Best Christmas Door Decorating Ideas: 17 Beautiful Decorations

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

The Christmas holiday is here, and many beautiful designs and colors will be everywhere. While Christmas trees and gifts are essential to the Christmas frenzy, you should begin sharing love with a beautifully decorated door. If this is you, then chances are you’ll need great door-decorating ideas to choose from. 

Christmas garland door decorations, giant candy cane decorations, bauble wreaths, and festive bow Christmas door decorations are a few examples of the many Christmas door decorations you could try out. 

If you are wondering which Christmas door decorating ideas would be best to try out this Christmas, then keep reading, as I’ll share some of the best ideas in this article. 


How Can I Decorate My Door For Christmas?

You can decorate your door for Christmas with many available design alternatives. You could choose to incorporate traditional materials in your decoration, use wallpapers, patterned grilles, or upholstery fabric, or replace the simple-looking parts of your door with more ornate alternatives.   

If you are going to decorate your front door for Christmas beautifully, you have to be creative. There is no set format that you must follow to decorate your door. You can combine colors and materials; doing this does not have to be expensive, especially if you have some decorating materials at home.

So just how do you decorate your door for Christmas? Here are some ways to adorn your door for the Christmas season. 

1. Incorporating Traditional Materials

Using traditional materials is one way to spice things up, especially if you are using a wooden door. And while your neighbors may be expecting more common decorations like Christmas wreaths or baubles, you will surprise them by using traditional materials for your door. 

Jali wood or fretwork is an example of traditional material you can use for your Christmas door decoration. Using these materials does not only adorn your door for Christmas but can give it a beautiful frontage after Christmas.  

2. Using wallpapers

Another way you can decorate your door for Christmas is by using wallpapers. Wallpapers come in beautiful colors, designs, and patterns that fit your door and the season. They are cheap and easy to install, as you can buy them from a store and install them yourself. 

So, if you choose the wallpaper option, buy the one that matches the Christmas theme and is colorful enough to beautify your door. 

3. Using Patterned Grilles

Using grille patterns is another way to decorate your door. As a homeowner, you can be creative about your grille pattern and design. Metals like iron and steel can be heated into any design, like the leaf, rose, cosmos, orchid, and violet. The grille pattern does serve multiple purposes. You can use the grille to secure your door and increase curb appeal. 

4. Using Upholstery Fabric

You can simply use an upholstery fabric to decorate your door. The outcome of your decoration will depend on the materials you combine with the upholstery fabric. You can add nail studs, leather, and other materials to your decoration. 

5. Using Ornate Door Part Alternatives 

As I told you earlier, there is no one way to decorate your door for Christmas. Look around your door and find where you can attach or change accessories to give your lock a new look. You can begin by changing your door lock handle to a beautiful finish. Your door hinges and jamb are important accessories, too; you can repaint the door jamb. 

6. Using Led lights

Adding light to your decoration will be a good idea. Led lights illuminate and give your Christmas decoration a befitting glow. There are single-color or multi-color led lights for Christmas decorations. Ensure to get the color of light that matches your decor setting.

7. Using 3D Materials

3D materials are excellent Christmas decorative materials. The beautiful Christmas decor you want can be obtained using 3D materials. Fortunately, you can mold and create any shape and design of your 3D material. Your Christmas door decoration will go well with a 3D material. 

How Do You Wrap A Door Around Christmas Paper?

Wrapping a door around Christmas paper is a tradition most people keep during Christmas, birthdays, or any special event. Although wrapping a door is easy, it is not a long-lasting project, especially if you do not handle it carefully. To start, ensure to get wrapping materials that match the theme of the celebration. 

Below are the materials you will need to get your door gift-wrapped.

  • Measuring tape
  • A gift paper that will go around your door. 
  • A big bow
  • Transparent tape
  • Scissors
  • A ribbon that matches your wrapping paper

Follow these simple step-by-step guides to wrap your door.

Step 1: If you are wrapping the door alone, you need to cut out pieces of tape and place them within your reach.

Step 2: Measure your door’s width and length and leave a little excess to wrap it over the top and base of your door. Then cut out the measured size from the wrapping paper. 

Step 3: Place the wrapping paper from the top to the base of your door and tape the ends. Tape both sides of the door as well. 

Step 4: Remember to leave out a space for the door handle. 

Step 5: Run a ribbon from the top to the bottom of your door. Do the same for the sides of the door. Ensure to tape the ends. 

Step 6: Tape the big-sized bow at the point where the sides and straight ribbon meet and your door is wrapped.

How Do You Hang Christmas Garland Around Your Front Door?

Christmas holidays come with a lot of preparations and decorations, and hanging a garland around your front door is a beautiful step to decorate your door for Christmas. Garlands, greenery, and wreath are great decorative accessories for Christmas; you can also use them for the new year. 

A typical garland is green and fanciful; hanging it on your front door will give your facade an appealing curb. Hanging a Christmas garland is easy. You can hang a garland on your front door with adhesive or screw-in hooks or nails. If you want to hang a garland around your front door, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Depending on whether you want to hang your garland with an adhesive hook or nails, assemble all the decorative materials like the garland, hammer, nails or adhesive hooks, ladder, and Christmas lights (optional). Based on the length you want, buy a garland that will go around the top and sides of your door. 

Step 2: If you want to use nails, drive them into the top and sides corner of the top wall with a hammer. Ensure to get a suitable nail size for your door wall.

Step 3: Or, if you want to use screwed hooks, you can drill them into the wall, except it’s a removable hook, then you can fix them at the top and sides of your door jamb. 

Step 4: Hang the garland on the nails or hook. Alternatively, you can use a fishing line or thin string to wrap the garland loosely. Then hang the loose part of the string on the nail or hook. This is to keep the garland in place for a long time.

Step 5: Optionally, you can include Christmas lights in your garland decoration. To do this, wrap a Christmas LED light on the garland and connect it to the wall socket. 

Note that using nails can damage your door surface. Instead, you can use a command hook or garland hanger to hang your Christmas garland. 

How Do You Make A Garland Christmas Door?

A Christmas holiday without decoration and preparation is not complete. Common Christmas decorative items include baubles, garlands, wright, Christmas LED lights, and many others. To make a garland, add any Christmas decorative accessory you want.

The steps I will show you are simple, not for outdoor doors alone but for indoor ones too. To start, you need to get your materials together. Below are the materials you need to make a garland Christmas door. 

  • Plenty foilage
  • Rope or cup hooks
  • LED lights
  • Florist wire or twine

Below are the step-by-step guide on making a Christmas garland for your door.  

Step 1: Cut your rope according to how long you want your garland.

Step 2: Gather pieces of foliage and bind them together to form a bunch. Ensure to make bunches of foliage that will be enough for the rope. You can also add other Christmas accessories like baubles, candy cane, bows, pine, and many others to each bunch. 

Step 3: Tie each foliage bunch to the rope with a florist wire or twine. 

Step 4: After you are through with creating and attaching the bunch of foliage to the rope, you can proceed to hang the garland and wall. If there are spaces on the rope, fill them with more foliage. Depending on the surface of your door, you can use cup hooks or adhesive hooks to hang your garland.

Step 5: A lighted garland is beautiful. Get Christmas LED lights, wrap them around the garland, and connect them to a close power source. 

Boom! Your Christmas door garland is set. 

17 Best Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

The Christmas holiday is here! What better way to herald the festive season than to decorate your door with beautiful Christmas designs? The love season has three major colors: green, red, white, and sometimes gold; your decorations will consist of these colors. 

Decorating your door for Christmas involves creativity and a combination of ideas. Some of the best decorative ideas you can try are festive bow door decorations, Christmas garland door decorations, giant candy cane decorations, bauble Christmas wreaths, Christmas banner door decorations, balloon door decorations, holiday basket door decorations, and many others.

The following are the best Christmas decorating ideas that will suit your budget and other doors. 

1. Festive Bow Decorations

A simple yet beautiful and classic decorative item you can use for your Christmas door decoration is a bow. The big bow makes your door look like a present. The satin bow is red colored and has ribbons that can span through the width, length, and height of your door. 

This decorative style is cost-effective and easy to use. You can reuse the bow and ribbon for one or two more Christmas. Also, you can use the bow on wrapping paper on your door. The bow is also suitable for offices, shops, and indoor doors. 

2. Christmas Garland Door Decorations

There are many Christmas decorating ideas; using a garland on your door will be the icing on the cake. Garlands are very beautiful. You can use them with other Christmas decorating accessories, such as baubles, wreaths, and Christmas LED lights. 

Using a garland is simple, and you can make it to your style and taste. You need nails and a hammer or adhesive hooks to hang a garland. Nails or hammers may dent or damage your wall surface. 

Adhesive hooks are ideal, especially if they are compatible with your door. You need to buy enough garland that will go around your door and hang on the nails or hooks after putting them on the wall. 

3. Giant Candy Cane Decorations

Christmas candy cane is made up of small bows on a big question mark-like shape. The candy cane is a DIY Christmas decoration idea. You can customize it and add colors to different arrangements as you deem fit. You can also hang the cane outside or inside your house.

4. Bauble Christmas Wreaths

Using bauble wreaths on your door for Christmas decoration is another great idea for your door. You can assemble old baubles from your Christmas tree or garland or buy new ones from a store. This video will show how to make a Christmas bauble for your door.

5. Christmas Door Vinyl stickers

You can buy a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” vinyl sticker to paste on your door. This decorative idea is often used with other materials on the door. You can use stickers with other Christmas decorations like garlands, wreaths, and stickers on your door. The sticker messages are not limited to length and inscriptions; you can paste any Christmas message.

6. Christmas Banner Decoration 

You can create a beautiful Christmas inscription on your door with a moss sheet. This decoration idea is simple, and you can customize it. You can inscribe words like Merry Christmas, NOEL, Santa, Joy, and many others. 

7. Balloon Door Decorations

Balloons herald celebrations. This year’s Christmas will be different with your balloon door decoration. Buy Christmas balloon colors, pump them, and hang them on your door frame. You can add candy cane and other items. 

8. Holiday Basket Decorations

A basket hung at your front door, and full of greenery with a little bow in front gives a good Christmas signature. You can add Christmas baubles, ornaments, and candy Santa signs. You can customize this decoration to your taste. 

9. Scarf Wreath Door Decoration

You need a Christmas-themed scarf and a wreath frame for this decoration. When you wrap the scarf around the frame, you have a scarf wreath on your door. Use a long scarf so that the remaining part will drop, making your work more beautiful.

10. Gift Wrapped Front Door

It’s time to try something new. How about wrapping your door as a Christmas gift? All you need is wrapping paper, ribbons, and a bow. This decoration idea announces the festive season and heightens the holiday celebration. 

11. Gingerbread Christmas Door Decoration

Gingerbread Christmas decoration is a peculiar door design that involves creativity. You can make a beautiful gingerbread Christmas door decoration with craft papers, cardboard, wrapping paper, and ribbons.

12. Starlight Christmas Door Decoration

You can add starlight with other decoration items to your door decor. Starlight is simple and easy to make. Make a wooden star frame, or get one from the store and spray it in your desired color. Christmas garland, LED lights, baubles, and greenery are the decoration items that can be used with a Starlight. 

13. Red And White Decor

When it comes to Christmas door decoration, you can make designs in your colors and shapes. A combination of red and white colors can give you a beautiful Christmas wreath, bows, candy canes, and garland. Red and white are Christmas colors; you will create beautiful door decor. 

14. Christmas Door Decor With Many Colors

You can tweak your Christmas door designs to various colors and materials. For instance, your Christmas garland can be something other than foliage. You can make a bold statement with rainbow colors of snowflakes, baubles, and LED lights.

15. Santa Decoration Tag

A simple and beautiful design for your front door is a Santa tag. You can use materials like greenery, bulbs, chiffon bows, pines, and a board. All you have to do is write your message for Santa on the board, then fix the other materials to the top of the work. 

16. Christmas Door Decoration With Snowflake

Snowflakes are Christmas decorating items. Gather designs and sizes of snowflakes and place them on your to give a unique Christmas design.

17. Wooden Lightbulb Door Decoration

A big wooden lightbulb will spice up your Christmas door decoration with other materials. The wooden bulbs can be sprayed in different colors and attached to a garland. You can use wood from your construction warehouse and leftover paints to achieve this decoration idea. 


This year’s Christmas door decoration is about to be different from previous years with the beautiful ideas in this article. These decoration ideas are simple and cost-effective. Some of the ideas are DIYs, so be ready to put your hand to work. 

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