Changing Locks On House

Changing Locks On House: Rekeying or Replacement?

Whether you’re moving into a new home, concerned about security, or looking to upgrade, knowing when and how to change your locks is essential for peace of mind.

When it comes to changing locks on house, you have two primary options: rekeying or replacement. Rekeying involves adjusting the existing lock so that it works with a new key, while lock replacement entails installing entirely new locks. Rekeying is relatively cheaper.

The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and circumstances.


Changing Locks On House | What Is Involved In?

What is involved in changing your house lock is that you need to examine your door lock to check if you need to replace or rekey it, count the number of locks you want to change, and then buy the locks at a home store. If you are not a DIYer, you will need to hire a technician for the change. 

N/B: Ensure the new lock is compatible with your current door hardware.

Replacing your house lock is not a difficult task. All you need is a new lock, screwdriver, and measuring tape. Below are steps you should take to change your house lock.

Step 1: After buying a new lock, you must remove the old one by unscrewing the door hardware. You will see a hole in the door where you have the deadbolt lock, loosen all screws and bring it out. 

Step 2: Fit the new lock into the door hole and tighten the screws with a screwdriver. 

Step 3: Fix the new knobs on the door using screws.

Changing Locks On House

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Door Lock?

You will pay between $45 and $500 to change your door lock. The cost of changing your dock depends on the price of the lockset, the kind of change: replacement or rekeying, other door hardware, and the labor fee if you hire a technician. The labor fee ranges from $20 to $30.

A rekeying kit will cost between $15 to $25. The kit has all the rekeying equipment and a guide on how to rekey. A locksmith may charge between $25 to $35 per hour to rekey your lock. The total cost will be between $40 and $60 or more. A simple door lock will cost between $15 and $50.

If you are a DIYer, it will cost you less to replace your door lock because you will not require the service of a professional. You may pay between $60 and $130 if the replacement requires additional door hardware.

Rekeying your house lock entails reconfiguring its internal pins and springs to accept a new key. Rekeying your door lock is more cost-effective than replacement. Some situations like relocation, burglary, lost keys, weak locks, and separating from old housemates may require replacements.

However, considering your budget, you may choose one. Both changes will increase your security. 

Differences Between Replacing and Rekeying House Locks

When you readjust the internal pins and springs of your lock so you can use a new key, you rekeyed it. Replacing your lock involves changing the lock completely, including the door hardware. Replacement of locks is expensive. Homeowners will replace their lock when it is weak, damaged, or outdated.

Over time, your door may refuse to close due to dirt or a child playing with it. Replacement and rekeying are methods for changing your house key. You may need to rekey your lock instead of a replacement. Whichever method you choose, old keys will not open the door. 

Rekeying is less expensive; it is not new to homeowners. Most homeowners will prefer to rekey their house locks instead of replacing them because the process is convenient, time-saving, and convenient. 

If you have a limited key and want to grant access to any of your housemates, rekeying is a good option. Locksmiths mostly do rekey. However, you can buy a rekeying kit, then follow the instructions.  

Should I Change The Locks When I Move Into A New House?

Yes, one of the things you should do when you move into a new house is to change the house locks. Replacing or rekeying the locks in your new apartment is very important because you don’t know the house’s previous occupants and if other people have a copy of the house key. 

You are at risk of robbery and theft if you leave your house locks the way you met them. Negligence on the path of the landlord or caretaker may cause the wrong persons to have a copy of the key. While you paint the walls and change old wires in your new apartment, consider changing the house locks too. 

What Determines The Cost Of Changing Locks On A House?

Changing your house lock is a rewarding project you should embark on. The cost of locks, labor fees, and additional hardware determine what you will pay to change your house locks. Changing many house locks may cost less because retail stores may sell more items at a discounted price. Factors that affect the cost of changing your house locks include:

1. Cost Of Lock

Your type of lock determines the price. Simple locks are less expensive. In most cases, you may need to change the entire lock hardware to increase the price. A stronger, more durable door lock like Medeco will be on the high side. 

2. Labor Fee

Fixing the locks yourself will be less expensive, but what if you are not up to the task? You need to hire a locksmith. A locksmith will charge you based on the number of locks you are changing, the type of locks, and the technology required to change your locks. Individual charges differ, but the differences will be low. 

3. Cost Of Additional Hardware

Your repair cost will increase if you buy other lock accessories, not just the lock. You may even need to change the door hardware completely. 

Changing Locks On House

Cost To Change Locks On A House

To change a house lock, you either rekey or replace it. The cost of a rekey kit ranges from $8 to $15. A locksmith will charge between $5 and $15 to rekey a lock. The total estimated price for rekeying is between $13 and $30, while replacing a single lock will cost between $75 and $230.

The labor fee for replacing a lock ranges between $20 and $30. A standard lock will cost between $25 and $50. The cost of getting additional door hardware will be between $30 to $150. 

Note that high-security locks will cost more. 

What To Do Before Changing Locks On A House

Every repair or replacement requires adequate preparation, changing your house locks inclusive. Before you begin, you must examine your door to know what you need. For all the locks you want to change, you need to know if you are rekeying or replacing the lock.

You have to draw up a budget for this project. This enables you to spend accordingly and to make decisions within your financial range. 

To begin, purchase the locks and accessories needed for the change. You can get a deadbolt kit that contains all the accessories you need. For a stronger lock, you may need to hire a locksmith. 

How To Change Locks On A New Home

Change your home locks to improve the security condition of your house, especially if you are moving into a new house. Your security and safety lie in your hands, so you must ensure that all security measures, like security cameras, video doorbell cameras, storm doors, and more, are in place. 

Firstly, you must purchase a new lock or a deadbolt kit. You can get one at a home store. The following are items in a deadbolt kit.

  • Mounting hardware
  • A strike plate
  • An interior turn assembly
  • A deadbolt assembly
  • A keylock assembly

Step 2: Take out the old lock and deadbolt. On the door hardware, loosen the screws and bring out the lock. You will see a hole in the door. Unscrew the nuts holding the deadbolts in place to remove the deadbolts.

Step 3: Put the new deadbolt in the hole and screw it to keep it in place. Ensure to properly install the deadbolt. Follow the instructions on the body of the deadbolts for easy installation. Then, screw the new deadbolt lock to the door. 

Step 4: Test the new lock to see if it is working. Close the door, then insert the new key to test. You can consult a locksmith if it is not working.  


We have just one life to live, and we must do everything to protect it. Changing your house locks is for the best. Whether you are rekeying or replacing, ensure that no other person will have access to your home except you have authorized them.

This article has answered some of your questions about changing house locks. The cost to change a house lock varies. However, the cost will fall into the range that is stated in this article. 

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