How To Remove Door Knob Without Screws Kwikset (3ways)

Recent and expensive doorknobs, especially the Kwikset brand, now boast the absence of screws. A first glance at these doorknobs will leave you baffled about how the knob holds its mechanism onto the door. The lack of any visible screw always succeeds in triggering the question of how to remove door knob without screws: Kwikset. But removing such doorknobs is relatively easy. 

Using a flathead screwdriver, you can remove a doorknob without screws by locating and depressing the door handle release button. With the door knob mechanism exposed, you can find the screws inside and unscrew them to dismantle the rest of the knob components from the door. 

The knowledge of removing doorknobs without screws Kwikset is not very popular amongst house owners. But once you understand how it is done, you can fix or change your door handle. This process requires carefulness to avoid damage. We will explain how to remove a door knob without screws Kwikset. 


What Do I Need To Remove Door Knob Without Screw 

The absence of a visible screw holding the doorknob to the door makes it a tad complicated to remove. Due to this reason, the tools you need for this act will vary from what you will use for a visible screw doorknob. Here are the tools necessary to remove a door knob without screws:

  • Screwdriver 

Two types of screwdrivers might come into play while removing your screw-less doorknob: the flathead and the Phillips screwdriver. The flat head works better for old door knobs with invisible screws. Its head is flat enough to fit into the lever slot and depress the release button. 

The Philip screwdriver works for modern doorknobs without screws. The difference between the screwdriver type you use is its head size. The head should be small enough to penetrate and release the button inside the door handle. If you are still determining which screwdriver size to use, consider buying the entire set. 

  • Allen Wrench 

Screwless doorknobs often come with hexagonal sockets in their lever fasteners. You will need an Allen or hex wrench to remove them. Different sizes of Allen wrenches run from 1/16 inches to 7/64 inches. The size you use depends on the size your doorknob requires. 

  • Paperclip 

You will need a paperclip to reach inside the lever pinhole. You can replace a paperclip with a thin metal wire.

It is essential to have these tools handy while removing your doorknob. You want to avoid the distractions of running around to get a tool. You require focus and premium attention to ensure the removal procedure is timely. 

Once you have all the tools available, you can get to the main action—removing the doorknob. We will give a detailed rundown of removing a door knob without screws Kwikset. Keep reading. 

How To Remove Door Knob Without Screws Kwikset

For aesthetic reasons, some doorknobs do not have visible screws securing them to the door. This invisibility of the screws never ceases to confuse when it is time to remove the doorknob. To remove such doorknobs, you need a good idea of how it works to avoid causing damage. 

Follow these steps below to remove a doorknob without screws:

  • Locate The Hidden Slot 

Every hidden screw door knob has a slot with a release button. It is often found at the knob’s neck or head. Locate this tiny hole with the release button and a little screw. When you find the spot, use a screwdriver, it could be a flathead or a Philips, depending on which fits into the hole, and un-clinch the button to expose a tiny screw inside. 

Some doorknobs have only the button with no screw. Whichever is the case, release or unscrew it carefully. 

  • Remove The Hidden Screw 

If your screwdriver matches the screw head, use counterclockwise movements to detach the screw from its slot. With the screw loose, try to pull the handle free gently. The handle should come loose. 

But, suppose it is not coming out quickly, then the cover plate might be hooked into place. Proceed to the back of the door handle and gently pry the cover plate off. Ensure you do not crack or scratch the container with your fingers or screwdriver. 

  • Unscrew The Hex-Head Screws 

Once you remove the door handle, the doorknob mechanism will be exposed for you to continue. Using the right size of Allen wrench, remove the hex-head screws from its holes. You can buy a set at any hardware store if you need the right Allen wrench size. 

Allen wrenches are the only screwdriver type that can unscrew a hexhead bolt. Invisible screw doorknobs always have hex-head screws inside their mechanism. It ensures that the screws are hidden and maintains the clean and opaque standard of a screwless doorknob. 

Following this step-by-step guide, you can remove your doorknob without any hassle. Always keep the screws you remove in a specific position to avoid losing them. Do not force any screw to come loose if it feels too tight or stuck. You can apply lubricant to loosen the screws. 


How To Remove A Kwikset Door Knob 

A Kwikset is a brand of doorknob made by black and decker hardware and home improvement group. It has no visible screws holding it down to the door. Kwikset comes in different varieties and styles, but they have a common screwless feature. 

How To Remove Door Knob Without Screws Kwikset (3ways)
How To Remove Door Knob Without Screws Kwikset

Removing a Kwikset doorknob does not really follow the conventional procedure we detailed above. You can remove a Kwikset doorknob by doing the following:

  1. Remove the outer ring by loosening it with your hand. 
  2. Find the tiny hidden hole along the outer ring and insert a flathead screwdriver inside. 
  3. Push the ring outwards using the screwdriver to locate an arrow shape button under. 
  4. Push the button downwards using the screwdriver to release the door handle. 
  5. Once the button is released, hold both door handles, turn clockwise to release them, and set them aside. 
  6. There is a screw inside the doorknob mechanism. Loosen the screws with your screwdriver and remove the mounting plate.
  7. Next, remove the latch by unscrewing it from the door side using a flathead screwdriver. Pry it out gently. Be very careful not to lose any components. 

Removing a Kwikset is almost identical to removing any other doorknob without visible screws. But, it requires extra care because its tiny components can easily get lost. If you do not believe you can remove the doorknob yourself or have tried and stuck. You can call a professional handyperson to remove and replace your doorknob. 

How To Remove Door Knob Without Screws Kwikset :Wrap Up

Removing door knobs with visible screws is very straightforward. But, those without visible screws are a game of hide and seek. But you have this article to put you through the rough part of the task. 

Saying there are no screws means no visible presence of screws at all. It means there is no presence of screws on the outer visible region. You must locate holes where the screws are buried to remove the doorknob. Luckily, you have us to coach you on what to do and how. 


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