be logged out on one. You can also grant access to another person with a Eufy Security account. The “share setting” would allow you and the other member access to the same camera and other connected devices.

How Many Devices Can Eufy Connect?

There is no limit to the number of devices Eufy Security apps can connect. However, there is a limit to the number of devices connected to one Eufy HomeBase. A Eufy HomeBase can support 16 cameras and 34 sensors.

Does Eufy Work On iPhone?

Yes, Eufy works on not just Android but also IOS devices. The Eufy Security app is compatible with and runs on Android and IOS devices. You can download the app from the Apple store. Once you download the app and sign up for an account, you can control and monitor all connected Eufy devices. You can use a Eufy account on your iPad and MacBook laptop.

How Many Devices Can I Add To Eufy HomeBase 2?

A Single Eufy HomeBase 2 can support 16 cameras and 16 sensors. So you can add up to 16 cameras to your HomeBase 2. However, the number of devices you can add for optimal connection should depend on the placement of the HomeBase, the internet connection, and the router’s position or Wi-Fi’s position.

How Far Can Eufy Camera Be From WiFi?

The distance between the Eufy Camera and the WiFi Router should not be a concern, as a Eufy camera is not directly connected to the Wi-Fi Router but to the HomeBase. You should be more concerned about the distance left between the HomeBase and your WiFi Router, as the HomeBase is directly connected to the WiFi and cannot function without it. You should place your router within 50 feet of the HomeBase for best results.

Does Eufy Cam Connect To WiFi Or HomeBase?

Eufy Cam is not directly connected to the Wi-Fi Router. The HomeBase is directly connected to the Wi-Fi Router via an ethernet cable. Therefore, the HomeBase acts as the Camera’s router.


Eufy door cam is one of the most popular front door cameras, and its main purpose is to maintain security and monitor who is in the front door. For efficient security, giving some members of the family access to the door cam is essential. This article explains How Many People Can Log Into Eufy Doorcam and how to give them access. 

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