Can A Fiberglass Door Be Painted

Can A Fiberglass Door Be Painted: Quick Tips

If you want to fix a new fiberglass door in your house, it is easy because you will buy a finished product. But, when it comes to renovating the old one, you will begin to ask so many questions. One of the questions will likely be, “Can a Fiberglass Door be painted”?

You can paint a fiberglass door. But then, you should ensure that you choose the right type of paint. Fiberglass doors are very durable and stylish. They can also resist the damaging effects of the weather.

For this reason, you will expect them to last for as long as you want them. But over time, it will look worn out and require painting. However, when you want to paint your fiberglass door, you do not just buy any paint and start painting. The reason is that there are other factors you will need to consider. Want to discover the factors? Let me tell you more about it.


Should Fiberglass doors be Painted?

Yes! You should paint your fiberglass doors because although the materials used in manufacturing fiberglass doors have smooth textures, painting them is necessary. Painting and staining take the same process of applying color to your door.

However, when it comes to fiberglass doors, painting is the perfect touch you can add to your fiberglass door. Fiberglass doors can be smooth or textured. If the surface of your fiberglass has a smooth texture, it would require painting. If the fiberglass has a rough texture, you will stain it.

fiberglass door be painted

Can You Paint Directly Over Fiberglass?

In my experience, using paint directly over a fiberglass door is a frustrating task. The reason is that it will not give you the exact texture and smoothness you need. Here is how it works:

Preparing your fiberglass doors by cleaning and priming before painting is the best option. The reason is that the primer will make the painting smooth and last longer.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Fiberglass Door?

The best type of paint you can use on a fiberglass door is acrylic paint because it has chemicals that help the fiberglass door stay strong. The other types of paint that work best for a fiberglass door are known as polyester and polyurethane.

However, you should know that oil-based paints are not best for fiberglass doors because the oily contents can damage the door.

Acrylic paints are the top paint for painting fiberglass doors because they contain a small percentage of chemicals which is not strong enough to make the door begin to peel and get damaged.

How Do You Prepare a Fiberglass Door For Painting?

Before you paint a fiberglass door, prepare it to make the painting process easy. In preparing the fiberglass door, below are the steps you need to follow;

1. Choose The Best Paint

There are three types of paints that are suitable for fiberglass doors. They include high gloss, regular, and low gloss. Each painting has its function, and if you want to make your fiberglass door stand out, you should use high gloss paint.

2. Remove The Door And The Parts

Removing a door is easy. You only need to remove the hinge pin using a hammer. Once you remove the hinge pin, the door will lose.

3. Prime Your Fiberglass Door

Priming your door helps to provide a bond that will help make the paint on the door last longer. Before you prime the door, remove it and lay it flat, then remove all the hardware on the door, like the knob or handle. Use a brush to remove stains, wash it with a mild bleach solution, and rinse with warm water. 

After washing, allow the door to dry for some minutes before wiping the surface off with a piece of cloth. When your door is completely dry, cover the surface of all areas that surround the door and the glass windows on the door. Then, put a paintbrush into the container filled with primer, use it to prime your fiberglass door, and allow it to dry for some minutes.

How To Paint A Fiberglass Door? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Painting a fiberglass door is not as difficult as it seems. It is a task you can carry out on your own without needing the services of a professional painter. Before you begin to paint your fiberglass door, you must have first primed the door.

Here are the tools you will need to paint a fiberglass door;

  1. A brush with soft bristles
  2. A synthetic paintbrush
  3. A dry piece of cloth
  4. An old newspaper

When you have gotten the required tools, here is a simple step-by-step guide to follow;

  1. Use sandpaper and sand the surface very well to remove any excess primer coating.
  2. You can decide to use a paint spray, but if it is not available, a synthetic paintbrush will also work well. 
  3. Stir your paint very well before you begin to apply the paint to the surface of the door. You can even decide to turn it into a larger container so you can stir it well.
  4. Begin to apply the paint, but please note that the first layer should be light while the second should be thick.
  5. Once that is done, allow your fiberglass door to dry completely. The drying process can take up to one to two hours, but please ensure that you do not dry the door under direct sunlight, as that can peel off the paint.

Do You Need To Prime Fiberglass Before Painting?

Yes, you must prime your fiberglass door before painting. However, you do not use just any kind of primer. To make the paint on your fiberglass door last longer, you need to prep the door by priming it with a primer that can bond.

This process will not only make the painting smooth but will also help keep the painting solid on the door for a long time.

The best type of primer you can use on your fiberglass door is a primer that can bond. These types of primers come in two forms: water-based and oil-based. While the water-based dry fast, the oil-based tends to dry a bit slower.

Can You Paint Over the Gel Stain on the Fiberglass Door?

If there is a gel stain on your fiberglass door, you can still paint the door without scrapping the gel out. But before you do that, you must prime the door. To apply paint over the gel stain on your fiberglass door, follow these steps

  • Take a paint roller and put it into the primer.
  • Roll it over the surface where the gel stains.
  • Repeat the process twice and allow the primer to dry.
  • Once that surface is dry, you can now paint.

How Do You Strip And Refinish a Fiberglass Door?

When you want to repaint a fiberglass door, stripping and refinishing are often necessary. To do this, you will need a chemical chloride or caustic-based stripper. However, you should note that when you apply the chemical stripper to the door, you do not allow it to stay for long so that it will not damage the door.

To strip your fiberglass door;

  • First, apply the stripping agent to the surface of the door.
  • Use a brush to coat it around the surface you want to strip.
  • Use a dry cloth to clean it gently.
  • After you have stripped the whole surface, gently wipe the door and primer it before you begin to paint. 

Are Smooth Fiberglass Doors Paintable?

Yes, your fiberglass is still paintable even though they are smooth. Naturally, fiberglass doors have very smooth surfaces, but the painting not only makes them attractive but also makes them last longer.

Conclusion on Can A Fiberglass Door Be Painted?

Can A Fiberglass Door Be Painted? New or freshly painted doors are attractive as they make your house look as good as new. But whether you want to repaint an old or new door, you can do it yourself without stress.

With a well-detailed guide like the simple steps in this article, your door can get a fresh and new look. Painting your fiberglass door will not only make it look attractive but also help you maintain the door and make it last for as long as you want.

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