Door Handle Not Springing Back (4 reasons why)

The door handles not springing back is a common fault that your door can develop, but it is also easy to fix. Often, your door handle can stiffen up, making twisting the handle to open the door very difficult. You do not have to worry anymore, because we will explain why and what to do about this problem.

The door handle not springing back can result from a lack of lubricant, latch misalignment, loose screws, a short spindle length, or a loose latch. You can quickly run a troubleshooting procedure to determine the reason for the limp nature of your door handle and fix it accordingly. 

There are various reasons why your door handle is not springing back. Whatever the reason, you can quickly identify and fix your door handle using the steps we will explain in this article. Keep reading to understand why your door handle won’t spring back and what to do. 


Why Is Door Handle Not Springing Back

There are different reasons why your door handle may not be springing back. These issues are often easily fixable and are due to faulty internal mechanisms. Here are some common causes and potential solutions:

Door Handle Not Springing Back
Door Handle Not Springing Back
  1. Dirty Or Worn-Out Mechanism

Over time, the spring mechanism inside the door handle may become dirty or worn out, making it difficult for the handle to spring back into place. Overuse can also cause the door handle components to fail, leading to a lack of springing. 

You can test the viability of your door handle by disassembling it from the door and checking each part individually. Inspect the spindle, spring, and latch for any abnormalities. You may discover a fault or a crack. this may cause door handle not springing back.

  1. Loose Screws

If the screws holding the handle are loose, the handle may not be able to spring back correctly. Loose screws can cause the door handle components to lose their grip and rattle against each other. This rattling can cause wear and tear, which can cause the door latch not to spring. 

Consider tightening any loose screws to see if this solves the problem. If there are no loose screws, you can continue your troubleshooting inspection. Also, check if the screws allow enough space for alignment. 

The mechanism on the handle needs screws to hold them together, but the screws can also impair the smooth flow of the instrument. 

  1. Misaligned Latch

If the latch on the door is misaligned, it may prevent the door handle from springing back correctly. The latch could also be jammed. Jammed latches will not be able to bounce back. If you believe it is just a latch jam, you can apply pressure to the latch to attempt a release. 

Dust accumulation around the latch can also cause your door handle to stiffen. Dust and debris cause friction around the components necessary for efficient work. Ensure the latch is aligned correctly, and adjust it if necessary.

  1. Damaged Handle

If the handle itself is damaged, it may not be able to spring back correctly. Inspect the handle for any signs of damage and replace it if necessary. If the door handle is wobbly, the possibility of successfully holding the latch and spindle is lower. 

Loose or damaged door handles will eventually stop working if you do not fix them. Determining and fixing the problem is better for preventing further issues. Replacing the entire door handle is more expensive than fixing only the door handle. 

These reasons could be why your door handle is not springing back. You can attempt to fix the problem, but suppose you need more confidence in your ability to decipher and fix the problem. Call a handyperson.

Troubleshooting Door Handles That Do Not Spring Back

If your door handles do not spring back after you turn them, there are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the problem. Troubleshooting helps you determine where the problem is coming from. Once you get to the root of the problem, you can fix it accordingly. 

Follow these procedures to troubleshoot your door handles not springing back:

  1. Check the latch. The latch is the mechanism that holds the door closed. If the latch is not aligned correctly or lubricated, it can cause the handle to stick. Check to make sure the latch is properly aligned and lubricated.
  2. Check the hinges. The hinges are what allow the door to swing open and close. If the hinges are loose or damaged, they can cause the door to stick. Check to make sure the hinges are tight and lubricated.
  3. Check the door knob. If the door knob is loose, it can cause the handle to stick. Tighten the screws that hold the door knob in place.
  4. Check the springs. The spring inside the door handle makes the handle bounce back after you turn it. If the spring is broken or damaged, you must replace it. 
  5. Check for debris. Dirt, dust, or other debris can accumulate inside the door handle mechanism and cause it to stick. Clean out any debris that you find.
  6. Lubricate the mechanism. The door handle may need lubrication if it is not springing due to the above issues. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the tool and test the handle to see if it jumps back correctly.

You can pinpoint the specific problem and perform the necessary repairs. Just check for these potential issues; you should be able to troubleshoot and fix your door handle that does not spring back.

How To Fix A Door Handle That Won’t Spring Back

Door Handle Not Springing Back
Door Handle Not Springing Back

Depending on the extent of the damage, repairing your door handle is relatively easy. You can replace or fix any damaged part to regain your door’s hand-springing action. Here are different ways to fix your door handle not springing back:

  • Lubricate The Door Handle

Over time, dirt or debris can build up inside the door handle mechanism, causing it to become stiff. Use a silicone-based lubricant to free up the mechanism and allow it to move more smoothly. All mechanical contraptions require enough lubrication to prevent friction and encourage the gentle movement of their parts or components. 

You have to detach and disassemble the door handle to lubricate it properly. The central focus is the inner workings of the door handle, and you can only get oil into it by opening it up. Be careful not to cause further damage while disassembling the handle, especially to the door lock.

  • Tighten The Screws

If the screws holding the door handle in place are loose, the handle may not spring back correctly. Tight screws hold the components together. If any is loose, it can cause friction and spring stiffening. Tighten the screws to see if this fixes the problem.

Suppose your door handle screws are worn out. You have to replace the screws. You can get screws at any hardware store close to you. 

  • Replace The Door Handle Spring

The spring inside the door handle mechanism may have become worn or broken, which can cause the handle not to spring back. There is no way to repair a spring. When the spring gets lax, you have to replace it. 

You can purchase it at any hardware store. Check the spring size so you can buy the right one. While replacing it, follow your door handle manual’s instructions. 

  • Check The Latch

If the door handle is not returning because the latch is sticking, you may need to adjust the latch. A sticky latch occurs when the spindle does not align correctly with the latch. This misalignment can cause the door handle to not spring. Adjust the latch or strike plate by rotating the thumb until it fits or positions itself correctly.  

If none of these solutions work, it may be time to call a professional to take a closer look and help you fix the problem.


The first step to fixing a door handle that springs back is inspection. You have to hold the door handle and examine all its components to find the causative factor for why the spring is not working. Once you determine the reason, the rest is easy to fix. 

There is no exact fix for a droopy door handle. It depends on why the door handle is misbehaving. But lubrication, tightening of screws, and spindle and latch alignment tend to fix the problem. this article has explained why and what to do about door handle not springing back.

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