Can You Paint Door Hinges? Is It A Good Idea?

Can You Paint Door Hinges

If your door hinges look rusty or out of color sync with your door, or you change the door or paint to a different color pattern, your door hinges can stand out like a sore thumb. These defects can leave you wondering can you paint door hinges?

Yes, you can paint door hinges. However, it can become messy when done improperly. The painting can leave your door hinges worse than it was. Improper painting of door hinges ruins the efficiency of the hinge mechanism and reduces the hinge’s life span.

This article guides you on how to preserve door hinges with painting.


Can You Paint Metal Door Hinges?

Yes, you can paint metal door hinges. However, unlike wood, metal cannot absorb paint easily because it is porous to paint adhesives. Due to this porousness, you must apply a metal paint primer to the door hinge surface. 

The primer acts as an abrasive (like sanding to wood) and helps the paint stick to the metal hinge. You can also use pre-primer hinges for the painting instead. Pre-primed door hinges make painting more straightforward and quicker. 

Does Spray Painting Door Hinges Last?

No, spray painting door hinges do not last. The spray paint causes the hinge to lose its strength and wear down with time. This wearing shortens the lifespan of the door hinges

An unpainted door hinge can last 10-15 years, but a spray paint hinge will last shorter. The paint wears off and chips, giving the hinges a less appealing look. 

How Do You Prep Metal Hinges For Painting?

Follow these steps to prep your metal hinges for painting;

Clean the hinges: clean the hinges of fingerprints and old paint residues. Wash with hot soapy water and scrape any paint or rust crusts.

  • Prep The Painting Area: Cover up the site you are painting around with paper or cloth. The cover protects your floor or carpet from stains. Place the hinges on the fabric or paper. Always paint in an open or ventilated area to avoid fume poisoning.
  • Apply Primer: Priming the metal is very important. It helps the metal absorb paint. Spray the etching primer in short, thin bursts to the door hinges. Evenly etch the metal hinge and wait a few hours for the primer to dry. Open the hinges in 30 minutes intervals to avoid sticking.
  • Spray The Metal Paint: Confirm that the primer is dry and spray two coats of paint on the hinges. Spray sparingly and in short interval bursts to avoid paint run and ensure evenly spread. 

Leave the spray-painted door hinge to dry for about 2 hours and spray the second side. After painting, leave for over 4 hours to dry before installing back into the door. 

How Do You Paint Door Hinges Without Having Them Removed?

You can paint door hinges without removing them using these two methods:

  • You can remove one hinge, paint it, and reattach it before continuing to the next one. Start from the middle hinge to maintain door balance. This method is time-consuming and exhaustive.
  • The second method is painting the hinges right on the door position. To avoid stains, you have to cover the door, floor, and surroundings with cloth or paper.

 Painting the hinges on the door position is not the best method; paint might not get into all hinge parts. There is also a possibility that you’ll stain the door, walls, and floor.

How Do You Clean Door Old Paint Hinges?

There are three ways you can clean old paint hinges.

  • Boiling Water: put a pot of water on high heat, put the hinges in, and boil for 20-25 minutes. Remove the hinges using a tong and crap the melted paint off.
  • Heat Gun Technique: use a heat gun on the hinge to melt the paint off. Scrape with a putty knife and brush off the paint as you heat. Keep up till all paint is gone, sand, and buffer the hinge to smooth.
  • Chemical Paint Remover: use a chemical paint stripper to dissolve the paint. This method is unsafe and requires safety protocols like wearing a glove. Any of these methods will get you the desired result.

How Do You Make Old Door Hinges Look New?

You can make your old door hinges look new by following these steps:

  • Dismantle the hinge and remove the screws.
  • Prepare a tub of water with a few drops of dishwashing soap.
  • Use a scrub sponge to remove all dirt, dust, and debris. Scrub and dry thoroughly to prevent rust.
  • Eliminate any paint on the hinges with any paint removing method.
  • Then polish the hinges. The Polish used depends on the hinge metal type. Rub Polish into pins and hinges with a soft cloth, and wipe out the cloud. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Spray Paint Door Hinges?

Yes, you can spray paint hinges. Spray Paint is considered the best method of painting hinges. The use of the paintbrush method can cause rough paint texture and thick paint layers. These defects hinder the smooth movement of the hinge when fitted back. It’s best to spray your door hinges to achieve even application.

How Do You Get Rust Off The Door Hinge Without Removing Them?

Sandpaper the hinge smooth to get rust out of door hinges without removing them. Then swab the door hinges with vinegar or cola. Vinegar and cola are acidic. The acid reacts with rust oxides and dissolves, leaving a shiny metal.

Can You Paint Door Hinges Black?

Yes, you can paint door hinges black. You can apply any color of paint you choose. While painting, use the right paint type (oil-based metal paint); acrylic paint will crack and peel. Before painting, ensure you prep the door hinge metal surface to look neat.

What Color Should Door Hinges Be?

Like other house fixtures, Door Hinges do not necessarily have to match precisely. Instead, they should blend harmoniously. Choose colors similar to the door and wall painting. For instance, Nickel goes well with white and stainless color, and bronze goes with black. Coordinate the color to match your home decorations.

How Do You Clean Hinges Before Painting?

Before painting, use an alcohol-based solvent or hot water to remove all paint residue and finger imprints to clean your hinges. You can also use a sponge to scrape the crust out of the metal. Rinse and leave to dry.

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