Best Home Door Locks: 7 Most Secured Door Locks

Best Home Door Locks

When it comes to keeping your home safe and protected from unwanted visitors, hidden cameras, wireless alarms, and so on are necessary. However, the most essential and simple options are the door locks; they make it easy for you to access your home while shutting the door against intruders.

The best home door locks include Kwikset Juno keyed entry door knob, Schlage Encode Wi-fi Deadbolt, Schlage B60N 619 cylinder deadbolt, and August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

Before selecting these locks, you need to consider your security requirements, the type of lock, the quality, the features, and the installation process. Do you need more information about the best door locks for you? Keep reading. 


Top 7 Best Door Locks

When shopping for door locks for your home, below are some of the best you can choose from;

  1. Kwikset Juno Keyed Entry Door Knob

The Kwikset Juno is very affordable and offers top security for your home. It consists of an entry door knob and a single-cylinder deadbolt. It is a kick-in, bump-proof, saw, pick, and drill-resistant lock. The Kwikset Juno is a single-cylinder lock that’s easy to rekey when you misplace your keys, and you can install the door knob on either the left or right side of the door. 

Kwikset Juno lock is durable and available in multiple finishes, and the installation process is not complex. 

  1. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Although the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi deadbolt is expensive, it has top security features that make it one of people’s favorite lock systems. Once you connect this lock to your home’s Wi-Fi and pair it with Amazon Key App, you can lock and unlock your door from any part of the world. 

The Schlage lock has a touchscreen pad to provide several unlocking options, and you can use it with a voice control system. It is a Grade 1 lock that’s available in two styles;

  • Camelot, which has a traditional appearance
  • The century has a modern appearance

The Schlage is available in four different finishes, Black finish, Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze, and Bright Chrome. 

  1. Schlage Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt

The Z-Wave Camelot is the best choice if you don’t like holding a bunch of keys. It’s a touchscreen lock with a fingerprint-resistant screen. It’s a Grade 1 lock authorized by ANSI. Z-wave technology makes connecting the lock system to smart home systems easy. 

The Schlage Z-wave also integrates with Amazon Alexa when you connect it to a familiar home hub, making it possible to lock and unlock doors, check the entry log, and so on. 

  1. Schlage B60n 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Schlage B60N is a Grade 1 deadbolt lock that offers outstanding security even though it’s very affordable. This kind of lock has an anti-pick shield, a long bolt, and a strong strike plate designed for kick-in resistance. It is easy to operate, and the installation process is not cumbersome. 

The Schlage B60N has a feature of other single caliber locks. It uses a key on the exterior and a thumb knob on the other side of the door. This lock is large, easy to turn, comes in different finishes, and is durable. 

Best Home Door Locks
  1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

With the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, you won’t need to uninstall your existing deadbolt; you can use both together while avoiding the extra cash for a plug-in adapter for Wi-Fi capability. You can configure it to lock and unlock your door automatically, notify you when someone leaves your door open, and also offer temporary access codes. 

All these features come standard with the August Wi-Fi Smart lock. You can integrate this lock with virtual assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. 

  1. Yale Assure Lock Sl, Wi-Fi Lock

The Yale Assure Lock is a great smart lock with a touch screen and integrates with various smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips Hue, and so on. This lock offers convenience and ease of use because you can connect it to your mobile phone or apple watch, meaning you can control the lock from anywhere. 

Once you close the door, it locks automatically, or you can set a timer to control when the door locks or unlocks. Yale Assure allows you to share temporary and permanent access codes with friends through digital “keys.” It is available in different finishes, including black, polished brass, satin nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze. 

It also allows the use of keys, but you can decide not to use them. 

  1. Eufy Security Smart Lock

With the Eufy Lock, you can use four types of unlocking systems, they include;

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Connecting the Eufy Lock app with blue tooth
  • Using a traditional key
  • Using touch screen keypad

Your door will open immediately after the lock recognizes your fingerprint (the lock will verify your fingerprint in 0.3 seconds). The door locks immediately you close it, and the fingerprint data is saved locally to improve security. It can withstand any weather, and you must pair it with a lever handle door knob with a deadbolt. 

What Kind Of Door Lock Is Most Secure?

If you want to install a new door lock for your home and are looking for the most secure lock, here is some information you need to make the right choice. 

Electronic Locks 

Electronic locks are one of the most secure door locks in modern times; once you enter some codes through a digital screen or you use a keycard, you get access to your home.

Electronic locks are common in homes, and the advantage of installing this kind of lock is that you have access to logs that keep information about the time and use of the lock. This kind of lock offers outstanding security and is easy to use. 

Smart Locks

A smart lock is another great door lock for your home; it is popular because of its outstanding security and ease of use. Smart locks are configured with your mobile phone giving you access to your lock wherever you are in the world. 

Also, smart locks use Wi-Fi, codes, and thumbprints to access your lock and enjoy extra security features such as video, audio, and mobile phone notification. 

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks provide excellent security for your home, and that’s why they are very popular in residential apartments. They are mostly installed on external doors; you can only access this lock using the right key. There are different types of deadbolt locks, they include;

  • Single Deadbolt

You can lock a single deadbolt lock from the rear side of the door only, while you unlock the lock by rotating the doorknob from the inside. This kind of deadbolt lock offers outstanding safety during emergency occurrences like fire. 

  • Double Deadbolt

The double deadbolt comes with two cylinders and keys for the external and internal sides of the door. This kind of deadbolt lock can shut out thieves and intruders since they can’t unlock the locks without the keys. 

  • Vertical Deadbolt

Also called Jimmy-proof deadbolt locks, vertical deadbolts are designed to withstand many forms of manipulation. It has a jamb bracket interlock, making it very difficult for intruders to manipulate and unlock it. 

  • Lockable Thumbturn Deadbolt

This kind of lock combines the features of a single and double-cylinder deadbolt. They have a thumb turn and a lock in the interiors while having a deadbolt on the exterior. 

Are Smart Door Locks Safer Than Key Locks?

Smart locks are safer than key locks, and in addition to security, they also offer convenience. Key locks are popular, and the biggest disadvantage is that they are vulnerable to picking. Also, you can misplace your keys easily; they can get broken or rusty in no time. 

Smart lock, on the other side, uses authentication, encryption, and authorization technologies to minimize risk and increase your home security. With smart locks, you can use keys, but they are not essential or don’t have to be the “Physical” keys familiar with traditional locks. 

Connect your smart lock to your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the locks will receive instructions and signals from an electronic device such as your mobile phone to lock or unlock your door. If you misplace your smartphone, you can continue to access your smart lock with physical keys. 

In addition, smart locks offer convenience since you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere as far as you connect the lock system to your smartphone or laptop. You can also install your smart locks with keypads, cameras, and other top technology to increase security. 

Can Keyless Door Locks Be Hacked?

Like every other device connected to the Internet, keyless door locks are also susceptible to hacks. A keyless door lock is always a target for hackers and intruders; the process will be very easy for them if your door lock Is not installed correctly.

Locks that do not use wireless signals can not be hacked, but thieves can break into them through other means. To prevent hacking, make sure you buy your keyless door lock from a trusted dealer, ensure constant lock firmware updates, check the ANSI rating of your lock before you buy it, and activate two-factor authentication. 

Are Double-Cylinder Deadbolts Legal?

There is no written law stating that the double-cylinder deadbolt lock is illegal. However, different cities and states have other codes guiding issues like this, and you need to check your city rules before you choose a lock. 

For instance, in San Jose, there is a law against using double-cylinder deadbolt locks in homes; only deadbolts with a latch on the inside are allowed in residential apartments. The reason for this regulation is to ensure the safety of the citizens. 

Are Electronic Door Locks Worth It?

Electronic door locks are worth the investment you made installing them, considering their convenience. You don’t have to bother carrying keys around or misplacing your key when you install electronic locks. They are easy to use and access. 

Electronic door locks are worth it because of their safety and outstanding security. Other advantages of electronic locks include the following;

  • Easy access
  • Automatic lock
  • Customization
  • User-friendly 

Can Deadbolt Locks Be Picked

Deadbolt locks are susceptible to lock picking. You can use lock picking to your advantage if you misplace your key and don’t want to damage the lock. However, intruders can also use the process of lock picking to manipulate your deadbolt lock and gain access to your apartment. 

How Can I Make My Front Door More Secure

Old or low-quality door locks can compromise your home security; you need to feel safe in your home, which is why you need to follow these steps to improve your front door security. 

  • Upgrade your door lock. If you are using an old lock system, it’s time to get a modern and more secure lock. You can choose from different lock lineups, such as deadbolt, smart, etc. 
  • Replace a weak or corrosive door frame and hinges; strong hinges and frames make it difficult for burglars to get through your door. 
  • Upgrade the glass of your doors or windows. Single glass windows or doors are easy for thieves to break, double the glass to improve security. 
  • Strengthen your front door by reinforcing the door jamb. Change the door handle as low quality or weak handle will be easy to break. Also, select steel or nickel reinforcement for your door locks. 
  • Install security light. 
  • Install a strike plate to prevent the door jamb from friction. 
  • Change your front door
  • Install a peephole or door chain to your door.

Are There Locks That Can Not Be Picked?

All locks are susceptible to lock picking; however, some are more difficult to pick than others. Below are some locks that are difficult to pick and why;

  • Evva Mc S

EVVA MC S is a magnetic lock, and typical magnetic locks are rare and hard to pick. They come with complex rounded keys and magnetic elements, making it nearly impossible to bow to lock picking. 

  • Baldwin Prestige 380

The Baldwin lock has a simple appearance, but the interior element of the lock is complex and hard to pick. 

  • The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

The Nuki is a smart lock that uses a remote control, meaning that intruders can not gain access to your home using traditional lock picking. 

  • Kwikset 980

The Kwikset 980 combines the features of smart and magnetic locks, making it very difficult to be manipulated by lock picking. 

  • Yale Keyless Connected Ready Smart

This is another smart lock that uses keypads, keycards, fobs, phones, and mobile apps. They are difficult to pick. 


The first line of security for your home is the kind of lock you install on the doors. Choose from the best home door locks listed above and improve the security of your home significantly.

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