How To Fix A Door That Will Not Stay Open: Quick Tips

When you open your door, you will expect it to stay open, but if you open it and it refuses to stay open, you will likely become worried and begin to think of how to fix a door that will not stay open.

If your door does not remain open, the problem is because it has become old or the pintles are loose. You can easily use an object to block the edge of the door to make it stay open, but then you need a more permanent solution to the problem which i have covered.

I have outlined everything you need to know about fixing your door in this article. Make sure you read to the end.


What Makes A Door Not to Remain Open?

If you notice a gap at the top or side of the frame, it shows that the pintle is loose, which can cause your door to not stay open. If you check the pintle and it is not loose, another problem to look out for is a broken or weak door frame, although fixing it will need the services of a professional carpenter.

To fix the gap at your door’s top or side frame, use a screwdriver to unscrew the hinges pin. Readjust the door and screw the pin back into the hinges hole.

How Do You Repair A Door That Will Not Stay Open?

Even if a professional carpenter fixed your door, it would become old and weak as the year passes. Once that happens, you will notice that the door will no longer be balanced. To fix this problem, you have to first work on the pintles by following the steps below carefully.

Step 1: Remove The Grease On The Door Pintles

Removing the grease will increase the pressure on the door and stop it from moving back and forth. To remove the grease on the door pintles:

  • Use a hammer to remove the pintle pins and soak them in soapy water to remove the oil. Once done, lubricate the door pintles and dry. If this does not fix it, try out the next step.
fix a door that will not stay open

Step 2: Tighten The Door Pintles

Loose pintles are the main reason your door will not stay open. Over time, the pintle pinhole gets bigger and makes the pintle lose. To tighten the door pintles, use a pintle pin driver to;

  • Lose the pintle pin.
  • Put toothpicks or matchsticks into the pintle pin hole.
  • Drive the pintle pin into the hole, then tighten it.

Step 3: Bend The Door Pintle Pins

Sometimes, making the pintle pins bend is all you need to put that stubborn door in the right place. To bend the pintle pins:

  • Use a hammer to knock out the pintle pin(s).
  • Place the pintle pin on a flat surface like a vice.
  • Hit the pintle pin(s) at the center to flatten it and increase its resistance.
  • Replace the pintle pin in the door pintle knuckle.
  • Drive it in with a hammer to make it firm.

Another way you can fix a door that will not stay open is to find a flat wood that can support the pintle to make the door balance. When you get the flat piece of wood, place it between the pintle hook and the door frame, the screw in the pin to make it tight.

How Do You Shim A Door That Does Not Stay Open?

To shim the door, you first need to keep the door in an open position, then loosen the pintle pins on the pintle. Once you have done that, place it in the space between the pintle and door frame, then tighten the pintle pins.

Using a flat piece of wood, cardboard, or metal to support the door pintle is called shimming a door. A shim is a flat object made from either a small wood, metal, or card paper. 

For this process, we recommend that you use only a shim made of metal or steel because cardboard and card paper will break easily.

What Holds A Door Open?

A well-fixed hinges hook and a balanced door frame holds a door open. Another thing that keeps the door open is a door stopper or wedge. If your door refuses to stay open, remove the hinges pin and readjust the door, then tighten the pins.

How Do You Fix a Door That Consistently Swings Open?

When a door consistently swings open, the issue is that the pintle is bent. To fix this;

  • First, check how the door closes. If it closes and there is still a gap at the bottom of the frame, it means that the lower hole on the pintle has a protruding pin or that the pintle is bent.
  • Once you know the problem, loosen the pintle pins on the pintle and take it out.
  • Use a hammer to straighten the bent pintle, then place a shim on the surface where the pintle lies and put it back into its position before you begin to tighten the pintle pins.
  • Finally, test your door.

How Do I Stop My Interior Door From Closing by Itself?

The reason your interior door closes by itself is that the frame is off plumb. Although fixing the frame is not easy and will require the services of a professional carpenter, there are other ways you can stop the door from closing by itself. 

First, remove one of the pintle pins and bend it with a hammer, then put it back into the pintle hole and fix it to the door. The bent pin will increase the pressure on the joining of the pintle and stop the door from closing by itself. 

Apart from bending the pintle pin, you can also stop your door from closing by itself with a stopper. Door stoppers come in different forms. It can be a stone or a heavy chair that is placed by the edge of the door to make it remain open.

Why Does My Door Keep Closing by Itself?

Naturally, wind can make your door close by itself, but once there’s no wind and your door closes by itself, you will wonder why. The pintles on your door support the door to stay open or closed. So, when the door keeps closing on its own, it is necessary to check if the pintles are well fixed.

If your door still closes by itself and the issue is not a loose pintle pin, another reason could be that the frame does not balance with the door. To fix the unbalanced door frame will require that you seek the help of a professional carpenter to help you replace it.

How Do You Use A Sock to Make A Door Lock?

Locking your door with a sock is one of the hacks you can quickly try out when your door starts to malfunction. All you have to do is to get a thick sock and fold it into shape to make it act as a wedge for the door.

Next, place the sock by the edge of the door and gently pull the handle towards yourself while still holding the sock till the door closes. To open the door, you will have to also hold the handle and the socks at the same time, then push it open.

Why Does My Door Keep Closing by Itself?

If your door suddenly begins to close by itself, the problem is that the door frame is weak and no longer balances with the door. If it is a wooden door, it is broken, or an insect has eaten deep into the wooden frame so much that the door begins to crack and lose its balance.

When this happens, you must replace the door frame, and this can be done by a professional carpenter.

If it is a metal door, the reason it keeps closing by itself could be that the hook of the hinge is bent. To fix this, you have to replace it with a new hinge. You can easily buy a new hinge hook and pin on Amazon.

How Do You Make A Door Stay Open?

To make your door stay open is not a difficult task as it can be done easily with the following steps;

  1. Carefully examine the door pintles and fix any noticeable issues. Check if the pintles balance with the frame.
  2. Replace the door frame if it is faulty.
  3. If you try to close the door and notice that the latch is not well fixed, it will be that the latch hole is too large or small. So, you must set it by creating an extra hole or sealing the extra hole to make it smaller for the latch to fit in.
  4. Check if the pintle pin needs bending and do it accordingly.
  5. Use a door stopper or wedge.

What Do You Do if Your Door Won’t Stay Open?

When your door refuses to stay open, you have to check the pintle pin to see if it is coated with too much grease because excess oil on the pintles of a door will make it stay unopened. If the pintle pin is too oily, unscrew it out from the pintle and soak in warm soapy water for about five minutes.

After that, wash it, dry, and oil again to prevent it from rusting.

If your door refuses to stay open and the pintles are still in good condition, check if the door is off plumb. If the door is off plumb, it means the frames are loose. Replacing them will require the services of a professional carpenter.

How Do You Fix a Hinged Door That Will Not Stay Open?

Before you begin the process, you have to place a stopper by the edge of the opened door so that it will not close on its own while you are working on it. 

To fix a hinged door that cannot stay open, you will need the tools listed below;

  • Hammer.
  • Nai(this depends on the size of the hole in your pintle).
  • Pintle pin driver.
  • Metal Shim.

Step 1:

  • Remove the old pintle pin with a screwdriver by loosening it completely.

Step 2:

  • Make the pintle pin bend slightly by hitting it with the hammer. The bent pin will add pressure to the pintle and help keep the door in place.
  • Place the bent pin back into the hole on the pintle and fix it back into the wall with the hammer. 

Removing the pintle or fixing it back is not a difficult task, but if it gives you a tough time, apply a small lubricant on one side of the pintle before placing it back on its spot.

Finding yourself in a situation where you always have to reach out to hold your door after opening to prevent it from bouncing loudly against the wall can be frustrating, and soon, you will begin to look for a solution or ways to buy a new door. 

While it is easy to buy a new door or use an object to block the edge of the door to make it stay open, it is safer to try and fix the pintles as quickly as possible. This will not only serve as a permanent solution, but it will also help you know if the problem with your door requires a door replacement.

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