Add Windows To Garage Door

How to Add Windows to Garage Door | Step by Step Guide

The typical garage door is windowless and often dark and airtight. If the items in your garage require air and light, or you want to use your garage for social meetings or as a playground, consider adding windows to garage door, so there can be light and air passage.

To add windows to garage door, you need to secure your door panel and remove its hinges, take measurements of the space you will need to install the windows, make inserts, add window frames, install and seal the windows in their frames, and fix your door hinges back in their place.

 Just like that, you can bring the charm of windows to your garage door with ease.


Can I Add Windows To The Garage Door

Yes, you can add windows to your existing garage door. The need to convert your garage door for other activities like a workshop, study room, or office will cause you to add windows to your garage door. You can also add windows to your garage door to increase curb appeal. 

Interestingly, you don’t need to remove your garage door before adding windows which is a less expensive method. You can add windows without hiring a technician if you love to take up challenges. Adding windows to your garage door is a rewarding project that increases the monetary worth of your house if you decide to sell it in the future. 

Factors To Consider Before Adding Windows To Your Garage Door

You will find garage doors in different forms, such as roll-up, slide-to-the-side, tilt-up canopy, sectional, side-hinged, and tilt-up retractable. They are made of different materials, colors, shapes, and designs. You should add windows that complement your house’s design and style.

Before adding windows to your garage door, consider the following factors.

1. Location Of The Window

Depending on why you are adding windows to your garage door, the placement of the windows matters a lot. Whether you are adding windows to your garage door because of curb appeal or natural light and ventilation, the location of the windows will determine if you will get your intended result. 

Adding windows at the top panel of your garage door gives you privacy, natural light, and air. Above all, it adorns your door and increases its curb appeal. If you want to see outside from your garage door, place the windows on the panel you will see from, especially the third panel from the bottom. Although your privacy will be affected, your aim will be achieved.

2. Windows That Complement Your Home Designs

There are different types of window designs, materials, and styles; ensure to choose the one that will complement the other windows in your house. Make sure that the garage door windows match your house style and designs. If your house aesthetics is important, choose windows that are appealing to the eyes.

Helpful Tip: You can drive around your neighborhood to check out other people’s window designs, and you may get inspiration for your door. 

3. Garage Door Spring System

If you want to add windows to your garage door, consider how the windows will affect the door’s spring system. The spring on a garage door is very fragile; any distortion in the door’s weight can lead to the malfunctioning of the spring. If adding the windows increases the entire door weight, the spring system will be imbalanced. 

To prevent the spring system from malfunctioning, you can call a professional for the spring system adjustment. You must also add windows that you will be able to lift manually. 

How Much Does It Cost To Add Windows To A Garage Door

Adding windows to your garage door costs between $25 and $55, together with the labor fee. The cost of adding windows to your garage door depends on the number of windows you want, the materials, and the labor charge if you hire a technician. The total number of windows will determine the total cost. 

A dark garage can be very unfriendly, especially if you want to utilize the garage space for a workshop, gym, or play arena. Adding windows to your garage door will bring natural light and ventilation, making the place conducive for use. 

How To Add Windows To Garage Door | Step By Step

Adding windows to your existing garage door is possible, and it is a rewarding investment, especially if you want to use your garage door as a living space. Before you buy the windows, you need to know the following information about your garage door: the color, thickness, dimensions, pattern, material, and manufacturing year. This will aid you in buying a suitable window for the door.

The tools you need to add windows to your garage door are: Hammer, Cutting pliers, Jigsaw, Metal saw, Masking tape, Square, ½” x 18″ metal rods, Utility knife, Long nose pliers, Punch, Locking pliers, ⅜ wrench, 7/16 key, ½ wrench, 9/16 key, Magnetic level, 1/8 flat head screwdriver, Small broom, Protective gloves, PH #2 star head screwdriver, 5 1/4 long metal blade, 3/8 bit, Square bit #2, 9/16 socket , 1/2 socket, Cordless impact screwdriver, 3/8 8 Quart Ratchet and socket wrench

Follow the step-by-step guide to add windows to your garage door

Step 1: Secure The Panel Door And Remove The Hinges

Secure both sides of the panel you want to add the windows with a locking plier. Then remove the hinges of the panels and place them facing down. You can push up the following panels in the rail and secure them with locking pliers. 

Step 2: Measure The Space You Want To Add The Windows

To ensure that the window frame will fit the space on the door, measure the dimensions of the window frame and that of the door panel. For accuracy, mask the corners you want to measure with tape, then punch and drill them.  

Step 3: Open Holes And Make Inserts

Drill a wider hole with a 3/8′ drill bit in each panel, and clear the panel’s surface when you are done. Follow the tape line, and place the saw blade in one of the openings to cut the line after the tape. Use a square to measure the angle of the opening at 90 degrees. Clean off any dirt on the surface of the panel.

Step 4: Add Window Frames

To test if the window frame will fit the opening, put all the frames into the openings. Place the garage door panel on a trestle stand and ensure that the interior part of the panel is facing up. First, fix the exterior part of the frame under the panel and then put it into the correct opening. The exterior frames do not have holes for screws; you can use sealant to keep the frames in place.

Step 5: Install And Seal Windows In Their Frames 

It is time to install the windows into their frames. When placing the window into the frames, you have to be gentle so that you don’t break the glass or frame. Place the window correctly in the frame. Keep the window in place by loosely screwing it into the frame. 

Step 6: Fix Door Hinges In Their Place

After you have fixed the windows in all the frames, you can now put the window panel in its place. Use locking pliers to keep the window panel in place. You can trim off any excesses from the window panel so that it will fit perfectly into the door. Release the succeeding panel and ensure that it does not overlap by trimming off excesses. 

Fasten the panel with screws in the right places. You have successfully added windows to your garage door. Bear in mind that the garage door’s spring system will be affected if the windows have added more weight to the door. You can call a door technician to change the spring system so your door can function well. 

Pros And Cons Of Adding Windows To Your Garage Door

A house owner will buy a windowless garage door and will decide to add windows later due to the need to use the garage space for other activities. 

Adding windows to your garage door increases curb appeal and value. However, it has a few drawbacks, like the spring system malfunctioning and break-ins. Below are the pros and cons of adding windows to your garage door. 

Pros Of Adding Windows To Garage Door

  • Increase Curb Appeal: House owners who want a beautiful facade will include windows in their garage doors to achieve their aim. Adding windows to your garage door does adorn your house and makes it more beautiful because you have many options to choose from that will harmonize with your other windows and complement your house style. 
  • Give Your Garage Light: Windowless garage doors make the garage very dark and gloomy. Navigating a dark garage can be dangerous as you may sustain an injury. Adding windows to your garage door will be the solution to a dark, windowless garage. The natural light with the garage door windows will light up the whole place and make movement in the garage easy.
  • Increases House Value: Adding windows to your garage door increases the monetary value of your house. If you want to sell or rent out your property, be sure to sell or rent at a higher value when you add windows to the garage door. 
  • Customized Designs: Adding windows to your garage doors enables you to choose from various designs and colors to match your taste and complement your house design.

Cons Of Adding Windows To Garage Door

  • Highly Vulnerable To Break-ins: Adding windows to your garage door makes it less secure. The windows on your door make it more beautiful and increase the brightness in your garage. However, you will expose your garage to a risk of burglary, particularly if your neighborhood is unsafe.
  • Risk Of Damage: Your garage door is at risk of damage once you add windows, particularly if you have children in your neighborhood. Damages from stray toys or adverse weather conditions may even affect it. 
  • Spring System Problems: The spring in your garage door is what enables your garage door to roll up and down. The spring on your garage door is accurate for your door operation. Adding windows to the garage door will make the spring system unbalanced. Although this can be fixable, it poses a challenge until you call a door technician to adjust the spring system.
  • Energy Inefficiency: Even though adding windows to your garage door gives it a nice look, the window part makes it less energy efficient. The panel you remove from the garage contributes to insulating the door, which makes your door energy efficient. 
    Removing the panel and replacing it with a window increases your energy consumption because when you need cold air, it is warm air you will get, and vice versa. 


You can add windows to your garage doors. But you have to consider your garage door’s aesthetics and spring system. Follow the steps in this article to add windows to garage door.  

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