How Much Does It Cost To Stain A Door

Cost To Stain A Door

A house door does not serve entry and exit purposes only. Your door can add or change the character of your home, and stained doors make a beautiful door style for a house by giving a warm feel. The generous nature of stained doors might cause you to imagine how much does it cost to stain a door?

It costs an average of $125 to $300 to stain a door, including labor and staining materials. The price rate can differ according to location, door size, and finishing. You can decide to do the labor yourself, but it is always best to use a professional. 

Remodeling a house is complex, and you could quickly go over budget if you do not plan properly. This article is here so you can know how much it costs to stain a door. 


Is It Cheap To Stain A Door?

The concept of cheap is individualist, but it is only somewhat cheap to stain a door. The cost depends on your location, but you can stain a door for as low as $100 labor inclusive. Labor is the dominant part of the cost. 

Staining a door, especially a wooden one, is gruesome and labor-intensive. It can be backbreaking and exerting. Some people do the labor themselves and spend money on the staining materials alone to save costs. But it is always best to use a contractor and get a clean job. 

Cost To Stain A Door

The labor cost can be as high as $70 an hour, depending on your location, door size, and finish option. Restaining a door involves removing the door, bordering the door to protect non-wooden parts, sanding, and painting. All these are time-consuming processes, hence the high cost. 

To get the best price rate, you should get at least two or three quotations from different contractors and choose the least or the one you prefer. You can also do it yourself with the technical know-how and time. Or you can remove the door and sand it before engaging the handyman to reduce cost.

What Kind Of Stain Should You Use On Front Door?

It would be best to utilize a penetrating stain finish or multi-coat varnish for your front door. Your front door is the first entry to a home, and such deserves special attention. Refrain from being tempted to do a conventional finish type on your front door. 

Your front door is an exterior door and is exposed to weather temperaments. It would be best if you make use of a durable stain type for your front door. Other stain types wear quickly, such as marine varnishes, urethane, and spar coating. A front door requires a substance that will ensure the preservation of the wood, not just coating for beauty. 

Penetrating stain finish is impervious to UV light rays and moisture. It contains mildewcide and water repellents. It is also easy to maintain by wiping your door with a moist clean cloth. You can constantly reapply the stain finish every two to three years. 

Multi-coat varnish is another stain type you can use for your front door. It is a combination of wood preservative, water repellent, varnish, turpentine, and stain that gives the wood a long period of protection. The multi-coat varnish pigmentation protects the door from sunlight, ultraviolet rays, rain, cold, and other environmental factors. 

To ensure the long life of your front door, you can build a weather cover at the front. A porch or overhead cover will do it. It will protect the door from direct impact from the sun or rain while adding beauty to your house. 

How Much Does It Cost To Stain A Front Door?

It costs about $125 to $300 to stain a front door. This cost includes labor and material. Staining materials alone will cost about $0.30 to $0.77, and labor alone will cost around $40 to $70 an hour. Depending on your location, finishing, and door type, this price rate can increase or reduce.

If the front door requires stripping before staining, the cost might increase. Multiple coatings can also affect the price rate of staining your front door. The condition of your front door dramatically affects the final cost of materials and labor. 

You could reduce costs by performing some labor, such as unhanging the door and sanding it before calling in a contractor. You can also stain it yourself and save the labor cost. But it is best to use a professional and get it right at a go. 

How Much Does It Cost To Stain A Wooden Door?

It costs about $200 to $300, including the material and labor to stain a wooden door. The material will cost around $60 to $100, and labor around $170 to $200. This price range will fluctuate depending on your wood type, finishing choice, contractor, and location. This cost does not include logistics. 

To reduce costs, you can target or search for discounts or promo periods from contractors. You can also do it yourself, though you must know how to stain a wooden door to avoid making a mess. 


Remodeling is never easy, but the result always makes it worth it. Your door is a part of the house you should not neglect as it welcomes people into your home. While remodeling, you might decide to restrain or stain your doors. Staining a door makes it durable and impervious to environmental factors while giving the house a shine.


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