How Much Does It Cost To Install An Interior Door ?

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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Interior Door- The cost of installing an interior door is determined by factors such as the type of door, finish options, job size, and conditions. If you choose a high-end door, you should expect a higher cost because each door costs around $1,100 for the door alone. French doors and double doors are more expensive. 

On average, installing an interior door costs around $730. In most cases, you will need to hire a professional to help you install it, costing you around $100 to $300. Also, your location will determine the cost, door materials in urban areas are more expensive than in rural areas, and professionals in urban areas charge more than those in rural areas. 

Your choice determines the cost most times, whether you want folding or pocket doors, unique mounting requirements, or prefer glass panel doors. 


How Much Does It Cost To Install An Interior Door

The cost of framing an interior door is around $167 to $272 per opening. What determines the actual cost is the job size, conditions, and finish requirements. Labor and material cost is about $160, and a six-opening project will cost around $960. Also, the cost of framing an interior door depends on the location and contractors you hire.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Interior Door
How Much Does It Cost To Install An Interior Door

If you use a large or double door or if your door wall is thicker than usual, the frame will require extra lumber which will increase the cost. Also, door walls made of extra-solid materials such as stone or brick need longer hours and additional labor costs, increasing the overall cost. 

You will also need unique anchors to glue the king stud to the wall, adding to the openings that need framing and the condition. All of these affect the cost. After the framing, you will need to install the door, and the average cost of interior door installation is around $730, depending on the type of door, the number of doors, labor cost, and your location. 

Interior Door Installation Cost By Type Of Door

Interior doors are available in different types, sizes, and materials, which affect the overall cost. The main factor that affects the price of interior door installation is the type of door, among the most popular type of interior door is the Hollow core door, and the material cost is around $30-$300, you will be spending about $1000 to hire a professional and install it. 

MDF doors cost between $30-$600 for the door, which means you will have to pay for labor costs to install them. Vinyl doors cost around $1000, and you will have to prepare another $1000 to hire a professional to help you install them. An aluminum door costs around $800, depending on the size and style or whether you want a glass-inserted one or a solid aluminum door. 

Composite doors cost around $900 depending on the materials you want and the brand that produced the door. You will get steel doors for about $2000, depending on the style and size, while solid wood doors cost around $1000. 

The average price of a solid core door is $2000, while a glass door is about $800, fiberglass door costs around $2500, and iron doors cost around $7000. Add the cost of each door to another $300 for hiring a professional to help you with the installation. The hours plus your location will also affect the price. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Bedroom Door

Bedroom doors are part of interior doors, and the average installation cost is around $688. The price may vary depending on the type of door, frame, fixtures, and whether the door is prehung or slab.

Are Wood Interior Doors Expensive To Install 

The cost of installing wooden interior doors depends on the wood material you select, your location, and the professional you hire. Installing a wooden door will cost about $150-$850, depending on the type of wood. 

Also, choosing between a solid and softwood will affect the price. Popular costs around $150-$350, Maple costs about $250-$500, while Ash, Pine, and Red Oak cost between $250-$800. Alder is a little bit more expensive than the others. It costs about $350-$1000, while the most costly is Mahogany, cypress, walnut, birch, cedar, and cherry. They cost around $350-$1200. 

All the doors are wooden interior doors; manufacturers of Popular wooden doors refer to it as “affordable cherry” as you can get it as cheap as $150. Also, you can easily repaint it whenever you want. The Maple door is durable, while the Pine door looks beautiful, especially with light finishes. 

Alder doors have a great pattern and texture, while people still pay for walnut door irrespective of the high price because of their high density. 

Cost To Install Interior Prehung Door

An interior pre-hung door costs about $300-$497. It has a fixed door frame and hardware; you can install them as a unit. Pre-hung doors are easy to install, and they have superior energy efficiency. The general cost depends on size, location of installation, and labor cost in your area. 

Interior pre-hung door installation is more affordable than exterior ones because of factors such as insulation. The door material affects the cost generally. For instance, wooden doors are more expensive than fiberglass doors. It’s easier to install a prehung door when there is an existing frame that is square and level, but when there is no frame, the people you hire will need to do extra tasks, thereby charging you more. 

Also, if you decide to customize your prehung door, such as attaching glass panels, you will need to pay more. The reason is that professionals have to cut and fit the panels into the door before installing it. 

Interior Door Installation Labor Cost

Prehung and fire-rated interior doors cost between $100-$250, Accordion costs around $170-$500, while the labor cost for installing sliding and slab doors costs about $200-$600. The labor cost for installing a Bi-fold door is around $250. Note that you can pay extra charges for pocket door installation if the contractor has to drill a hollow space in the wall. 


Interior doors provide privacy for everyone living in the house and prevent noise and fire accidents. An interior door well installed will transform every room in your home; they are low maintenance, and the average cost of installing interior doors is about $730. 

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