How High to Hang Curtain Rod Above Sliding Door? 3 best Steps

How High to Hang Curtain Rod Above Sliding Door? When you think of how high to hang the curtain rod above the sliding door, choosing the right curtain can help you strike a balance between style and class while beautifying the door and allowing for easy operation.


How High to Hang Curtain Rod Above Sliding Door
How High to Hang Curtain Rod Above Sliding Door

The height at which you hang your curtain rod above a sliding door mostly depends on door size. Generally, it is recommended to mount the curtain rod at least 4 to 6 inches above the top frame of the sliding door. This placement allows the curtains to hang freely without obstructing the door’s movement. 

Asides from the height, there are other things to consider when you want to hang a curtain rod above the sliding door, and in this article, we’ve talked about that in detail. So, let’s dive in. 


Can You Put Curtains Over A Sliding Door?

Yes, you can put curtains over a sliding door. When it comes to sliding doors, you have a few options for covering them with curtains. The first option is to install a curtain rod above the door frame. This allows you to hang curtains that can be opened and closed, just like you would with a regular window. 

Another option is to use a traverse rod specifically designed for sliding doors. A traverse rod allows you to open and close the curtains by pulling on a cord. This is a convenient option, especially if you frequently use the sliding door and want easy access.

If you have limited space, you can consider installing a track system. A track system allows the curtains to slide back and forth effortlessly along a track mounted on the ceiling. This is a sleek and modern solution that doesn’t require a lot of space around the door.

Lastly, don’t forget to take measurements before purchasing curtains. Measure the width and height of the sliding door to ensure you get the right size. It’s also a good idea to consider the amount of space needed for the curtains to stack when open, especially if you choose thick or fabric curtains.
How High to Hang Curtain Rod Above Sliding Door

How High Should a Curtain Rod Hang Above Sliding Door?

The curtain rod for a sliding door should be hung approximately 4 to 6 inches above the door frame. This height gives room for the curtains panels not to affect the door from opening and closing freely. However, you can make adjustments according to how you want it, but ensure it isn’t too below standard. 

Placing the curtain rod several inches above the sliding door will reduce the chances of the curtain getting in the way of the door’s movement. You can easily open and close the sliding door without any interference by leaving ample space between the curtain rod and the door frame.

A higher curtain rod also creates an illusion of height, making the room appear more spacious and grand. By extending the curtains from ceiling to floor, the vertical lines draw the eye upward, giving the impression of lofty ceilings. This design technique is particularly effective in rooms with low ceilings.

Another factor to consider is the type of curtains you plan to install. If you opt for curtains with grommets or rod pockets, leave enough space above the door to accommodate these attachments. The curtain rod should be positioned higher to ensure the fabric hangs naturally and the curtain rings or hooks glide smoothly along the rod.

How Wide Should Curtain Rod Be For Sliding Glass Door?

Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors_
How High to Hang Curtain Rod Above Sliding Door

When it comes to curtain rods for sliding glass doors, you want to ensure they are wide enough to cover the entire span of the door while allowing the curtains to open and close freely. Firstly, measure the width of your sliding glass door. These doors are quite wide and usually range from around 60 to 72 inches.

As a general rule, you should aim for a curtain rod that is 20 to 30% wider than the width of the sliding glass door. This extra width ensures that when the curtains are fully drawn to the sides, they won’t block any portion of the door or prevent you from going in and out freely.

For example, if your sliding glass door is 60 inches wide, you’ll want a curtain rod that is approximately 72 to 78 inches wide. This extra width allows the curtains to stack neatly to the sides when open, providing full access to the door.

Also, you need to consider the weight of the curtains you plan to hang on the sliding door. If you have heavy or thick curtains, you might need a sturdier curtain rod that can support the weight without sagging in the middle.

Where Do You Hang Curtain Rod On A Sliding Door?

When it comes to hanging curtain rods on a sliding door, selecting the right location for your curtain rod ensures that your curtains not only enhance the privacy and light control of the room but also complement the decor. So, determining the placement of very important. 

Before installing the curtain rod, you need to determine the placement by ensuring that no obstructions are there to interfere with the smooth opening and closing of the sliding door. To do this, remove any protruding handles, knobs, or locks that might obstruct the curtain panels.

  • Above the Sliding Door Frame: One common approach is to hang the curtain rod above the sliding door frame. This placement allows for unobstructed movement of the curtains when opening and closing the door. To fix the curtain rod, measure the width of the sliding door and extend the curtain rod slightly beyond its frame to create a balance.
  • Extending Beyond the Door Frame: This technique enhances the visual width of the door and allows for a wider curtain panel. But while at it, ensure that the extended curtain rod doesn’t obstruct the door’s functionality or cause any inconvenience.
  • Ceiling-Mounted Options: In some cases, ceiling-mounted curtain rods can be an excellent choice for sliding doors. This method offers a clean and modern look, especially if you have high ceilings.

To hang the curtain from the ceiling, measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor. 

  • Double Rods for Layered Curtains: some curtains are double-layered and usually require double rods to hang on a sliding door. To get the best result, hang the lightweight curtains on one rod closer to the sliding door and heavier or decorative curtains on the other that are not too close.

How Do You Measure A Curtain Rod For A Sliding Glass Door? Step-by-Step Process

Measuring a curtain rod may seem like a difficult task, but it’s actually quite simple. All you’ll need is a measuring tape, a pen or pencil, and a piece of paper to jot down your measurements. 

Step One: Determine The Width Of Your Sliding Glass Door

Measure the distance between the two edges of the door frame. Ensure to measure from the outermost points where the curtain rod will be mounted. Note down this measurement as the width.

Step Two: The Height

Measure from the top edge of the door frame down to the desired length where you want the curtains to hang. Keep in mind that you may want to add a few extra inches to allow the curtains to fall gracefully and cover the entire door. Jot down this measurement as the height.

Step Three: Decide On The Curtain Rod

Now that you have the width and height measurements, it’s time to decide on the curtain rod length. The curtain rod should be slightly wider than the width of the sliding glass door to allow the curtains to cover the opening when closed fully. 

Once you have decided on the measurements for your curtain rod, it’s a good idea to double-check everything before buying. Remember, it’s always better to measure twice and buy once to avoid any hassle later on.

How High to Hang Curtain Rod Above Sliding Door : Conclusion

When deciding how high to hang a curtain rod above a sliding door, consider the door’s size, your curtain length, and the type of curtains you plan to use. Always aim for a height of 4 to 6 inches above the top frame of the door to avoid fitting problems later. You can fix the curtain by way of DIY. however, if you feel it’s too stressful for you, contact a professional to help you fix it. 


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