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Can You Get Door Cam Work When Not Connected To The Same Network?

A door camera monitors all activities at your door and puts you one step ahead of these acts. Smart cameras are problem solvers. With a smart camera, you can remotely monitor your home. However, you might be wondering, Can you get door cam work when not connected to the same network?

Your door cam will not work without a WiFi connection. If the cameras are close to each other, you can connect them to the same network, while the ones that the network coverage does not reach will require a different network.  

Protecting your home is important; mounting a front door camera is one way to do that. Your front door camera is your advantage against intruders entering through the front door. This article answers your questions on door cam connectivity.


Do All Ring Cameras Have To Be On The Same Network?

No, Ring cameras do not have to be on the same network. This is because your Ring camera may be far apart, and your local network coverage may not reach all. Hence, you have to provide a different network. Otherwise, if you force it, the signal strength will be weak.

This will limit the camera from functioning optimally. But in cases where the network coverage is within the camera’s reach, you can connect them to the same network. 

Can I Use A Doorbell Camera Without Service?

You can use a doorbell camera with or without service, depending on your camera. If your camera is designed for subscription, you will have to make provision for that, but if it already has, there will be no need. Some cameras do not require a service or subscription plan to function fully.

If your camera uses a service plan and you do not subscribe, you will only be allowed to use the basic features while the intelligent features become unavailable. Some of the limitations a user who has not subscribed might face include:

1. Screenshot Snapshot

This feature keeps you posted on the activities at your door. It is also known as a camera preview. It can take pictures every 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on your setting. Without a service plan, this feature will not be activated for some cameras.

2. Video Sharing

Without a subscription, you cannot download any footage to your mobile device, thus not being able to share it with the members of your family or with the authorities in theft situations.

3. Automatic Monitoring

Without a service plan, your camera does only manual monitoring. In emergency cases, the user will have to manually call the authorities, whereas the camera would have done that automatically.

4. Video recording

No video recording without a subscription or service plan. 

Does Ring Door Cam Work On Wi-Fi?

Yes, ring cameras will require Wi-Fi for full functionality. Without the internet, some premium features will not function on your Ring camera; it will just become a common doorbell. 

You will not access the following features on your Ring camera if you do not connect it to the Wi-Fi or internet:

1. Recording And Storing Footage In The Cloud

Without Wi-Fi or an internet connection, your ring camera cannot record and store footage in the cloud. You will only find past recorded videos on the Ring app.

Indoor Cam, Stick Up Cam, Spotlight Cam, and Floodlight Cam are models of Ring security cameras, and they do not work except when they are connected to Wi-Fi.

2. Viewing The Camera’s Live Stream In The Ring App

When your ring camera’s Wi-Fi goes off, you cannot get live feeds from the camera app. You cannot see what is happening at your door on the Ring app. 

3. Detecting And Sending Motion Alerts

A ring camera without Wi-Fi cannot send motion alerts to your mobile device. The Ring camera sends alerts to your phone through the Ring app and other smart home devices like the Amazon Echo or Alexa connected to your camera with the help of Wi-Fi. Without the Wi-Fi, only the Ring doorbell rings, and it will only be heard outside.

4. The Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio is not activated without Wi-Fi. For the two-way audio feature on your Ring camera to work, you must restore the Wi-Fi connection. 

Can Blink Cameras Work Without Wi-Fi?

Blink cameras cannot work without a Wi-Fi connection. Blink cameras are smart cameras and designed to be 24 hours active. The camera requires a Wi-Fi connection to monitor your family and properties. Blink cameras with Wi-Fi connections operate optimally.

It requires a stable 2.4 GHz internet connection with a minimum 2 Mbps upload speed. Without an internet connection, the camera will still be powered on, detect motion, and store video locally.

 The following features will be unavailable if there is no Wi-Fi:

1. The Remote Monitoring And Device Control Feature Becomes Unavailable

An intelligent camera like the Blink camera can be monitored and controlled anywhere, but that can only happen when connected to Wi-Fi. You will be unable to watch live feeds from your phone as well. 

2. Storage

The recorded videos on your blink camera are stored on the cloud, and you can access them anytime you want on the app. Without Wi-F, the video is unable to upload to the cloud; you are unable to access the footage.

3. Receiving Notifications

When your camera is disconnected from the internet, you cannot receive notifications on your mobile device when it senses motion. 

3. Image Capture And Video Sharing

Image capturing and photo sharing are only available on blink cameras that are connected to the internet. The camera captures images and later converts them to a short clip that can be viewed on the Blink app. You also get to share the videos with family and maybe the local authorities. 

Is There A Doorbell Camera That Works Without Wi-Fi?

There are doorbell cameras that work without Wi-Fi. However, you must understand that some features like live feed, push notification when there is movement, and monitor will be unavailable. 

However, you can still enjoy these features by doing the following on your WiFi-less camera:

1. Choose A Doorbell Camera With Local SD Card Storage

A video doorbell with an SD card has an inbuilt PIR sensor, enabling it to detect motion and store the videos on the SD card. You can insert the SD card into your computer to review activities and back up the data. 

2. Connect Smart Doorbell To Existing Traditional Doorbell

You can still hear your non-Wi-Fi doorbell ring when you connect it to your existing wired doorbell.

3. Make Provision For A WiFi Hotspot For Your Smart Video Doorbell.

Dedicate a cellular hotspot for your smart camera, such as a portable 4G LTE hotspot.

Below are doorbell cameras that work without WiFi

  • Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell
  • Defender PHOENIXM2 Non-Wi-Fi. Plug-In Power Security Cameras
  • Wyze Video Doorbell With Chime
  • Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera
  • Amcrest 1080p Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Can You Set Up A Ring Doorbell Without Wi-Fi

A ring door camera without Wi-Fi is more like a common doorbell. Although it will be powered on, some smart features like live feed, video recording and sharing, push notifications, and two-way audio will become unavailable. 

What Doorbell Cameras Do Not Require Subscription?

If you are considering cameras to get cameras that will not require so much from you because of the subscription plan, below are lists of cameras that do not require a subscription.

1. Eufy Security Video doorbell Dual Camera

The best camera without a subscription plan is the Eufy security camera with Homebase. The Eufy camera has dual motion detection, offers a full view of the doorstep, and has a 16GB local storage, motion sensor, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

2. Lorex 2k Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

The Lorex doorbell camera works with Alexa. It has color night vision, motion detection, 2K resolution, a 1640 viewing angle, two-way talk, and local storage.

3. Remo+RemoBell S Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

The Remo doorbell camera is powered by an existing doorbell camera. It has a free cloud, allows you to stream live videos in high-quality HD, and has a two-way talk feature. It stores all motion activities for up to 3 days for free (payment plan available). 

4. Eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The Eufy security cam with HD 1080p-Grade is a non-subscription camera. It requires an existing doorbell wire, sends notifications, and has two-way audio and electronic chime with no hidden costs. 

Can You Record Ring Doorbell Without Subscription?

You cannot record on the Ring app without a subscription. There are three subscription plans for the ring camera: Ring Protect basic plan, Ring Protect Plus, or Ring Protect Pro. Choose the one that is right for you.


Can You Get Door Cam Work When Not Connected To The Same Network? A doorbell camera is an extra eye you need to protect your home and property. These smart devices require a Wi-Fi connection to work. You can connect different door cams to the same network, provided they’re within close range.  Otherwise, you’d have to provide a different network for them. If you want to install a door cam in your home, you should understand the specifics to give your home maximum security.

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