Best Storm Door: Materials And How To Choose

Best Storm Door

One way to protect your exterior door against adverse weather conditions is by mounting a storm door. A storm door is very advantageous, especially if it is made with durable and highly resistant material. The durability of your storm door depends on the material. The best storm door should give a good view, ventilation, and light and increase security. 

Prime-Line Woodguard Storm Door, Leslie Locke Security Storm Door, and Larson 36″ BRN Storm Door are some of the best storm doors. Together with your main door, a storm door can act as an insulator by keeping in hot air during cold weather and cold air during hot weather. 

This article has reviewed the top best storm doors considering cost, materials, installation, and durability. 


What Material Is Best For A Storm Door?

Many materials are used for storm doors. However, some materials are more durable and weather resistant than others. A commonly used material for storm doors is aluminum because it is weather-resistant, light, affordable, and can fit into any design; other materials include steel, vinyl, glass, wood, and fiberglass. 

Steel is a stronger material than aluminum, even though both materials are non-porous and non-corrosive. Aluminum storm doors are cheaper than steel. Wood and vinyl materials are susceptible to rot, warp, and dent. If you live in a coastal area, you should get a steel or aluminum storm door.  

9 Best Storm Door You Should Buy

Below is a list of the best storm doors. 

1. Prime-Line Woodguard Storm Door

The Prime-line storm door is a top-ranking storm door. The bronze-colored door is made from alloy steel, a suitable material for storm doors that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The 24-gauge perforated steel mesh makes the door sturdy and long-lasting. 

The Prime-Line storm door looks similar to the traditional one; its hinges are attached to the door frame’s left or right side.


  • Dimensions: 36 x 80 inches
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Construction: steel and wood
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Color: Black


  • The storm door includes three pieces of a 1-¼-inch frame. 
  • Installation is not complex.
  • The storm door is durable and strong.

2. Leslie Locke Security Storm Door

If you live in a windy region, an ideal storm door for you is the Leslie Locke security storm door. The door has a resistance rate of 250 lbs. It has two holes lockbox with a 2-⅜-inch backset. The door is relatively cheap.

The surface of the storm door is coated with an anti-corrosive metal and baked-on powder coat to protect the screen. Leslie Locke’s storm door can be hung on any side of the frame. With the door, you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety, as the door is made from steel – a sturdy material. 

You don’t have to worry about airflow and view, as the door is designed to give you a complete view and adequate ventilation. The Leslie Locke storm door is aesthetically appealing; you don’t need to make other paintings and decorations.


  • Weight: 49.8 pounds
  • Size: 36-inch x 80-inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Baked-on powder coat  


  • Curb appeal
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Mounting options for simple installation.
  • High rate

3. Larson 36″ BRN Storm Door

The Larson 36 inches wooden storm door is a 69-weight product that is durable and easy to use. The storm door is made from solid-core wood. The finishing is superb; it has a Duracell finish to withstand weather changes and increase lifespan. It is sealed with a magnetic weather stripe similar to a refrigerator for durability. Impressively, it has a flipping hinge for either right or left mount. 


  • Weight: 69 pounds
  • Dimensions; 1.81 x 38.63 x 84.25 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Brown


  • Excellent finish for durability
  • Reversible hinges
  • Less expensive
  • Airflow  

4. Larson Petview Storm Door

The Larson pet view storm door is ideal. The door is made of aluminum, the most preferred material for storm doors. It is a pet door and can be used for pets of up to 100 lbs.  

Larson pet view storm door is designed for the comfort and security of your pet. It has a full view and handles for locking. The door has a wearTuff screen; it is durable, tear-resistant, and sturdy. The Reversa screen feature allows for top or bottom airflow. 


  • Weight: 41.5 pounds
  • Size: 32 x 81 inches
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • View: Fullview
  • Airflow: Yes; top or bottom


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Tear-resistant
  • Ventilation
Best Storm Door

5. Larson MFG CO RSC Storm Doors

This Larson MFG CO RSC brand is not so different from the Larson BRN storm door. Both versions are made from solid-core wood; they both have reversible hinges. This storm door has a thickness of 1-inch, a vinyl surface, and weighs 60 pounds. It is an affordable storm door. It comes with a black push-button handle and a security lock.


  • Size: 32 inches x 81 inches
  • Color: white
  • Weight: pounds
  • Surface finishing: Vinyl
  • Material: Solid core wood 
  • Reversible hanging: Yes; both right and left
  • Ventilation: Bottom ventilation


  • Easy installation
  • Security lock
  • Durable finishing
  • Perfect size

6. Croft Metals Storm Door

If you are looking for a high-quality and durable storm door, you should consider the Croft metal storm door. The door has a universal and reversible hinge mill finish with the screen. It is relatively cheap. 


  • Finish: Mill finish
  • Material: Metals
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.7 x 1.5 x 84.5 inches


  • Long-lasting
  • Up and down the window
  • Easy to install
  • Reversible and universal hinge

7. Titan Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door – 36 x 80 inches

An inferior storm door will expose your home to attackers, so you should consider a strong and full-view storm door like the Titan Meshtec ultimate storm door. This storm door is made of aluminum, a popular material for storm doors that is strong and durable. It also serves as a security door. Its heavy-duty aluminum frame and 3-point locks strengthen the security capacity of the door.

With this door, you will enjoy ventilation and a full view; its patented stainless steel mesh screen provides light. An ideal storm door for any season because it can withstand weather elements. Its safety glass panel makes installation and removal easy; the door is pet friendly.   


  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Size: 36 x 80 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: powder coat 
  • Screen: patented steel mesh screen
  • Lock system: 3-point lock
  • Frame: Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Mounting method: Recessed mount


  • Pet protection
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Full view
  • Ultimate security 

8. Titan Meshtec Security Storm Door – 32 x 80 inches 

This is a cheaper and smaller size of the Meshtec storm door. This door is characterized by aluminum, a patent screen material that suits the frame and enables full view, a 3-point locking system, and a recessed mount. 


  • Size: 32 x 80 inches
  • Weight: 81.5 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting method: Recessed mount
  • Locking system: 3-point


  • Ventilation
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Full view
  • High-tensile stainless steel screen 
  • Ultimate in security

9. Larson Mid-View Storm Door

Although pricey, it is a durable door made from a solid wood core with a painted finish. The door is brown colored and 1-inch thick. With this Larson retractable screen, you change the storm door to a screen door. The wooden and DuraTech door provides airflow and can withstand weather elements. 


  • Weight: 65.5 pounds
  • Material: Wood/DuraTech
  • Size: 35.75 x 79.875 inches
  • Color: Brown


  • It can be used as a screen or storm door
  • Weather protection
  • Easy ventilation
  • Retractable screen


  • Expensive

How Do I Choose A Storm Door?

Before buying a storm door, you must consider the door’s material, price, airflow, light, and insulation capacity. Storm doors with your main doors increase security and comfort and are energy efficient.

Consider the following before choosing a storm door. 


Although storm doors are not security doors, they can improve your door security. Only strong and durable material storm doors will increase your security. Choose a high-quality material door like steel or aluminum to increase security against thieves and burglars.


Look out for a storm door that will increase your comfort. You shouldn’t be scared of flying and creeping insects when you open your door. You shouldn’t also struggle for light, good view, and ventilation. Ensure to buy a storm door that will give you comfort and peace of mind. 

Aesthetics Appeal

A beautiful storm door is what you should choose for your exterior door. You don’t just want a sturdy and durable storm door; you also want a storm door that will appeal to your guests and outsiders whenever they visit. 

Weather Resistance

Your primary reason for mounting a storm door is to protect your exterior door from extreme weather conditions, especially if you live in a moist area. Choose a door that will withstand moisture, wind, and temperature. Your storm door should not be susceptible to rust, warp, split, or dent; that way, it will last longer. 

Energy Efficiency

Although storm doors protect exterior doors, they can also insulate them. Insulation doors prevent air leakage, and you save energy in turn. Due to energy efficiency, you pay less for energy bills. Your storm door should serve as an insulator too. 


You should consider your budget before choosing a storm door. You must know that a strong and high-quality storm door will cost more. I reviewed durable and strong storm doors in this article with their features and prices. You can go over them to choose one. I also included their Amazon web page so that you can place an order. 

Are Steel Storm Doors Better Than Aluminum?

Yes, steel storm doors are stronger and more durable than aluminum ones. However, they have some similarities. Steel and aluminum storm doors are weather-resistant; they are not vulnerable to rust, split, or warp. These materials have great curb appeal and can be used for single or double doors. 

Unlike steel materials, aluminum materials are lightweight and cheaper, and you can customize them into your desired designs and shapes.  

How Long Should A Storm Door Last?

The lifespan of a storm door depends on its material. Wood and vinyl materials will not last as long as steel and aluminum. Your storm door should last up to 25 years and above. If weather conditions are very harsh, the door may last for lesser years. 


Getting extra protection for your external door is the right step to take. Ensure to research the door before buying. Consider materials that will last longer, increase comfort, and improve security and curb appeal.

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