Why Do Door Hinges Turn Black? How To (Fix 4ways)

One might assume that having squeaky door hinges is very uncomfortable, but the worst part might be your door hinges turning black. Over time, door hinges tend to turn black, giving off black dust that settles all around the door and floor. The stress of cleaning up the black dust might be the last straw that leads you to ask, “Why do door hinges turn black, and how to fix it.” 

Door hinges turn black because of the materials they are made of. Hinges are made from stainless steel, solid brass, zinc, alloy, or graphite dust. Due to consistent use and a lack of lubrication, these materials tend to rust and emit black dust over time. 

Black stained hinges do not look good. It gives your neat and refined house door a rusty and dirty appearance. To ensure that your door hinges last longer and work efficiently, you must find the answer to your question, why do door hinges turn black? Please continue reading to find out why and how to fix it. 



Why Do Door Hinges Turn Black

Hinges are different, but one negative quality they all have is their tendency to turn black with time and use. The main reason your door hinges turn black is their exposure to rust dust and lubricant oil. Hinges are made from rust-sensitive materials such as graphite, aluminum, zinc, alloy, and stainless steel. 

Constant exposure to oxygen in the air and overuse will cause the hinges to rust and emit black dust particles. This black dust tends to settle on the hinges. When applying lubricant oil to the hinges, the black dust mixes with the oil and stains the hinges black. 

A black door hinge does not necessarily mean that the hinges are bad. But it looks dirty and might kill the aesthetic nature of your door decor. The black character of the hinges can also obscure the hinge pin screw, making it hard to tighten or remove. Over time, black dust can inhibit the free movement of the hinges. 

The black dust particle does not only affect your door hinges. It also settles on the floor, window sills, and door sills. Dirting your feet and floors and causing discolorations in your window and door paint It is only sometimes that you will want to clean. 

How To Prevent Door Hinges From Turning Black. 

Although it is natural for door hinges to rust and stain, It is preventable. You can take simple precautions to prevent your door hinges from turning black. These precautions include the following: 

  • Clean Hinge Area

Always clean your hinge surface and surrounding areas. You can use a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. 

  • Limited Use Of Water And Soap 

Do not always use water and soap to clean your hinges. Once a week or month is enough. Hinges do not do well with water exposure, which leads to rust. 

  • Lubricate 

Apply lubricants to your door hinges. Ensure that hinges are clean and dust free before application. Mixing lubricant oil and black dust can stain your door hinges. 

  • Dry Properly 

Always wipe out the excess lubricants to prevent them from staining the hinges or door. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Oils help smooth movement and prevent rust. 

  • Apply Varnish

Apply a coat of varnish to your door hinges to prevent rust. You can also use paint instead. You must apply it in a thin and even coating. Ensure the paint or varnish is completely dry before closing or using your door. 

These precautions will ensure that your door hinges do not turn black for long. It will also increase the fluid movement of the hinges. 

How To Fix Door Hinges Turning Black

Because the black staining nature of the hinges results from the black dust particles mixing with the lubricant oil, it is quite possible to fix the black stain problem. But, the result of your fixing efforts depends on how long the black stain has been there. You may not be able to get it all off without repainting. 

Why Do Door Hinges Turn Black? How To Fix

The most effective way to fix the problem is by repainting the hinges. You can also use a trisodium phosphate solution (TSP) to clean the stain thoroughly. Follow the process below to clean the black stain off your door hinges:

  • Put on a protective glove before starting the cleaning process. TSP can adversely affect your skin, so it is best to be protected. The gloves will also protect your hands from getting dirty or stained. 
  • Remove the hinge one at a time and wash thoroughly in the trisodium phosphate. The chemical solution will remove all granite residue etched into the hinges. 
  • Rinse the hinges with clean water and wipe them dry properly. Do not forget to wipe with a damp cloth and rinse any spot on the floor or windows where the TSP might have dropped. 
  • Reinstall the hinges after drying them and apply a generous amount of lubricant. 

A better solution for the black door hinges is to repaint them. First, you must remove the hinges, repaint, dry, and replace them. This solution might be the best, but it is also time-consuming. You can also replace the stained hinges with new ones. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What Causes Black Dust On My Door Hinges 

The grinding of rusting metals during the hinge mechanism causes black dust on your door hinges. The door hinge material is susceptible to rust and corrosion. These rusts form black dust particles that settle on your door hinges and floors. 

Why Do Hinges Turn Black

Hinges turn black due to the mixture of black dust particles and lubricant oil settling on them. After sitting on the hinges, this combination starts to stain the metal or material black. 

Does Black Dust Cause Squeaky Noise

Yes, the presence of black dust on your door hinges can eventually cause the hinge to emit squeaky sounds. The dust might clog up the holes necessary for the hinge’s mechanism. It is important to always clean and lubricate your hinges regularly. 

Can I Repaint My Door Hinges

Yes, you can repaint your door hinges when it turns black. Repainting is the most efficent way to fix the black color problem. However, it is a tiring procedure because you have to remove the hinges, repaint, and replace them. A better option would be to replace the hinged and take better care of them. 


Door hinges are an essential component of your house’s door. It holds the door together and facilitates movement of the door on its frame. However, hinges are also very easily neglected door parts. This neglect can result in corrosion and the emission of black dust particles that turn the hinges black. 

It is easy to maintain your hinges and prevent them from turning black. Simply clean and lubricate continually. You can repaint or clean it with TSP if it is already black. If you are reading up to this point, you must have your answers to your question of “why do door hinges turn black?”

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