How Can I Get My Hinge Pin Out Of The Refrigerator Door

How Can I Get My Hinge Pin Out Of The Refrigerator Door?

House doors are not the only doors using hinges. Your refrigerator doors have hinges that allow the door to swing open and close as you access the insides. Often, the hinge pin might be a tad difficult to access. When this happens, how can I get my hinge pin out of the refrigerator door? 

You can get the hinge pin out of the refrigerator door with the help of a screwdriver and a hammer. Since the refrigerator door hinge working mechanism is similar to the conventional hinge, a little tap on the pin will dislodge it so you can pull it out. 

There are a variety of hinges for the refrigerator door. But they all have a pin that holds the entrance to the body of the refrigerator. Sometimes this pin has a screw head for easy removal. Whichever is the case, this article will explain how you can get the hinge pin out of your refrigerator door. 


How To Remove Hinge Pin Out Of The Refrigerator Door 

Hinges play a movement role in refrigerators, unlike in house doors, where they also play a weight support role. This role affects the mechanism and physical appearance of a refrigerator hinge. They are built for more fluid mobility than for sturdiness. The hinge pin is an essential component of the device. 

Depending on the hinge pin type, you can remove your refrigerator pin using different methods. You must identify the pin head type and follow any of the steps below so long as it is your hinge pin type. Follow these steps to get the hinge pin out of your refrigerator door;

  • Gather Your Tools 

You will need tools to remove the hinge pin, and you can get them at any hardware store. These tools include a screwdriver, hammer, wedge, nail or nail set, and a hinge pin popper or tool. A hinge pin remover is a tool designed explicitly for hinge pin removal. 

How Can I Get My Hinge Pin Out Of The Refrigerator Door

  • Open The Door 

Open your refrigerator door and keep it stationary. You might need support from a friend to hold the door in position, but some refrigerator door sizes can stand static in a fixed place. Remember that removing the hinge pin will cause the door to buckle. So, get someone to assist you. 

  • Cut Away The Hinge Layers 

Some refrigerators have their hinges under layers of paint or plastic. Others have a plastic covering to protect the hinges from the water effect from the fridge. Remove the layer coverings to access the hinge pin. You can use a knife to cut the paint layers carefully. 

While cutting, be careful to expose only the hinge pin area. Refrigerators with plastic covers are more accessible because you only have to slide the body out of place to access the hinge pin. 

  • Tap The Hinge Pin Out

Now that you can access the pinhead, the next step is to tap or screw the pin out. Hinge pins are stuck inside the hinge mechanism and need a little coercion to come out. Place the pin popper, screwdriver, or nail on the pin head and give a gentle hit with your hammer. 

Your taps will dislodge the pin and push it upwards till it drops, or you can pull it out. Do not tap very hard, or else you might damage your hinges. Be careful not to injure your fingers or scrape your refrigerator. 


Tips To Observe When Removing Refrigerator Door Pin Hinges 

  • Be sure that your door has good support while open. You do not want the door falling off and damaging when the hinge pin is off. 
  • Keep your hammer tapping very light and precise. Refrigerator hinges are more brittle than house door hinge pins. Hard hitting will destroy the hinge and its pins. 
  • Keep an eye out to identify where each pin falls. Hinge pins are small and easy to misplace. Please keep them in one spot upon removal. If you cannot, mentally note the dropping sites and gather them after removal. 
  • Ensure your fingers are not on the same line as the hammer falls. You can sustain nerve-damaging injuries from hammer hits. 
  • Ensure your hitting is precise and soft to avoid damaging your door jamb or frame.  



Getting out refrigerator door hinge pins is a simple task. However, it requires caution. With the right tools, you might protect yourself and your refrigerator. It is best to get and use the appropriate tools for this task because we have explained your question; how can I get the hinges pin out of the refrigerator door? 

Some refrigerator hinge pins have paint protective layers, while others have plastic. So, you have to peel off the protective coatings to get to the prize. If you are careful, you will succeed without any damage done. But, if you need more clarification, seek a handyperson or call your refrigerator support center.

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