6 Best Keyless Door Lock (Durability and Cost)

Best Keyless Door Lock

Best Keyless Door Lock Whenever you want to step out, you’ll begin to think of where to dropped your key. It may be under the mat or somewhere around the house. But once you have a keyless door lock, you don’t have to endure all that stress. So you want to purchase one, and you’re wondering, “What are the best keyless door locks?” this article have got you covered!

The best keyless door lock has premium features that can help you track the activities at your door while operating remotely from wherever you are. With keyless door locks, you don’t have to go about holding many keys that can easily get lost. One of the best on the list is the Eufy keyless door lock. 

In this article, we have options for every type of customer. So, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for a basic model without many features or need a standard that does more than just basic. 


How Long Do Keyless Door Locks Last?

On average, keyless door locks are designed to last for about 5 to 10 years. This estimate is based on the quality of the lock, frequency of use, and maintenance. For instance, higher-end models with superior build quality and materials tend to last longer than cheaper, lower-quality options.

The frequency at which you use the keys also determines the lifespan of the keyless door lock. If the lock is used multiple times a day, such as in commercial or heavily-trafficked areas, it may experience more wear and tear, shortening its lifespan. 

Technological advancements can also affect the lifespan of keyless door locks. As technology evolves, newer models may offer more robust features, increased durability, and improved battery life than older versions. When this happens, upgrading to a newer model becomes necessary to ensure optimal performance and security of your home.

However, if you can properly maintain and care for the keyless door lock, you can help extend its lifespan. So, how do you do that?

  • Regularly cleaning the lock, ensuring it is free from dust and debris.
  • Periodically lubricating any moving parts can help prevent damage and improve longevity.
  • Replacing batteries or rechargeable power sources as needed. Deadbolt Sizes: How to Measure (10 Steps)

How Do I Choose the Best Keyless Door Lock? 

To choose the best keyless door lock, you need to consider the security and durability of the lock. The security will help you know if the keyless door lock is reliable, while the durability will help you determine how long the lock will last.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing a keyless door lock:

  1. Security: A door lock’s primary purpose is to ensure your property’s safety. Look for a lock that offers advanced security features such as strong encryption, tamper alarms, and anti-picking technology. Consider locks that are ANSI/BHMA certified and have a high-security rating.
  2. Access Methods: Keyless door locks come with various access methods, including keypad entry, fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, and smart home integration. Keypad entry is a popular option, allowing you to set up unique codes for different individuals.
  3. Ease of Use: The lock should be user-friendly and easy to operate. The keypad or fingerprint reader should be responsive and easy to navigate. So when buying keyless locks, get locks with backlit keypads for easy visibility at night. 
  4. Durability and Weather Resistance: A keyless lock should withstand different weather conditions, mainly if installed on an exterior door. Always look for locks made from durable materials such as stainless steel or reinforced alloys. Additionally, ensure the lock is weatherproof and resistant to corrosion.
  5. Power Options: Keyless door locks require power to operate. Some locks use batteries, while others are powered by electricity or a combination. Check out the power options available and choose one that suits your preferences. Battery-powered locks are often more convenient, but ensure they have low battery indicators or backup power options so you don’t run into damage while it’s in use.

Best Keyless Door Lock

Several keyless door locks are available, and the best one for you would depend on your specific needs and preferences. But then, when selecting the best keyless door lock for your needs, always consider the lock setup, security features, ease of installation, and integration with other smart home devices.

However, here are some popular and highly regarded keyless door locks that you can be assured of their best performance.

1. Eufy Keyless Door Lock 

Image of eufy-Security Smart Touch Keyless-lock

If you’re looking for the best smart lock that is affordable, Eufy is one of the best you can rely on. It comes with an IP65 water-resistant feature. It has a temperature of minus 22 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’re assured that the weather won’t be an issue. Also, it is compatible with Google voice commands.

2. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Image of  "August Smart Lock"
August Smart Lock

This smart lock offers keyless entry and integrates with various smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. It can be controlled remotely, and you can grant temporary access to guests or service providers.

3. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Image of "Schlage-encode smart deadbolt.
Schlage-encode smart deadbolt.


This keyless lock connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via a smartphone app. It supports voice commands through Alexa, and you can create and manage up to 100 unique access codes for family members or guests.

4. Yale Assure Lock SL

Yale Assure Lock SL
Yale Assure Lock SL


This sleek and stylish keyless lock features a touchscreen keypad for entering access codes. It also has a backup key slot and integrates with popular home automation platforms. It offers a variety of models, including ones with built-in Wi-Fi and those that work with existing smart home systems.


5. Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock

Image of "kwikset-kevo-smartlock."


This lock uses Bluetooth technology to enable touch-to-open convenience with your smartphone. It offers keyless access and also includes traditional key backup. The Kevo app allows you to send and manage eKeys for temporary or permanent access.


6. Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

Image of "Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock"
Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

This keyless lock from Samsung features a numeric keypad and RFID card access. It has an anti-theft mode, automatic locking, and a fire detection sensor. It’s a reliable option for those looking for a secure and feature-rich keyless door lock.

Are Keyless Door Locks Worth It?

Of course, keyless door locks are worth it. Also known as smart locks, they’ve gained popularity in recent years due to their convenience and added security features. They help you get rid of traditional keys by allowing you to lock and unlock your door using other methods, like a smartphone.

One of the main advantages of keyless door locks is convenience. With a smart lock, you no longer have to fumble through your pockets or purse searching for your keys. Instead, you can simply enter a PIN code or use your smartphone to unlock the door with a tap or a swipe. 

Keyless door locks also provide an extra layer of security. Traditional keys can be lost, stolen, or duplicated without your knowledge. Smart locks, on the other hand, offer features like temporary access codes that can be assigned to guests and quickly changed whenever you want. Some models also have built-in alarms and notifications, alerting you of any suspicious activity in real time.

However, keyless door locks have their disadvantages. One concern is technological vulnerability. Since these locks rely on electronic systems, hacking or malfunctions always pose a risk. 

Another thing that can be a source of concern for you is how much the keyless door locks depend on power and batteries. Smart locks require a power source to function, whether it’s batteries or a wired connection. In the case of a power outage or drained batteries, you may find yourself locked out or unable to lock the door. So, always ensure that your keyless lock is fully charged or that you have electricity to avoid being locked out. 


There you have it! Everything you need to know about keyless door locks and the best you can choose from. Keyless door locks are convenient and easy to use. When you want to install, you can always go through the DIY method or seek the services of a professional to avoid making mistakes. 


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