How To Install Door Frame Pull-Up Bar (5 Steps)

You may not be interested in everyday gym affairs and prefer to catch your dose of exercise at home. Door frame pull-up bars are the perfect means to get your body in shape in your comfort zone and time. Installing a door frame pull-up bar is simple and time efficient. 

You can install your door frame pull-up bar by fitting the pointy ends of the J-bracket bar onto your door mold. Ensure to screw the bars tightly to prevent break up during exercise. However, some pull-up bars require more effort than simply securing the bracket. These types involve the use of screws and studs. 

The door frame pull-up is a classic home-friendly exercise tool. But, it deserves some caution while installing. The pull-up bar can damage your door frame if not sturdy enough. This reason is why this article will explain how to install door frame pull-up bar properly. 


How To Install Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bars are convenient workout tools with a straightforward installation process. Yet improper installation can lead to devastating damages. You must ensure your door frame is sturdy enough to bear the equipment and body weight. If you install it wrongly or the structure is weak, there is a high chance of falling and injury. 

You can avoid spending money on gym membership and installation by DIYing the structure of your pull-up bar on your door frame. A strong pull-up bar makes for great exercise. Follow the steps below to install a door frame pull-up bar:

  • Choose Direction 

Choose your preferred direction. If your doorframe has a door, your best, if not the only choice, is to face the doorway. However, you can face either position if it is a doorless frame. Installing your pull-up bar to meet the door opening side is best. 

The pull-up bar positioning is crucial. You cannot close your door correctly with a door frame pull-up bar. You also need all the space available for the exercise movement. You cannot lock your door with a pull bar in place. You should install it in a doorless frame or remove it after each exercise. 

  • Attach The Horizontal Piece

Take the horizontal rod with a foam or rubber attached to it and rest it above your door frame. The rod’s resting side is the opposite of where you are hanging from. Ensure that the rod rests flat and in a straight manner. 

  • Center The Bar Or Rod

Position the bar to take a very centralized position. The bar’s rubber should touch both door frame sides. Assuming the metallic part of the bar touches the door frame, you risk chaffing your door frame. 

How To Install Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

  • Screw The Brackets

This step occurs when you want the door frame pull-up bar to be permanent. Some pull-up bars include screws and mounting brackets to ensure permanency. Remove the brackets underneath the end horizontal piece and install them using a power drill. The brackets should be around 13.75 inches away from your door frame. 

Your door frame pull-up bar always comes with a manual instruction guide. You can tell exactly how many inches the brackets should be apart. Different models have different specifications. 

  • Testing 

Test your door frame pull-up bar to ensure you did a good job. Do not put all your body weight at first while testing. Ensure that the bar is immovable and robust enough to bear your weight. If it is not, please remove it and install it again. Refrain from working out on a shaky pull-up bar. You might end up in the hospital. 

Benefits Of A Door Frame Pull Up Bar 

Aside from the widespread benefit of convenience, there are many benefits to owning and using a pull-up bar. These benefits include the following:

  • It ensures maximum exercise concentration on your triceps, biceps, and chest muscles. Laborious and steady exercise on these muscles will give you a lean and muscular body in no time. What better means than one literally at your doorway? 
  • Door frame pull-up bars will help you train and flex your joint movements. Lack of exercise can stiffen your everyday activities. It also relieves joint pains. 

How To Install Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

  • The door frame pull-up bar allows you to exercise at your time and without interruptions or time consciousness. You can concentrate on the specifications you want for more time. 
  • With doorway pull-up bars, you will always attend workout day. You can target all muscles in your body. 
  • They do not occupy space. The doorway is high enough to pass under without the risk of hitting it. 
  • You can permanently remove your door frame pull-up bar after working out. The installation process is straightforward and takes no time. 

Precaution For Installing Doorway Pull-Up Bar 

Despite the simplicity of the installation of a doorway pull-up bar. You have to observe some precautions to prevent accidents during exercise. Follow this checklist to ensure that your installation is safely done:

  • Measure your door width and buy your pull-up bar according to your door width measurement. 
  • Check your door frame to determine if it is sturdy enough to carry your weight multiple times without buckling down. 
  • Add protective pads to your pull-up bar while installing. It will protect your door frame and increase your grip capability. 
  • Do not buy a door frame pull-up bar with rust on the bars. Ensure that the bars are smooth and well-covered. Rusty bars will chaff and injure your hands while gripping. 



Owning a doorway pull-up bar is the best way to ensure you always catch your daily dose of workout. It is cost-efficient and does not involve a lot of processes for installation. Always make sure that your door width is equal to the pull-up bar rod. 

Inspect your door for enough strength before installation. Installing a doorway pull-up bar allows you to maintain fitness from home comfort. This article has done justice to your question of how to install door frame pull-up bar. Now you know how to go about it. 

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