Why Does My Door Make A Popping Noise (how to fix it)

Have you ever heard a loud popping sound and realized it came from your door? That sound can be disturbing, especially when you hear it for the first time. It is easy to assume that your door is ruined, but that is not the case. So, why does my door make a popping noise, and how do I fix it? 

Your door is making a popping sound due to either too many paint layers on the door and its frame, a heat expansion effect on the door, or damaged hinges. Any of these can cause your door to make a loud popping noise. However, you do not need to replace it. You can fix it. 

Popping sounds from your door are not cause for alarm. You only need to replace the door if it is beyond repair. But, to fix the problem, you need to determine the source of the popping noise. This article will guide you through discovering why your door is making such noises and how to fix it. 


Why Does Door Makes Popping Noise When Opening? 

Door-popping noises can be the result of several reasons. To determine the exact cause of the sound you hear, ask yourself, “Have you done any recent painting on the door?” “Is your door exposed to excessive sun or other heat sources?” “When did you change your door hinges last?” 

The answer to these questions will determine why your door is making a popping noise. You do not have to fret. The solution to the sound emanating is quite simple. Doors make popping sounds due to any of the following reasons; 

  • Changes In Temperature Or Humidity

If your door is made of wood, changes in temperature or humidity can cause the wood to expand or contract, resulting in popping or creaking sounds. However, some door materials have better heat reactions than others. You can determine if the popping sound is due to heat by checking for ample space between the door and the frame. 

A door in its prime should fit and align correctly with the door frame. If you can squeeze a finger into the hole between the door and the structure, assume that the door frame is expanding or the door is shrinking. 

  • Loose Or Worn Hinges

If the hinges on your door are loose or worn, they may make sounds when opened or closed. This sound occurs because the door is not correctly aligned with the frame. There is sudden pressure, causing a buildup and release.

Worn door hinges are rusty, brownish, and tired. Check all your door hinges for signs of loose screws, pins, or breakage. Suppose you find damage. That might be causing the popping sound you hear. 


  • Uneven Settling

Over time, a house can settle unevenly, causing doors and other elements to shift and make noise. This can be especially true in older homes. Unsettling conditions can be caused by old age, inferior materials, landslides, and minor earthquakes. The house can shake out of place. 

You can see signs of your house’s unsettling nature on the wall. The walls might be cracking, the door frame might be shifting out of position, and the paint might be peeling off. An unsettling house is a potential disaster waiting to happen. 

  • Warped Door Frame

If the frame around your door has become warped, it can cause the door to fit improperly and make popping noises when opened or closed. A wrapped door frame is obvious. You can see the wood twisting out of shape. 

Wrapped door frames are not sturdy and will not hold your door load firmly. The door’s weight on the frame causes the popping sound—the frame groans under its weight. 

  • Structural Issues

Sometimes, popping noises indoors can indicate more serious structural issues in a house. If you suspect this might be the case, having a professional inspect your home is essential.

  • Layered Paintwork

Too much paint on a door can cause the door to make a popping sound after drying. The thickness of the paint inhibits the door’s ability to expand during  hot weather. 

As it struggles to expand, the dry paintwork starts to crack with a loud popping sound. The cackling of overpainted surfaces or thick layers of door paint makes a popping sound. Check if your door has had some painting in the past or if you have had lousy painting work on the door. 

These are some possible explanations for why your door might be making a popping noise. If you are still trying to understand why the sound is happening, consult a professional to help identify the cause. 

Why do houses make popping and cracking noises?

Source: YouTube.

How To Fix Door Popping Noise

Several things, such as loose hinges, a misaligned door, or worn-out parts, can cause a door to pop. However, these are manageable problems. Here are some steps you can take to fix the problem:

Why Does My Door Make A Popping Noise (how to fix it)

1. Tighten The Screws

If the source of the popping sound is worn-out hinges, you should check the screws on the hinges to ensure they are tight. Use a screwdriver to tighten any loose screws. Replace all hinges that are rusty and corroded. Always apply lubricants to your door hinges to ensure smooth door movement. 

2. Adjust The Door

 A misaligned door can also cause popping noises. Use a level to check if the door is level. Adjust the hinges by loosening the screws and moving the hinge slightly if it is not level. Then, tighten the screws.

If the door frame is wrapped, you have to replace the door frame entirely. A wrapped door frame lacks the strength to hold your door. Replace all worn-out areas of the door and its accessories. 

3. Sanding 

Suppose your door has heavy paint layers. You have to sand the door properly. The idea is to reduce the thick layering on the door and give it breathing space. You will need sandpaper, glasses, and a nose mask. 

Start by using rough sandpaper to remove the upper layers of the paint. Then, use a smoother one to smooth the door surface, being careful not to go too deep and eat into the door material—work from top to bottom. 

After sanding the door, repaint it, but this time with a good door paint of very light viscosity. Apply the door paint with a brush or roller, using brush strokes. Only apply up to two coatings. Remember, you just went through the sanding process due to the painting overlay. 

Following these steps, you can fix the popping noise and ensure your door functions properly. Any of these processes will fix your popping sound. If they do not work, then it is time to call in a professional. The professional will check your door and recommend the best way to fix the problem. 


Determining the source of the noise is the key to finding out why your door is making a popping sound. It could be the painting work on the door hinges, the wrapped door frame, or structural issues. Whatever the reason, a thorough inspection will weed it out. 

You can fix a door that makes a popping sound by fixing the causative factor or by replacing the door. Suppose you do not trust your ability to determine and fix what is wrong. Consider calling a professional. However, this article has exhausted the answer to your question, “Why does my door make a popping noise?”  


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